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shocktrooper-redstreaker  asked:

But do Rumble and Frenzy show the clickbait to Soundwave?

Yeah, they think they found a genuine get rich quick scheme. Soundwave is Not Impressed. He’s even less impressed when they show Megatron and he believes it. Megatron no, don’t send it to everyone el-

It’s too late. All the other Decepticons have seen it now. They all fall for it. Soundwave dies a little bit on the inside. This isn’t going to make any of them rich. He’s the only one who knows the truth. Rumble and Frenzy get their computer privileges revoked for two weeks. 

this is a really niche post for me to make but like…. i want meg mas.ters to have a girlfriend whom she loves and to live in a brick townhouse and not have to deal with demon shit and winch.ester shit and she can just live kind of a normal life… maybe she gets a very cool 9-5 at a convenience store… maybe her girlfriend is a programmer and they have a room with lots of purple accents and unfinished brick walls and the girlfriend plays the violin very well and meg is happy for once

i love like………the black and white morality of hero comics too. i love the idea that theres super powerful people out there that have dedicated their life to justice and for good things happening in the world.  that there are people that have nothing but good in them. i have always wanted to be that and ive always wanted to see that.

hey remember that time disney made a movie with a diverse cast and strong female characters and not-entirely-evil antagonists and interesting characters and a poc princess and unique animation and an exciting plot and a steampunk submarine to top it all off

and nobody so much as gave it a second glance