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Third times a charm - Jughead x Reader

The first time I saw her, oh boy was I nervous. I was working my regular Tuesday shift at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe like I have been for the past few weeks. You see, ever since the drive-thru theatre shut down, I had gotten a Job at Pop’s diner and I absolutely hate it! The uniforms are whack and so were the customers but if it pays the bills then I am all for it.

I was re-stocking the napkins, content with my thoughts when all of a sudden, the familiar ring of the Pop’s diner doorbell chimes, signalling the new arrival of a customer. I look up to see who is entering when I see the most beautiful, (Y/e/c) eyed girl I have ever seen. Her hair glistened in the light as the diner sign reflected beautifully off of her perfect skin. Her ripped jeans and black tank top hugged her slim physique in all the right places. And her wavy (Y/h/c) hair flowed effortlessly underneath her grey beanie and past her waist. She was breath taking.

The mystery girl sat down in a booth and proceeded to look at the menu. She studied it so intently that she slowly began to bite her lower lip. It was driving me crazy. I suddenly realised that I was the only one on tonight and that I would have to take her order.

I braced myself as I sat down the napkin holder, grabbed a pen and began to walk over to this girl. I was so nervous, I began to shake uncontrollably. Taking a deep breath in to calm myself I began to talk to her…

“H-hi, wel-lcome to P-p-pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe wh-where all your Chock’lit dreams-s come true. My name is Ju-jughead and I will be your waiter this e-evening” I say shakily as I am suddenly aware of how ridiculously lame I sound in front of this pretty girl. She giggles and it sounds like music to my ears. I wish I had it on record so I could listen to it every second of everyday. “Hello Jughead! Ummm, can I get a vanilla milkshake and some curly fries please? Thank you!” She said angelically, her voice as sweet as an angel.  

I nod in understanding, afraid that if I open my mouth again I will just make a bigger fool of myself. I scurry off into the diner kitchen to cook up her order before I make things worse.

As I’m cooking her order, I can’t help but glance in her direction every chance I get. The more I look at her, the more I want to get to know her. She has this thing, this way about her that makes me want to know every little detail about her. About her hopes and dreams and her biggest goal in life, I want to know everything.

Just as I was finishing up her order, I heard the familiar chime of the doorbell ring multiple times, oh great, a group of people. But when I looked up it wasn’t just any group of people, it was Chuck and his band of misfits. One by one the filed in, making a ruckus where ever they went.

I watched silently as all of the jocks went sit in the far back corner of the diner, all but two. Chuck and Reggie. The separated themselves from the group and went to sit at the same table as my mystery girl.

Chuck scooted in next to her, whereas Reggie sat across from them. Chuck instantly put his arm around the new girl whilst Reggie just sat and watched the show unravelling before his eyes. Ceasing from writing and pulling out her ear phones, she sighed heavily and waited for this to be over with.

“Hey there cutie, what’s a pretty young thang like yourself doing all alone at a diner?” Chuck flirted, I gagged. Everyone in Riverdale knew about Chuck and his infamous playbook which was ‘disbanded’ and ‘destroyed’ but we all know he still keeps score.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m studying. Now if you and your meat head marsupials could kindly leave me alone, thank you” She sassed to which Chuck chuckled to himself. Damn this girl had fire.

“Oh honey,” Reggie replied, “Nobody ever, ever, says no to my main man bulldog Chuck over here!” Reggie said matter-of-factly and then proceeded to bark like a dog. God, could these jocks be any more stereotypical.

“Bulldog Chuck? Wow, and I thought the jocks from my old school were primitive Neanderthals but you boys are clear winners.” She fired back almost immediately. I never thought that I could like this girl any more than I already did but man was I wrong, she’s phenomenal.

“Come on baby, just one drink with the hottest guy at Riverdale high? I promise you” he leaned in closer to her ear and rested his hand against her inner thigh, “… you won’t regret it.” He finished that statement with a kiss on her jaw line.

Reggie and his friends wolf whistled and cat called towards her, cheering Chuck on as if it was something to be proud of, like this girl was a prize to be won. I was slowly losing my temper with these boys and could see them becoming quite an issue.

“Have you never heard of a thing called ‘personal space’ because you’re invading mine, so if you will, back off!” She squirmed and withered underneath his roaming hands to try and get away. Although she held a tough exterior, I could see a panicked expression form on her delicate face and I knew that I had to put a stop to this.

