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The Egos as Ice Cream Flavors

Wilford: Strawberry 

Dark: Chocolate Brownie 

Google: Blue Raspberry 

The Host: Coffee  

Dr. Iplier: Vanilla Bean 

Bim Trimmer:  Cookie Dough

Ed Edgar: Beer Flavor 

Yandereiplier: Strawberry Sherbet 

King of the Squirrels: Rocky Road 

BONUS: Jack’s Egos!

Anti: Mint Chocolate Chip (Idk green is like his color and the chocolate chips are his glitches)

Chase: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Dr. Schneeplestein: Butter Pecan 

Marvin: Pistachio 

Code names
  • Dark: You can address me as "Eagle One". Wilford, code name: "Been There Done That." Anti is "Currently Doing That." Google is "It Happened Once in a Dream." Chase code name: "If I had to pick a Dude." The Host is... "Eagle Two."
  • Host: Oh thank God.
  • Dark: It's a simple question.
  • Will: I'm not answering that.
  • Dark: Come on, between Mark, Google, Dr. Iplier, Bim, Ed, Yandere, King of the Squirrels, or Host, if you had to- IF YOU HAD TO- who would you punch?
  • Will: None of them, they're my friends.
  • Dark: ...Ed
  • Wilford: Yeah and I don't know why...
  • {Credit to F.R.I.E.N.D.S}
My Keys
  • Will: Toss me my keys
  • Bim: *Throws printer at Will*
  • Will: I said my keys
  • Bim: I thought you said printer
  • Will: Why the fuck would I say printer?
Oy with the poodles already
  • Wilford: Oy, is the funniest word in the entire world.
  • Bim: Hm
  • Wilford: I mean think about it, you can't hear the word 'Oy' and not smile. Impossible. Funny, funny word.
  • Dark: Oh dear god.
  • Wilford: Poodle, is another funny word.
  • Dark: Please drink your drink, Will.
  • Wilford: In fact if you put 'Oy' and 'Poodle' together in the same sentence, you'd have a great new catch phrase. Y'know, like "Oy, with the poodles already."
  • Bim: *Giggles*
  • Wilford: So from now on, when the perfect circumstances arise, we will use our favorite new catch phrase.
  • Bim: "Oy, with the poodles already."
  • Wilford: I'm tellin ya, it's knockin what chu talkin about Willus right out of first place.
  • Dark: Will, for god sake be quiet.
The Egos As Marvel Characters

Wilford: Black Widow

Darkiplier: Loki

Google: Iron Man 

The Host: Thor

Dr. Iplier: Captain America

Bim Trimmer: Ant-Man 

Ed Edgar: Hulk 

Yandereiplier: Thing 

King of the Squirrels: Hawkeye 


The Host is very introverted and he needs time to himself to recharge. Dark noticed that and while Dark may not be the nicest ego, he does have a soft spot for the Host. When the Host needs his time to recharge, Dark sees to it that he is left alone by all of the others. 

Dark notices that the Host sits in silence and while he’s sure he enjoys it that way, he thought he would do something nice for the blind man. He sets out one day to Target (Which in itself was an experience. The cashier was terrified) and buys the Host a record player. He also picks up some of the Host’s favorite albums for him to listen to. 

When he brings the gift back, he places the gift in his room and once he exits, the other egos begin to pester him about buying them gifts, as they all see him and Will as their father figures, but he ignores their incessant begging and walks back to his office to finish his work. 

The Host gets back to his room with Dr. Iplier, after getting his bandages changed, and the doctor spots the new player. He informs the other man about it and asks him if he wants him to put something on. Host is confused, but he politely asks for him to and then requests that he writes something for him. He has him write a thank you note to Dark because he knew it was him, and he really appreciated what he did for him. He knew Dark would not have wanted him to come say thank you in person, so he thought the note would suffice. 

So, I really like the idea of Will and Dark being like the father figures to the egos and Dark favoring the Host because he doesn’t annoy him like the rest of them do. 

  • Bim: So are you gonna call this one back?
  • Dark: Haha, nope.
  • Bim: What are you talking about, Anti's great!
  • Dark: Oh really, you wanna know what your great friend did?
  • Out of nowhere...
  • Bim: That's it?! That's why you won't go out with him again? So he took some fries, big deal.
  • Dark: Hey, hey look, it's not about a few fries, it's about what the fries represent.
  • Bim: What?
The Egos As One Direction Songs

Wilford: Live While We’re Young [x]

Darkiplier: Stockholm Syndrom [x]

Google: I Would [x]

The Host: Little Things [x]

Dr. Iplier: Half a Heart [x]

Bim Trimmer: A.M [x]

Ed Edgar: Walking in the Wind [x]

Yandereiplier: Girl Almighty [x]

King of the Squirrels: Up All Night [x]

I’ve recently gotten back into listening to One Direction, so I made a “The Egos As” about them! I loved them when I was younger, so listening to them now makes me nostalgic. Also, I might do one based on their solo music! (There really isn’t much of it right now, so it might mostly be Harry as he’s the only one (that I know) that has a full album) 

Let me know if there’s something you want to see “The Egos As”!!

  • Dark: No mom, cause I only need 25% of my hoodie to express myself. I'm gonna go make a lower case twitter post.