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really though as a jewish hockey fan zach hyman and the level of success he’s having is so important to me. jews are a dying people, whether anyone will acknowledge it or not, and that shows in how we’re represented. there are 7 (i believe) jews out of the 700ish players in the nhl and the most famous one is probably mike cammalleri, who most people have never heard of. there wasn’t a single jew on the top 100 list. jewish players in pro sports are so rare. we’re stereotyped as weak and unathletic and untalented. zach hyman is such a hard worker and he’s been having so much success, probably more than he ever dreamed of. he grew up going to shul, observing shabbos, drinking maneschewitz, going to endless bar/bat mizvahs, feeling lonely every december, just like every other jewish kid that has never seen themselves in a player on their favorite team. and now he is that player that he never had. he’s being that player for every young jew that loves hockey and i love him so much for it. 

for zach hyman, if he ever sees this: you’ve had a great year and every jewish hockey fan is behind you. !מזל טוב

you fucking cowards… with the ‘top 50 players right now’ list… you could have put karlsson at #1 but nooo… yall couldnt live w mcdav$d or crosB not in top 2. ANYWAY like any list of this nature that puts ovi all the way down at fuckin 18 is a garbage endeavor. so fuck off nhl network

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even if suarez didn't mean it in a racist fashion (which yes negro isn't used the same in South America, but it's still something you would only do among friends not someone you don't know) he still bit three people and denies its severity to this day and he cheated at the World Cup. how can you support someone like that?

first things first;

im not saying this defends his actions but it certainly makes you understand them better. i can’t lie, the biting is awful, but it really isn’t the worst thing to do on a football pitch. and for me, the other things he does overshadows those things he did. by the way, he has apologized for all events and truly regrets it.

the reason why i still support him is because he, although he´s bitten on the pitch and probably “cheated”(what do you mean though, which game did he cheat other than the biting?”, is a good person. he wants to please everyone and maybe he gets too passionate and heated up, is impulsive and often quick-tempered on the pitch but with him I have experienced some of the best(his 4 goals and 1 assist against norwich; do you not think i was crying?? also all the other incredible games we played last season) and worst moments of life (crystal palace game; worst moment of my life actually, could not stop crying. chelsea game; gerrard slip. his bitings.). you just don’t turn your back on your favorite player, even though he´s fucked up sometimes, and definitely not flawless. i could explain this better to you, maybe with the exam paper i wrote about him, i got an A. but here´s something from the boy himself:

look at the passion. he´s just as much in love with the sport as i am and that feels really good

in the text under here, luis had just left liverpool for barca, and was going to be rewarded the golden boot. he still wanted to be given it in anfield to share it with the supporters and to have stevie by his side. humble. appreciative. 

awful guy right

after the crystal palace game

so to conclude, luis suarez has gone through his rehab, apologized for his actions and continues being a humble and sweet and amazing person who just wants to play football and make up everything for his fans. also he is in the top 3 list of players in the world for me.

sorry for the long post everyone, and anon, I’m sure I didn’t convince you of anything but now you know why I´m never turning my back on El Pistolero. i could add like 5 million more gifs and pictures, like one of his 31 goals last season, or his goodbye letter to lfc fans, but i hope i´ve made my point.

LIONS’ SUH, JOHNSON TOPS NFL’S MOST FEARED PLAYERS LIST – In an anonymous survey conducted by ESPN’s NFL Nation, 320 players overwhelmingly chose two Detroit Lions as the most feared players in the league.

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has a reputation for dirty play but is also renowned as an unstoppable force as far as disrupting quarterbacks. Wide receiver Calvin Johnson is simply regarded as one of the best the game has ever seen.

Suh came in first place as “most feared,” with 61 votes, and Johnson finished second with 58 votes. The competition turned out to be a landslide as no other player got more than 30 votes, while 48 players total got at least one vote.

Suh’s 19 percent of the total and Johnson’s 18 percent of the total were close to triple the next-highest percentages.

Houston Texas defensive end J. J. Watt earned 7.5 percent of the vote, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis got 7.2, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning got 6.6, Cincinnati Bengals linebacker James Harrison got 5.6, and five percent of players voted for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. (Photo: Getty Images)