I put down her food down and raced straight over to the table of Jocks, wanted so badly to get rid of them. “Alright guys, I think that’s enough for one day, don’t you?” I asked, they booed and protested but my foot was down, these idiots had to go. They slowly filed out, throwing rubbish at my face, high fiving Chuck and slapping me on the back claiming that I was ‘no fun’. But if fun meant watching a poor, innocent girl get sexually assaulted by Chuck then, I guess I’m no fun.

I was too afraid to face Chuck and Reggie at this moment so I figured I would work up some courage by cleaning up the rubbish those Neanderthals left. It wasn’t the best plan but it was two perfectly in shape footballers versus a scrawny loner boy who waits tables for a living, I don’t like those odds.

I could see Chuck had grown impatient by the ongoing rejection he clearly wasn’t used to, and I saw him lean in unnecessarily close to the new girl and whisper horrific things into her ear that I could barely hear.

“Listen here you little slut! I’ve heard things about you from your old school that I’m sure you’d rather forget. And I can make those rumours just disappear, like they never happened. So here’s the deal, we go on a date, have fun and then maybe get freaky in the sheets and I might consider ‘forgetting’ the rumours I heard about you, sound like a deal?” He threatened. Fear struck her as she tried to think of a way to get out of this sticky situation.

“If you think that I am going to be blackmailed into sleeping with you, you egotistical psychopath then you have another thing coming, I will not be treated this way!” She whispered angrily as she tried to push him off of her, although her efforts proved futile against his immense strength.

“Damn Reggie,” he laughed towards his friend. “And the boys from Greendale high said that you were easy, that you were an eager, horny little thing that jumped the bones of any guy that so much as looked at you. But you’re, feisty, a narcissistic bitch but I love it” he nipped at her ear, cornering the poor girl into the corner of the booth.

I had decided that enough was enough at that it was time to rescue the poor girl before Chuck could do more damage than he already had. “Alright Chuck that’s enough” I cut in, causing the boy back off of the girl slightly but only enough for him to turn towards me.

“Who do you think you are? Telling me what to do. You’re just  a loser whose head is so fucked up that even his own mother couldn’t stand him and his dad disowned him.” Chuck attacked. His words stung like a stab in the heart, he was right though. I am so screwed up, no one could ever love me.

“Wow man, calm down, don’t you think that was a bit harsh?” Reggie stepped in, knowing full well that Chuck had over stepped the mark and gone too far.

“Whatever man, you can have the slut, she’s not worth it anyway. Let’s go!” Chuck laughed, pushing the new girl against the wall and beginning to stand up, Reggie following suit. After everything he had done, I almost let Chuck go without another word but seeing him disregard that beautiful specimen like he had just wasn’t okay.

“Apologise to her Chuck, that was uncalled for.” I said, crossing my arms and raising my eyebrow as if to challenge him. “And why should I? She doesn’t deserve it and besides, what are you Jughead Jones the third gonna do about it, huh?” Chuck challenged back poking me in the chest and pushing my buttons.

And suddenly I snapped, it was like every feeling and bad thing anyone had ever done to me or anyone I loved had just surfaced and bubbled over. “Get. Out. Now. Or so help me Chuck I will throw you out of here myself, and that’s a promise.”

“Pfft, you wouldn’t do that! I am a customer in your store and you need to treat me with respect” Chuck yelled leaning against the table with a smug look on his face. “I don’t have to do anything you say Chuck, not now and not ever. So apologise to the lady and get the fuck out of my store you asshole” I yelled in his face.

“No” was his only reply.

I had had enough. I reached forward and grabbed Chucks collar harshly, pulling him towards me and getting in his face. “I’ve told you once, don’t make me tell you again. Apologise then get out!” I grunted, finally having enough of how he was treating myself and the mystery girl.

Out of the corner of my eye I see her. She looked mortified. She was shaking and there were tears brimming in her eyes and realise that if I have any chance with this girl than I need to show her that I am nothing like those football jerks. I let go of Chuck’s shirt and motion towards the exit.

I turn around to walk away, expecting him to just huff and leave. But I never imagined what would happen next. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder and then out of nowhere I feel a fist collide with my face. I stumbled backwards, crashing into the table. I instantly go into fight mode and push him back getting ready to hit him square in the face.

