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KageHina Week 2017: Day 2 Ficlet (Pre-slash)

This is a bit stupid, but I hope a at least a little bit fun. Written for the prompt, clothes swap. :}

He’d really only done it on a Dare. Specifically on a Dare from Tsukishima, who somehow always made him want to kick his face something. Otherwise, there wasn’t a hint of incentive or reasonable explanation he could think of for wearing Hinata Shouyou’s stupid, tiny t-shirt and jean shorts on a Friday night. He hadn’t been able to shove into his Vans, because Hinata was – again – the tiniest, scrawniest person on the planet, but the ballcap he’d been wearing over his fluffy hair was somehow big.

Kageyama grimaced in the mirror in Noya’s bedroom down the hall from the party, tugging the hem of the pink shirt down his stomach for the fourth time in as many minutes. The shorts were… so short, and tight – he never knew clothing could be this tight! He knew his voice had to be up an octave from the squeezing the denim was doing to his balls!

And he looked…

“Fucking shitty Tsukishima,” he grumbled, tilting his face to wail silently at the ceiling. He took a deep breath and then shoved out into the hallway to the living room where the team was gathered and already laughing and cheering. This was going to be worse than when he and Hinata had to strip out of their clothes on Tsuki’s Dare. At least he wouldn’t have to answer any Truths. Anything was better than that.

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KageHina Week: Day Whatever (Pre-Slash, Pt Not-So-Pre-Slash-Anymore-Now-Are-We?)

Since I’ve skipped a day here and there for KageHina week, thought I’d just… gather a smorgasbord of whatever prompts I missed and felt like writing!

So, here’s the 1.5k conclusion to The Adventures of Crop-Top Kags and Miniskirt Hinata ( 1 | 2 ), which includes the prompt accidental confessions, glances over future and closure (but never goodbyes) and… well, you’ll see. <3

Truth or Dare?

Kageyama stared blankly at Hinata Shouyou for a good ten seconds, at his round face with his beer-mouth and his heavy-lidded, brown eyes just inches away.

For some… unknowable reason, he felt that roil of disappointment again in the pit of his stomach at the words. He wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting to come out of Hinata’s mouth, if he’d been expecting anything at all, but it certainly wasn’t more of that stupid game!

Kageyama blinked. Blinked and looked away from that mouth, that mouth with breath stinking of alcohol, so, inarguably gross… but still. Once the thought of kissing him had popped up in his brain earlier in the evening, it had never gone away – especially when he tried to have no thoughts about it whatsoever.

It was like that thing, when someone tells you not to look down, or not to mess up, and you do because you can’t not!

That was what imagining kissing Hinata was like.

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