top knott

Have some random jasiper hp au where Jason embarrasses the hell out of himself. 

“Expecto Patronum!” For a second the room is filled with a milky silver-white light, leaving only the corners of the classroom hidden in shadow. The light grows, spreads, then flickers. The edges start to fade until the light vanishes.

“Shit!” Piper shouts. “Shit, shit, shit!”

Jason stands off to the side, mouth pressed into a thin line. He gives Piper a minute to let out her anger and frustration.

“That was good. Let’s try again,” he says the words calmly and softly.

“Good?” Piper spins on him, wand clutched tightly by her side. “How was that good?” Her hair falls in her face, the green and black tie nearly tugged free of its knott, the top buttons of her shirt undone and her robes tossed onto one of the desks.

Jason stays quiet, waiting incase there is anything else Piper needs to get out.

“I can make fruit sing whatever song you hate the most, make your shoelaces tie themselves together or come untied every minute. I can make your tie offer to answer any question, and make it sound like you actually said it. I can jinx, hex, and charm but I can’t get this stupid spell to work. Bloody stupid Patronus.”

By the time she’s done ranting she’s out of breath, but her shoulders have dropped and she no longer clings to her wand with a desperate ferocity. Jason figures his chances of approaching her without getting a jinx, or a broken nose, are good enough.

“You’re forcing this. Expecting that this will come as easily as some boogie jinx. Piper this isn’t an easy spell, grown wizards haven’t mastered it, so it’s okay-”

“No. It’s not.” Piper looks up at him with the determination that can only come from pain, pain of losing someone because you couldn’t help them.

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