Everything that happened next, happened in slow motion. As I pushed Chuck backwards, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the mystery girl had stood up and was racing towards me, as if to stop me from fighting Chuck and getting my ass kicked. But it was too late. I brought my fist up and threw it straight towards his face. I was so close to hitting his face with such force it was sure to knock him over, that I didn’t notice that the girl had pushed Chuck out of the way in hopes of stopping the inevitable fight. I had no time to react to this change in position and I hit her square in the eye, as I had been aiming for Chuck’s jaw and she is significantly smaller than him.

This whole situation was like watching a car crash in slow motion. The force of the punch was so great that my mystery girl, the most beautiful, interesting and radiant girl I had ever had the privilege of meeting, was knocked to the floor and groaning in immense pain.

Regret instantly washed over me as I rushed to kneel down next to her. Stroking her back and mumbling pointless sorry’s like I could instantly fix what I had done.

“Wow buddy, only a freak like you would hit a girl!” Chuck laughed. “Come on Chuck, that’s enough! Let’s just… go, okay?” Reggie tried to convince his mate. “Once second man, just need to do somethingggg” Chuck chuckled as he gripped me by the collar and pulled me up, face to face with him.

“Listen here you little rat, don’t. you. dare. look. at. me. ever. again. Got it?” Chuck demanded, throwing me to the floor and marching out of Pop’s with a vengeance, Reggie begrudgingly trailing behind.


“I am so, so incredibly sorry-“ I paused, realising after everything that had happened, I still don’t know her name. “(Y/n)” She groaned, holding the frozen peas closer to her swollen eye. The bruise had gone from non-existent to full on yellow with specks of purple and blue mashed together, yet she still looked perfect to me.

“Hey, you don’t have to keep apologising. It’s not your fault that guy is a complete and utter ass.” She laughed. How this girl managed to stay cheerful after the day she had gone through was baffling.

“Yeah but if I hadn’t of stepped in and angered Chuck-“ I tried to finish but she cut me off, “I could have been a lot worse off, okay? You saw what he was doing! If you didn’t… If you didn’t come help me then, I don’t know what may of happened! So, Thank you, Jughead!” She was shaking and I could see that she was on the verge of crying.

“Hey, come here. I think you need one of my special bear hugs!” I cringed, opening my arms and offering her a hug. Wait, did I actually just say that? She laughed her angelic laugh and embraced me in the most innocent and caring way possible. My arms wrapped around her slender body and I rested my chin on her head.

This feeling brewing inside me made me feel all warm and fuzzy, yet scared at the same time. I’m a damaged, loner and outcast from the wrong side of the tracks whose broken beyond repair. My mother packed up everything and took my little sister just to get away from me and my father, my father is a drunk who can’t even look after himself, let alone his own son.

I’m homeless, rejected and petrified, but it your arms I felt at peace. In your arms, I feel like I’m home.


Just a man surviving each day as they come
Body lacking energy & stamina
Strength of the flesh is fleating and unpredictable as the oceans waves
Mind lost in the swirling clouds or crimson and grey
Thoughts choatic and serene clashing with the intensitiy of raging beast
Trenchant loathing of self
Boundless paranoia complimented with twenty jin of stagnation
Repeated half baked promises of change
Only to be thwarted by the pull of the unmemorable dream lands
Unappealing physique topped by average intelligence
Emotionally charged however muted by a flutter tongue
Introspection of the slightly deranged
Stumbling, crawling, trembling to move an inch forwards on a path of correction
Time will tell, so farewell for now

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J'ai dit à mon copain que certain-e-s qualifiaient Poutou de dilf. Visiblement, il est dans son top 5 du physique des candidats à la présidentielle, Macron en tête. Mais je ne suis pas sûre de vouloir cautionner ce genre de classement.

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Baby Blues

I’m planning on entering this into a contest on wiki. Tell me what you guys think (: it’s not proofread but it should be okay.


Bataar had noticed the change in her attitude a week ago. He wasn’t completely ignorant about children and birth, but her depressive state was concerning considering she had given birth just three weeks ago. 

He had read about something like this. 

He just never thought that it would happen to his beautiful wife.

The engineer was currently standing on one of the balconies of the Beifong estate in Zaofu. This specific balcony over looked Suyin’s garden which she was currently occupying at the moment. Young baby Huan laid in her hands.

His eyes watched her, unmoving from her spot. The master earthbender was still, eerily gazing out into the valley that Zaofu had been established on. From here, even Bataar could see her eyes.

They were dead.

Huan began to cry and Suyin began rocking the child lightly. She refused to look down oddly enough. Her eyes remained locked on in the distance.

