top of the rock view


This morning, with the temperature hovering around 48 degrees Fahrenheit, I threw on a sweater and my Timberlands, and took my first hike into the Cheat River Canyon (North-Central West Virginia, near Morgantown).  Although the canyon attracts daytrippers by the droves in the autumn, my favorite time to visit this remote place is in late April to early May, when the new greens in the canopy are iridescent in the soft sunlight, and every step reveals a new treasure.

From top:

1 - 2. View south from Raven Rock toward Albright.

3. View north from Raven Rock toward Morgantown.

4. Halberd-leaved yellow violet.

5. Long-spurred violet.

6. Wood anemone.

7. Trailing arbutus.

8. Downy rattlesnake plantain.

9. Eastern garter snake.

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Scenario with Teba, Revali, Sidon and Link where their tiny hylian s/o gets on top of a stone to get a better view but the rock begins to shake which is revealed to be a giant Talus monster and now the smol s/o is holding onto dear life while the giant Talus walks aimlessly around. As terrifying as this is it's quite a funny view seeing the tiny s/o yelling from a distance why do these things happen. Thank you! :)


How do they keep doing this? First the cuccos, now this?!


“Get ready to jump!”



This is going to be one heck of a story to tell later to the other warriors. 




“Yea, yea, just hang on!”

“No shit!”


Sidon, you can put me down now, I’m not going to break.”

“You touched a chicken and summoned a swarm, and then you touched a rock and it turned into a monster. For the sake of the Domain, I can’t let you touch the water, not with those chances.”



With incredible speed, only capable by someone who’s been there, he climbed the hill and glided to the monster’s head, hanging onto dear life.

“Link! Thank goodness!” He nodded at them, a smile on his face. They were safe. “Any idea on how to get down?”


“Damn it Link.”

Central Park view form Top of the Rock. (definitely try to go op the Rockefeller Centre when you are in New York). Everybody is raving about the views from the Empire State Building (rightly so) but this view is worth it too.


La Piedra Del Peñol is a monolithic formation located in Antioquia, Colombia. A viewing spot was built on top of the rock, where it is possible to acquire handicrafts, postcards, and other local goods. There are a total of 740 steps to the top.


I’m studying geology. It’s my first year at the University and it’s amazing. I love spending time in nature, having fun with my friends and learn new things. I didn’t know much about geology when I applied for Uni but I’m so glad I did. Everything about it is wonderful. And I couldn’t be more happier with where I am today and how my life is going.

This pictures where taken on Velebit mountain in Croatia. And this was also my first real field trip. :3