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this is badly formatted but lol whatever. I’ve been drawing the twins in a new way that i’m pretty committed to now so here is a personal reference page for their style/makeup differences:


  • high ponytail + long side bang
  • thick, dramatic wing + red waterline
  • thin, round brow w/ high arch
  • matte red lip
  • beauty mark on left side under lip


  • long hair worn down + straight accross bangs
  • thin wing + smoky blue/purple eyeshadow (+ noticable undereye circles)
  • thin, angled brow w/ low arch
  • nude gloss
  • beauty mark on right side under eye

i dont remember if i’ve yelled about this fic yet but if u think seungchuchu is even a little bit cute then u need to read this it’s… god… it wrecks me… first of all… firstable… the CHARACTERIZATION!!!! it’s on point. ohohoho is it on point. the seunggil voice? impeccable. side leoji??? masterful. the writing style itself is so enjoyable… wow… i can only wish that this author will write more seungchuchu content…

plz love urself… and read it

one-eighty degree turnaround by orphan_account


“Why don’t you just sleep in here, too?” Leo asks, deadpan. They’re passing around a tray of flan, and Leo watches Seunggil with a critical eye as Seunggil robotically raises the spoon to his mouth the three allotted times. Maybe the spoonfuls are generous. That’s not for Leo to judge him on.

He passes the tray to Phichit, who ignores the three bites rule altogether.

Phichit smiles into the tray of flan. “Wouldn’t want to abuse your hospitality.”

Leo sighs. “You already have.” It’s true. Signs of Phichit are scattered all around their room- the eyeliner pencil on a bedside table, the strawberry lotion on their sink- it’s not just his and Leo’s dorm anymore.

[The college AU that spans one-hundred and eighty days, in which Phichit parks himself in Seunggil’s life and then refuses to budge.]