The child continued to cry. He could see his wife’s face contort in irritation, a look she often sported when dealing with difficult people or a confusing task. As Huan’s cries got stronger, so did Suyin’s frustration.

Finally, a maid approached her and asked if everything was okay. Bataar felt his heart crack slightly when Suyin handed Huan to the made, instructing her to put him to bed. The young woman nodded and took his son back into the house. Bataar watched them enter before reverting his focus back to Suyin whose arms were crossed tightly now.

She had worked off the baby weight just fine. She was always a lean woman and worked hard to maintain a top physique. The matriarch of the metal clan was known for her majestic leaps and kicks. Bataar had figured that her appearance was what was bothering his wife to make her act this way, but all he got back was a snappy reply. She stated that that was definitely not it and added something along the lines of Bataar perceiving that she was fat. Needless to say, he slept in a guest bedroom that night.

Suyin turned a full 180 degrees and walked back into the house. Bataar made sure she made it inside.

Two days after that, his concern spiked. 

The Beifong family was eating dinner. Bataar and Suyin sat at the front of the table, Huan latched on to his mother’s breast. To their left, Four year old Junior waved his legs back and forth as he poked at his vegetables with a fork.

Bataar’s eyes observed Suyin’s face deepen in irritation once more. He wondered what was bothering her this time.

Junior hummed an old nomad sing he had learned. His legs kicked to the beat and every now and then, his feet would kick the table. Bataar felt it vibrate his own plate of food and he was sure his wife felt it much more.

The next time it happened, Suyin slammed her chopsticks down.

“Junior, sit still for once!”

Both Bataars froze in place. Senior had always feared his wife’s fury. At its peak, it was more frightening than anything he had experienced. For Junior, who in his four years was wel behaved enough to not be subjected to his mother’s anger, was shocked at this new animal.

Suyin didn’t stop it there. “Every time you kick the table, I get more and more of a headache. Just sit there and eat.”

Bataar felt a lump grow in his throat at the sight of his first born son looking absolutely petrified. He never wanted to make his mother upset with him.

Suyin didn’t even try to eat again. She got up while still feeding Huan and walked towards the exit. “My appetite is ruined.”

When she was gone, Bataar walked towards his son and kneeled down to his level. Junior was already sobbing quietly.

His father wiped his runny nose with a napkin. “Hey, it’s alright.”

“I-I didn’t mean t-to make Mom mad.” Junior hiccuped overwhelmed with sorrow. “I’m s-sorry…”

Bataar hugged his little boy tightly. “You didn’t do anything wrong. Mom is not herself right now.”

“Is Mom sick?”

Bataar sighed. “I don’t know, son.”

Junior continued to cry into his father’s shoulder. 

“I really don’t know.”

The day that Suyin decided to not leave the confines of her office was the final straw for Bataar. This occurred four days after the previous incident.

He didn’t even bother to knock. “Su, we need to talk.”

She didn’t turn from her position on the couch. “You’re going to wake Huan.”

“We still need to talk about some things.” Bataar approached her and made it so he stood in front of her. The arrangement was supposed to make him feel more dominant, something that rarely happened in their relationship. “Your behavior is worrying me.”

“It took me an hour to get him to sleep. If you wake him up, I swear to Oma  and Shu I’ll launch you all the way to Ba Sing Se.”

“Will that make you feel better? Will you go back to who you really are?”

That same annoyed expression crossed her face once more and he wasn’t sure if he was going to fly at any second. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just leave me alone, Bataar.”

He tried a gentler approach, something that usually worked. “Sweetie, you’re irritated and angry. You shut yourself out. That is not the woman I married.”

“A few years and you’re asking for a divorce already?”

“No! What the- of course not, Su!” Just like he had done with Junior, he got on his knees and looked at her. He had given up on scolding her. Something in the back of his mind warned him that whatever was going on with his wife was serious. His theory may actually be true.  Bataar reached up and removed his glasses to rub his eyes. The moisture in them he blamed on how late it was. “I love you very much, Su. And so do our children which is why all of us are concerned about you right now. Why are you acting like this?”

“I’m acting like myself. I haven’t changed at all." 

There was something in her answer that rang in Bataar’s mind. Her words were like venom. They were intended to sting. For whom, he didn’t know. Nonetheless, he continued. "You aren’t hot headed constantly like this. You blow up at people for simple things. And you don’t interact with Huan at all.”

“I take care of him.”

