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The last tododeku week fill! This is a generic desk job au when they’re adults but of course they don’t relax.  

“I don’t use my fire side,” Todoroki commented, and Midoriya breathed through his mouth, walked over, and punched him in the face.

His boss forced him to buy flowers as an apology gift, which were nice, but Midoriya was still reeling from the animosity he felt so he tore all of them off except one. It was one of those fancy flowers that were grown with dye so they blossomed with two colors.

The flower was a rose, and half of it was the normal dark red that was so romanticized, but the other was a pure white that resembled snow. It wasn’t perfect—there was a single red petal on the white side—but the resemblance was uncanny and the meaning behind it impossible to ignore.

Midoriya had planted it himself, though he hadn’t expected to use it for such a reason. Todoroki took one look at it and covered it entirely in ice.

The next day Midoriya brought in another rose, and placed it on Todoroki’s desk without a word.

At the end of the day it’s covered in ice, put in a pretty glass vase, and placed next to Midoriya’s laptop.

He brought in another rose. It was returned with frost.

The next rose got more creative—Midoriya painted the pot half red and white, used red multch on one side and covered the other side in sand.

In turn, it was replaced as an ice sculpture, the words “fuck off” shaved into the side of it like it was some beautiful design.

Midoriya does not fuck off. The next day he brings three roses.

He runs out of roses then, at least home grown ones, and resorts to using red roses and white roses.

“Aren’t red roses supposed to be romantic?” Uraraka mentions. Midoriya is too worried about making the colored roses stay on their specified side to hear.

“What do I have to do to make you stop?” Todoroki asks, face blank but the air turned chilly when he walked in the room. His eyes look furious.

Oh, thank god, Midoriya thinks. He had been losing a lot of money on the roses.

“Use your fire,” Midoriya says relentlessly. For all the anger in Todoroki, Midoriya tops it all with his determination and pure spite.

“No,” Todoroki responds. Midoriya narrows his eyes slightly.

“Then I won’t stop.”

Todoroki stomps away.

Another week passes and Midoriya buys a coolor to melt the ice in. Todoroki’s taken to carving creative insults in the ice he returns, so Midoriya buys cards (red on the outside but white inside) to reply.

One day the sculpture asks to meet him outside. Midoriya responds with a generic ok and also a picture of a fire.

“Will you use your fire?” Midoriya asks as a greeting.

“No,” Todoroki answers, “I will not use my father’s fire.”

The story comes out then—about how his father and mother married because of quirks, how his father trained him like a mule and his mother tried to alleviate the pressure, tried to take the pressure away, only to crack under it herself. Todoroki’s scar is a testament of how terrible it was.

“I don’t like talking about this,” Todoroki admits, “but I am. So will you stop your stupid mission now?”

Midoriya hesitates—his heart is breaking in his chest from the other’s story but the tears are gathering in the corner of his eyes because of how nonchalant Todoroki is as he tells it, how emotionless he tries to seem towards to whole thing—but he steels himself. He breathes.

“No,” he says. This time Todoroki is the one to punch him in the face.

Somewhere between the adrenaline and sweat and punches and kicks, Midoriya thinks it probably wasn’t the best idea to piss someone off with such a strong quirk when he himself was quirkless.

He hurts himself more than Todoroki when he kicks at the other’s ice, twirling and jumping to escape the other’s crystalized dagger, but he grabs the pepper spray he’s allowed to have as a quirkless and sprays the other so the liquid condenses on his freezing skin.

“It’s your power!” Midoriya screams, thoughtless in his anger because—

Because Midorya would do anything for a quirk. He had always wanted to be a hero, eyes bright with hope; to fit in with Kacchan with his flashy explosions and devil-may-care attitude; for all the relentless bullying and mockery to stop following him for just one second. He wanted to stop having to say he ‘fell’ and for his mother not to have to grow increasingly worried and uncomfortable as her son came home with bigger and bigger bruises.

But here was Todoroki, blessed with a quirk that he refused to see as his own, didn’t want to see it as anything more than an extension of his parents. Everyone always put in their best and pushed themselves harder than yesterday and went further to catch onto their dreams. Uraraka, Iida, even (especially) Bakugou—they all demanded more of themselves than possible and refused to be stopped.

But here was Todoroki, haunted by his past or maybe haunting his past himself, like a spirit who couldn’t move on, who not only didn’t try his hardest but refused to.

Something gets through, something in Todoroki’s eyes spark to life, but Midoriya doesn’t have time to take advantage of the distraction before the alley is covered in a loud burst of fire.

