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Summary of BTS x Celeb Interactions @ the BBMAS:

  • The Chainsmokers-Hung out with them before the show
  • Camilla Cabilo-Met after winning their award. Tae told her he loved her voice.
  • Desiigner-He told them: “Congratulations, y’all some real n**gas” LOL. Jungkook and him are fellow 97 liners, like how.
  • Halsey-Complimented them saying their music videos are awesome and got a picture with them during the show.
  • Celine Dion’s Son-Apparently is a fan and snapped a pic on the carpet with them before the show. 
  • Ansel Elgort-Tweeted a picture joking about joining a K-Pop band.


  • DJ Khaled was in awe of them as they walked to the stage.
  • Taehyung was seen crooning along to Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars.
  • Jungkook fist pumped when they said Justin Bieber as the nominee for Top Male Artist and got hype during Nicki Minaj’s performance when Moment 4 Life came on.
  • When The Notorious B.I.G. was mentioned by P. Diddy, Namjoon put out his hands like “Yessss” 
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Drake poses in the press room with his awards for Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album for ‘Views,’ Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Streaming Artist, Top Streaming Song (Audio) for 'One Dance,’ Top R&B Song for 'One Dance,’ Top R&B Collaboration for 'One Dance,’ Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Album for 'Views,’ and Top Rap Tour during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Wanted to show that even though makeup is fun to do it can feel like a necessity to some people. If you feel confident with it, that’s great! If you feel confident without it, also really great. But don’t ever feel like you need it to impress anyone. Do it for you. Do it because you love it.

Kerry Degman photographed by Taylor Miller in New York, November 2014.

@taylormillerphoto: A glimpse of my shoot with the amazing @kerrydegman of @soulartistmgmt // styling by my favorite @jungle048

SUPER FUN Media Questions
  • 1: What's the first film you ever saw in a theatre?
  • 2: What's the worst film you ever saw?
  • 3: Name 3 films for a perfect movie night with friends.
  • 4: Which film would you watch on your first date?
  • 5: What are your 5 all time favourite movies?
  • 6: Who are your top 5 female actors?
  • 7: Who are your top 5 male actors?
  • 8: Favourite director?
  • 9: What's your favourite movie genre and why?
  • 10: Name a film that never fails to cheer you up.
  • 11: What is your most watched movie?
  • 12: Scariest horror film you ever saw?
  • 13: Which movie never fails to make you cry?
  • 14: Name 3 movies with a plot twist that made your jaw drop.
  • 15: Who would you cast as the new James Bond?
  • 16: Imagine you get to create your own film. Who plays the 3 leading roles?
  • 17: What's the most overrated film in your opinion?
  • 18: Best movie soundtrack?
  • 19: Name a film that changed your life and tell the story how.
  • 20: Which movie has the most uncomfortable sex scene?
  • 21: Which movie has the hottest sex scene?
  • 22: What are your 3 favourite teen flicks?
  • 23: What are your 3 favourite Disney films?
  • 24: Which actress/actor do you think should stop making movies?
  • 25: What was the last movie you watched?
  • -
  • 26: What's your favourite TV series ever and why?
  • 27: What TV series are you currently watching?
  • 28: How many finished TV series have you watched entirely?
  • 29: What's your opinion on Breaking Bad?
  • 30: Name 3 great TV series that you love.
  • 31: Name 3 TV series that remind you of your childhood.
  • 32: Which TV series is overrated in your opinion?
  • 33: What's your favourite crime themed TV series?
  • 34: What's the funniest TV series?
  • 35: What's the most touching TV series?
  • 36: Who are your 6 favourite characters from any TV series ever?
  • 37: Name 3 annoying TV series characters.
  • 38: What's the best season of your favourite TV show?
  • 39: Favourite FRIENDS character?
  • 40: Favourite How I Met Your Mother character?
  • 41: Favourite Full House character?
  • 42: Favourite Fresh Prince Of Bel Air character?
  • 43: Favourite Game Of Thrones character?
  • 44: If you watch Pretty Little Liars - who do you think is A?
  • 45: In which TV series would you like to play?
  • 46: Which TV series has the best intro song?
  • 47: Which TV series would you recommend to watch?
  • 48: Do you prefer binge watching or taking it week by week?
  • 49: Would you rather live in the O.C, California universe or Gossip Girl?
  • 50: A TV series that was a waste of time?
  • -
  • 51: Name your 10 favourite songs of all times.
  • 52: List 10 bands that you love.
  • 53: What's your favourite genre of music?
  • 54: What are the 5 best albums ever made?
  • 55: Which 10 songs would you put on a "Good Mood" mixtape?
  • 56: Which 10 songs would you put on a "Sex" mixtape?
  • 57: Which 10 songs would you put on a "Road Trip" mixtape?
  • 58: What are the 3 most annoying songs of all times?
  • 59: What mediocre band is your guilty pleasure?
  • 60: What was the best concert you ever attended and why?
  • 61: Which 3 songs remind you of your childhood?
  • 62: If you could join a band, which band would that be?
  • 63: Did you ever love a band that you hate now?
  • 64: If you had to get some lyrics tattooed, which would you choose?
  • 65: Top 5 female solo artists.
  • 66: Top 5 male solo artists.
  • 67: Best boyband?
  • 68: Best girlband?
  • 69: Do you own any concert DVDs? If you, which?
  • 70: What's the perfect song to blast to piss your neighbours off?
  • 71: Name 5 good rock songs.
  • 72: Name 5 good rap/RnB songs.
  • 73: Would you rather go to Coachella or Tomorrowland?
  • 74: Which band HAS to re-unite/make a comeback?
  • 75: Who's your musical crush?
  • -
  • 76: Which YouTube channels are your favourites?
  • 77: Who's the funniest YouTuber?
  • 78: Who's your YouTube crush?
  • 79: Which YouTuber is totally overrated?
  • 80: Name the 3 funniest Vines.
  • 81: Who's your favourite on Vine?
  • 82: Name 3 Instagram accounts you love following.
  • 83: Name 3 Twistter accounts that always brighten up your day.
  • 84: Do you keep it unpersonal on the internet in case someone finds you?
  • 85: Do your "real life" friends know your tumblr?
  • 86: When did you first sign up for tumblr?
  • 87: What's the first website you've ever signed up for?
  • 88: How much time do you spend on the internet in a day?
  • 89: What's your most watched YouTube video?
  • 90: Do you watch tutorials? If so, on what?
  • 91: Do you watch a lot of porn online?
  • 92: Do you read anyone's journal blog?
  • 93: Name 5 friends you made on tumblr.
  • 94: Did you ever meet any of your internet friends?
  • 95: What are your 5 favourite blogs?
  • 96: What are your 5 favourite "internet celebrities"?
  • 97: Who's your online crush?
  • 98: Did you ever get the urge to disappear online?
  • 99: What's the best website against boredom?
  • 100: In which online store do you shop a lot?
BTOB Grabs First Win With "Missing You"; Soompi's K-Pop Music Chart 2017, November Week 1

BTOB Grabs First Win With “Missing You”; Soompi’s K-Pop Music Chart 2017, November Week 1

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There are lots of changes on the chart this week, with five new songs in the top 10, two of which are the top two songs. Male artists are dominating the chart this week, with eight songs in the top 10, including all the top five.

BTOB scores their first ever No. 1 song on our chart with “Missing You,” moving up from No. 13 last week! With winter approaching, BTOB is returning to their ballad…

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