“That’s all you do. You feed him and wash him, but you don’t kiss him, play with him, show him love.” Bataar gulped nervously. He placed his hand on hers that was presently helping Huan stay supported in her arms. “Sweetie, are you…possibly…depressed?”

Suyin turned away from him. 

“Su, it’s okay. This happens. A lot of women go through post partum depression. The important thing is that we’ll help you get through this.”

And that’s when she snapped again. 

“I’m not depressed, Bataar! You don’t know anything. I’m still the same person and I haven’t changed at all! I’m still the same person from back then, up to now.”


“And don’t act like you can just come in here and diagnose me. Leave. Me. Alone.”

Bataar stayed still, maintaining eye contact with his wife. They were the same: dead. He say nothing but anger conveyed in her emeralds. It saddened him, the fact that he couldn’t help her. The engineer stood up and took several steps back defeated. “Fine. If that’s what you want.”

Huan began to cry.

He was hurt to see his second son thrusted towards him. Suyin scowled hard as she instructed her husband. “You woke him up. You will put him to bed.”

“Gladly.” He gently transferred his new born son into his arms. Already, tiny Huan could feel the comfort of love, something that had been lacking in his mother’s embrace. His cries simmered down to whimpers. He absent-mindedly rocked Huan. Bataar waited for Suyin to say something, anything, but there was not any indication of a reply. He frowned. “I’ll leave you to it.”

Suyin shut the doors with her metalbending on e her husband and son left the room. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

An envelope, still sealed and unopened, sat on the table.


Dear Lin,

Hello, big sister. I know it’s been years since we’ve seen each other and I’m not too sure that you’d even want to see me. I understand your reluctance to meet up again.

But none of that complicated stuff, I’d just like to wish you a happy birthday. You’re getting old, Lin. I hope you’re on your way to becoming chief of police like you wanted. Mom would be proud. 

Anyways, I have exciting news: I’ve just given birth to your second nephew. His name is Huan and weirdly enough, you two share a birthday! Trust me, I was just as confused as you are probably now. To the point of this letter, I’d like to give you a birthday gift that is more special to me than anything. I’d love it if you became Huan’s godmother. You two would get along perfectly. Even at a few days old, he reminds me of you with his scowls. It may be too early to tell, but he acts like you. It’s weird.

I know this gift seems more beneficial for me than for you, but it’s something I hope will bring us closer. I’m hoping by now you are missing me as much as I miss you. We were never close as children, but you are still my big sister. Please be part of our family again.

Again, I hope you have a good birthday nonetheless. 



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On the topic of Tifa, am I the only one who finds it interesting that when her character is brought up, the article writer goes all "it's still sexism u MRA GooberGaters!!!!" Why do these people always get upset when people bring up the character's personality to prove they aren't a "fighting fuck toy"

Tifa literally helps Cloud get back to reality.  If it weren’t for her, he’d still think he was a Sephiroth clone, and would be lying on a floor somewhere like an unwanted Happy Meal toy.

As someone burdened with a top-heavy physique, I know I don’t appreciate having that be anyone’s sole focus for determining my character, nor how I dress.  I have plenty of tight-fitting clothing.  I have midriff shirts.  I have short skirts.  I just happen to like how they look.  It doesn’t make me any less of a person.

When it’s a real human being, it’s considered “slut-shaming” to judge them solely on how much skin they’re showing, but if it’s a fictional character, it’s suddenly okay to undermine them.  Hypocrisy at its finest.

Loyalty (Tiva Drabble)

A/N: During my recent re-watch, I noticed that 3x09 Frame-Up would have been better with a scene between Tony and Ziva while he was locked up. So here it is: a missing scene between our favorites when they were still getting to know each other. Enjoy. :) 

She should have gone home to her apartment.  Showered. Rested. Gibbs was going to work them hard again in the morning.

When does he not, Ziva wondered. She didn’t mind it so much at the moment. This was no ordinary case. One of his own was charged with murder, and the response from the team had been…

Well.  It was refreshing.  These Americans…they were loyal to each other, their team.  In Mossad, loyalty was to country, first and foremost, and everything else was to the success of the mission, regardless of collateral damage.

She was still getting used to it at NCIS.

And she really should have gone home. Except that Gibbs had mentioned how badly his Senior Field Agent was handling the situation, and now her new mini was zipping through darkened D.C. in the wrong direction of home, and she was allowing it.

Visiting hours were long over at the FBI holding facility, but when it was clear she wasn’t leaving until her request was granted, the guards chose against waking their superiors and let her in to see Tony.

What a sight it was.

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