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[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s Daesung Tops Charts With New Japanese Mini Album

BIGBANG member Daesung’s mini album “D-Day” has rose through the ranks of various charts!

After Daesung unveiled “D-Day” on March 28, the mini album immediately climbed to first place of Japan’s iTunes album chart.

Furthermore, it snagged the top spot in the realtime single and album charts of major music streaming services Mu-mo and Mora. The album is also attracting global interest, with “#DDay” reaching the top trends on Twitter.

The release of the mini album commemorates the beginning of Daesung’s first solo concert tour, which will kick off after the album’s offline release on April 12.

With a total of seven songs, “D-Day” showcases the more mature side of Daesung. He directly participated in the album’s production, together with the prestigious lineup of Motohiro Hata, Yoshiki Mizuno of Ikimono-gakari, and Ayaka, as well as Seiji Kameda as the sound producer, raising the expectations of fans higher than ever.

Meanwhile, Daesung’s tour will kick off at the Metlife Dome on April 15 and 16, followed by the Kyocera Dome on April 22 and 23. He is set to treat his Japanese fans to a total of four concerts in two cities, for a total audience exceeding 200,000.

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It’s so freaking frustrating that the only real reason Monsta X can’t get their first win is due to the lack of support in Korea. The lack of digital sales and streaming. Legit a debut group beat them on M!Countdown, they have more support and they’re just a baby group.

It feels like Got7 and BTS all over again. All the love and adoration of international fans but it just takes so much time for them to then catch on in Korea. It’s such a waste that it takes so long for these groups to really get people behind them when they are putting out amazing songs, albums and choreography that can kill. 

Of course international Monbebe’s are working so hard but not everyone can try and get a streaming pass. No matter how hard we work we won’t get them over the line until Korean Monbebe’s grow and work just as hard. It’s a sad fact and it’s so fucking upsetting. 

Top on the world billboard charts but can’t even get nominated in the Korean charts, it says a lot and Monsta X can see that as well as their company. 


On this day in music history: March 29, 1975 - “Lady Marmalade” by LaBelle hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week, also topping the R&B singles chart for 1 week on February 22, 1975. Written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan, it is the biggest hit for the R&B vocal trio featuring Patti Labelle, Nona Hendryx, and Sarah Dash. The song is originally recorded by The Eleventh Hour, a studio group fronted by singer and songwriter Kenny Nolan (“I Like Dreamin’), co-written with Four Seasons songwriter and producer Bob Crewe earlier in 1974. Producer Allen Toussaint hears the original version and record the song with LaBelle for their first Epic Records album "Nightbirds”. Featuring The Meters providing musical support, it is released as the first single from the album. Becoming a dance floor smash in discos in late 1974, the electrifying track soon makes its way on to R&B and pop radio. Entering the Hot 100 at #98 on January 4, 1975, it climbs to the top of the chart twelve weeks later. The song is re-recorded in by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil’ Kim, Mya, & Missy Elliott for the Baz Lurhmann film “Moulin Rouge”. They take the song to number one (for 5 weeks) again in June of 2001, winning a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals in 2002. LaBelle’s version of “Lady Marmalade” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

[NEWS] BIGBANG’s Japanese Dome Tour DVD Rises To Top Of Oricon Chart

On March 30, BIGBANG’s Japanese dome tour DVD, “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT : 0.TO.10 -THE FINAL-,” topped daily overall DVD charts on Japan’s biggest music ranking chart Oricon Style. “BIGBANG’S 2017 WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD” also claimed third spot on the chart and proved BIGBANG’s popularity.

This is not the first time BIGBANG has achieved this feat. Last year, BIGBANG topped three weekly Oricon charts with a DVD they released in July.

Last year’s concert was held in celebration of BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary, and BIGBANG became the first foreign artist to successfully hold dome tours in Japan for four years in a row. They performed in four cities including Osaka and had a total of 781,500 people attend the 16 shows they held.

This was also T.O.P’s last Japanese tour before enlisting in the military, and he took the opportunity to say farewell to his Japanese fans.

Meanwhile, Daesung recently released a new album in Japan and will soon embark on a solo dome tour.

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There’s been some talk about the amount of lines every character in RWBY has had over each volume, so I thought it’d be nice to put it into something visual for ease of use. The last chart is just the top 20 characters with the most lines, obviously there are more characters than that.

Some observations:

  • Volume 4 is the first volume where male characters have collectively had more lines than female characters. This has been an overall trend across the series however the swing was dramatic come vol 4
  • Ruby had the lion’s share of lines in volume 1 and 2 but tends get the same as other characters come volume 3 and 4.
  • Ruby, Weiss and Yang have had less lines every volume whilst other characters fluctuate depending on the plot.
  • Had it not been for Ruby’s monologue in the final episode of volume 4 she would have been in 3rd place for that volume.
  • Volume 2 is the only time that team RWBY has held all 4 top spots.
  • Father figures such as Qrow, Taiyang, Li and Ghira tend to speak more and have bigger roles than mothers like Kali, Raven and An.

A bit of background behind how these numbers came to be under the cut.

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bts said there’s a lot of pressure right before releasing an album bc they never know what to expect and they want the fans reactions to be good and I just wish……. I could see their faces when they see that they had an all kill on Korean charts, spring day is on the top 10 singles on iTunes and the music video has reached almost 3 million views in just 6 hours after releasing it ….. like …. they did so amazing ….. I wanna hug them … and tell them that I love the so much ……

Moana soundtrack certified Gold in the US

(Certification actually occurred back in January. I just had to go digging because it seems literally nobody reported on it despite one of the songs being up for an Oscar at the time.)

The OST has been on the Billboard 200 for 15 weeks straight (topping out at number 2) and shows no sign of dropping out of the top 20.

It has also been hanging around the top of the charts here in New Zealand for the past 10 weeks and has been number 1 for the last 3 weeks.

seeing seventeen crying at their fanmeet had me crying and thinking about how much they went through. from training relentlessly and being promised a debut date only for it to keep getting pushed back so they trained harder, sang harder, rapped harder, danced harder all day and all night only to be told time and time again that their debut wasn’t ready but here we are now two years later and they’ve become one of the most popular groups in the industry and have been recognized as ‘self-producing’ idols, have unique and amazing choreography, keep producing hit songs that top the charts and have an enormous fanbase that just keeps growing day by day. i hope they know that their family, friends and fans are so proud of them. so proud of them for staying humble despite their rising popularity. so proud of them for not giving up even when things got tough. so proud of them for chasing their dreams and showing the world their passion. thank you seventeen for all that you’ve done.

Irrelevant person in my class: Who tf is BTS? i’ve never heard of them so their music must be sh*t


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