top o da mornin to ya!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this amazing and cute dapper boy! :D
Maaaan, I wanted to draw him for sooo long, he’s so cool >u<
His name’s Jackson I think? :P
Aaaand I adore him :v 

Everytime PewDiePie Says Anything Related To Jacksepticeye In His Outlast 2 Gameplay

Outlast 2: Episode 2

2:26 “Top o’ the mornin”
2:34 “Jackspedicy here everyone”
2:36 “Does anyone want some Irish whiskey..”
2:40 “Top of the m-*GASP* BATTERY”
16:55 “Aaaand, we’re back everyone, Top of da morn-Top of de tip-tipidptyofdetibadipiminch..morning to ya-geahdammit”
23:14 “Hey, how ya..Top o’ the morning to ya”
24:45 “Maybe there’s a way barn I say, Top a’ da mornin’ to ya laddies”
26:12 “Top o’ da morning to ya”
26:18 “You don’t fuck with me, cuz I’m motherfuckin’ jacksepticeye, that’s right..”
26:25 “That’s right, you can’t stop me I’m a green-haired son of a bitch, it’s more like pink now, actually I do like it, it looks nice”
27:24 “Top of da morn-dadadadaa..”
28:58 “Hey how ya do-Top o’ da mornin’ to ya”
32:18 “Hey I’m fine, Top o’ the mornin”
32:20 “Take a drink everytime I say, top o’ the mornin’ to ya..”
(Get Ready)
“Topofdamorningtoya, Topofdamorningtoya, Topofdamorningtoya, Topofdamorningtoya, there ya go”

Jack Counter : 15 (or 18 counting the 3 other last ones)

Part 1:


anyways @therealjacksepticeye is a gift from the ancient celtic deities and we don’t deserve him

specifically for @livingtrashbag because she would rather find this adorable green kid at the end of an irish rainbow than a pot of gold