It crackles and burn and towers, larger than life and certainly larger than the building next to them, and even the knowledge that he probably just provoked someone into murdering him can’t stop the large grin from spreading across Izuku’s lips.

“What are you smiling for?” Todoroki screams, because he has to be in order to be heard over the loud cracking and sizzling the flames are causing. His words aren’t angry—there’s something pulling at his mouth that makes Midoriya want to call him a hypocrite—but then Todoroki pulls back his arms, winding up, and Midoriya lift his pepper spray—

(the chemicals will react and cause more fire if I can control it then i)

All Might steps deftly between them but a loud crack is the last thing he hears before Midoriya is a goner.

(Ah right—when cold air heats up really quickly–)


The next week Midoriya is back behind his desks, meekly rubbing the back of his neck as Iida chastises him, when he notices the rose. It’s pure red, but the card attached is white. As soon as Iida leaves, Midoriya tries to convince himself he isn’t ripping it open.

sorry about losing control but also thank you

do you want to meet this friday for dinner?

And then on the back:

the florist said they were out of white roses. i wonder why?

Todoroki opens the red and white card in amusement, different from the flames of anger the fancy lettering would have caused just last week.

Sure! :) Don’t be sorry about the flames—I hurt myself more than anything else! Are you okay? I heard you had to get checked out for frostbite!?

p.s. no clue about the white roses :P

He chuckles light to himself.

Friday can’t come quick enough. 

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Alfred headcanons?

  • He has a “secret alliance” with every member of the batfamily, where they exchange information about the others. Every individual thinks they are the only one that Alfred talks to, but nope, it’s all of them– which means that Alfred pretty much knows everything. He’s the master of all information and resources.
  • He doesn’t really agree with the no killing rule. He was a soldier. He understands that sometimes it’s them or you, and since he values the lives of his children more than anybody else’s, well… He encourages Bruce because he wants him to have a moral system to fall back on, but it’s not his personal belief.
  • The top drawer of his dresser is filled with things that the kids have given him. Some of them are formal presents– Birthdays, Father’s Day– but there’s also report cards and dried flowers and grocery requests. Most recently, there’s the drawings Damian throws away in the garbage can outside of Alfred’s door. He knows Alfred will take them out and save them.
  • He lines the top of his closet with photographs of his kids– each child has a row of pictures, like a timeline of their growth. Jason’s short row used to depress him, so now he takes twice as many pictures of Jay as he does of the others. 
  • He dry-cleans his butler uniform, but he always has a pile of casual wear in the Wayne laundry room. Where does he wear those things? Nobody knows. They only ever see him in his suits. It’s the great mystery of the manor.
  • He is the honorary father of not only Bruce, but also the entire Justice League. Most of them don’t have parents, and Alfred’s always there. They  all send him Christmas presents. He hangs hand-made stockings for them in the second living room, where they have their JLA parties.

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Top 5 for Gray Card!

Thank you @gray-card for this great idea :)

Unlike last year, I decided to show the pictures I liked the most, with no consideration for the number of notes (even though there might be my most noticed pictures among these)

  1. Pyrénées, France: Great time, great friends, great view. I couldn’t have been happier
  2. Drop: It took me ages to have this exact picture, and I can’t say I’m not proud of it.
  3. The Mist: When you’re outside in the middle of the night with your best friend, sometimes great things happen!
  4. Deep Blue: This one was a mistake, but it ended well, I think
  5. The Dark Tower: I love this place, and at night, it’s quite impressive!

Reelfoot Lake 23 HDR – Reelfoot Lake State Park, Hornbeck, Tennessee, November 4, 2015

Whatever you are doing,

do that thing

with mindful presence.

Engage in the conscious practice

of mindful presence

in each situation as it arises.

Each thing you do has its own pace and rhythm.

Needs its own time.

The worst thing is to not have the time

to allow what you are doing

to unfold according to its own pace and rhythm.

You cannot hurry water to the boiling point.

Pressing for time,

pushing, hurrying, forcing,

destroys the practice of allowing things to happen

as they need to happen,

and introduces an inorganic and artificial element

into what needs to be an authentic and organic

flow of life from one moment to the next.

We cannot live from the top down,

and the outside in.

We live from the bottom up,

and the inside out.

I cannot dictate to the scene.

I receive the scene.

I take what the scene has to offer,

and thank the scene with grateful appreciation.

I try to live like I take pictures.

When I force things to happen, or to happen not,

I create a disruption in the flow,

and fail to be mindfully present with what needs to happen:

allowing the situation to unfold

with a life of its own.