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cute tileable 8-bit josh and tyler (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ now ft. blurryface edition! notice tyler’s eyes in a couple of them in the bf one. let me know if you use them! stillstreet reelbearmedia

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There has been so many theories to what and who ‘Blurryface’ is. This is my whole theory that I have either interpreted myself or have gotten from reading others.

So the third album getting released on May 19th 2015 is titled ‘Blurryface’.

3 of these songs have already been released;

Fairly Local

Tear In My Heart

Stressed Out

Although we only got to know the character ‘Blurryface’ when the title of the album was announced. I feel like they have been with us since the beginning.

In one of the songs on Twenty One Pilots first album ‘Implicit Demand For Proof’ there is a line that goes like “Down from your dark hiding place, go ahead and show me your face“, I think Tyler was referring to ‘Blurryface’ and at this point even Tyler doesn’t know who it is. This was the beginning of Blurryface for me I think.

Im going to move on to the three new songs on the album so i’ll start with ‘Fairly Local’.

When I heard this song I felt like this was the new style of the album - “Dark, serious and in a way, quite scary.” In the song the lyrics “I’m evil to the core, what I shouldn’t say I will,” and this changes slightly to “I’m not evil to the core, what I shouldn’t do I’ll fight” This is blurryface reinforcing Tylers insecurities about the album and the song saying that they aren’t good. “This song will never be on the radio” is blurryface in his head about he’s right to not like their songs.

In the part “I truly do have a chance,” Tyler puts his hands around his neck as if he is choking himself, this could be Blurryface trying to physically hurt them.

Also Tyler’s hands are painted pitch black in Fairly Local and Tear In My Heart but in Stressed Out his hands were more of a grey which suggests that this was when Blurryface was beginning to take over.

In the bridge of Fairly Local parts of Josh’s drum kit kept disappearing, this could mean that Blurryface is trying to take away something important to him and making it hard for him.

In ‘Tear In My Heart’ Tyler’s voice never gets low and his eyes don’t go red, although, when the camera closes up to people their face kind of distorts a bit which could mean that we all have a blurryface. I think this song is representing a really happy point in Tyler’s life so for instance meeting Jenna. Honestly, I think ‘Blurryface’ the album is just about all the hurdles that they both have overcome in their live so far.

So in the newest song ‘Stressed Out’ I found so so many things that could represent or describe who blurryface is.

(   ) So the drums show that they are not yet Twenty One Pilots

(   ) Josh is asleep in bed while Tyler is struggling to sleep, maybe his demons are keeping him up

(   ) In the beginning Tyler is alone so the could represent that he was like that before he met Josh

(   ) Josh is carrying the drum kit by himself to show that he taught himself

(   ) The microphone is hanging directly down maybe symbolising the ‘noose’ that was referenced a lot in ‘Vessel’

(   ) The red backpack could mean that he carries the burden of Blurryface everyday

(   )The red beanie is when Blurryface is affecting Tyler from being himself

There is more but I should probably stop now.

Lastly, the song ‘Goner’ came out in 2012 but it is finally showing as the last song on the album ‘Blurryface’ and this could either be Tyler saying that he is a goner and that Blurryface won, or it could mean that he is saying that Blurryface is a goner and that he won.

I think we all have our own Blurryface, all different. ‘Blurryface’ is the whole journey of Tyler and Josh’s one.

Yo ngl one of my favorite parts about the great comet is that Natasha isn’t white. Like no matter how you look at it, she’s a WOC. Canonly, she’s either Chinese or black and and honestly it’s rlly important to me that the character that is considered to be enchantingly beautiful and charming and has everyone falling for her is a WOC