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  1. “okay you know that guy who comes in, the russian one that tips well?” “wait, the one that’s always talking about his husband and their dog?” “yeah, that guy! he came in with cupcakes he said his husband made, they’re in the break room.” 
  2. “so we had this girl being harassed, and like, this super gay dude just sat down beside her, whipped out an ipad, and started showing her pictures of his husband and their dog like he’d known her for years, and the guy trying to hit on her tried to tell him they were talking, and the super gay dude says, in this super Russian accent ‘don’t be stupid, nobody would want to talk to you. go away. we’re looking at pictures of my husband’.” “LMAO that’s My Husband, he’s always here when his husband is travelling.”
  3. “this guy came in to get an actual fucking blue rinse on his hair and spent the entire time talking about how his husband learned how to knit and made him a scarf and he went on and on about how talented he was” “was the scarf good” “lmao it looked like someone threw yarn against a wall and picked it up all tangled” “what did you say?” “what do you think I said, he tipped me 40% and took ten cards.”
  4. “I think My Husband is catfishing us, because I looked at the pictures he has of My Husband and lmao that’s like, Yuri Katsuki the skater.” “what, really?” “I mean, My Husband is hot or whatever, but can you imagine being married to him?” “lmao he probably downloaded the pictures and built this entire imaginary life about him and Katsuki, poor dude.” 
  • Jackson: hey
  • Jiyong: what do you want
  • Seunghyun: oh yeah HBD
  • Daesung: sending all my love from Japan right now
  • Jackson: lol I'm in Japan
  • Daesung: ooh we should meet up!
  • Seungri: I haven't said anything yet
  • Jiyong: WELL-
Changing Room Dare

One of the ways that we spice things up is by giving each other sexy “dares”.  I particularly, find it thrilling to complete dares because I know how excited my husband gets and they make me feel sexy and naughty. For this dare, my husband picked out a pair of purple satin string bikini panties for me to wear under my skirt. As part of the dare, I needed to bring my big purple dildo into a dressing room and use it on myself.

I headed to the mall and found a store that wasn’t crowded and went into the dressing room and took off my skirt and tank top. I took a picture of my panty covered ass and texted my husband. He called me on video chat, and I saw him stroking his cock on camera. It was so hot to see how much I was turning him on that I began fingering my pussy. I flipped the camera view around so my husband could watch me.

I pulled the dildo out of my purse and slide it under my panties to tease my wet pussy. I felt so naughty. I placed the dildo on the dressing room mirror, pulled my panties to the side and fucked it from behind as I watched my husband stroke his cock till he came all over himself. After I came, I took off my panties, wrapped them around my dildo, put them back in my purse, got dressed and headed home.

When I got home, I tossed my wet panties and dildo to my husband and said “dare completed, what’s next!”

#hotwife 💦😈

More fun with Andrew

So Andrew has been coming by more often. Mostly by my hubby’s invite thank god. Usually I don’t make it a habit of fucking someone more then a few times so it doesn’t become a problem or at least not so many times in a short period of time. But with Andrew I don’t feel too worried about him developing feelings or anything he is still very much in love with his girlfriend and he’s good friends with my hubby he just likes the thrill of bending me over in the garage and quickly fucking me behind my husbands back. So last night Andrew was over again and the 3 of us were sitting around chatting and watching a hockey game when my husband started to get too comfortable and fell asleep on the couch. Andrew and I moved to the dinning room table so he could roll a joint. While sitting at the table I was getting hot thinking about heading to the garage to smoke it and get bent over that I lifted my legs up (I wore a skirt for work) exposing my panties to him. I should also explain that you can see the living room from the dining room. So Andrew had a view of my panties and my hubby sleeping on the couch 20+ feet away. I noticed Andrew staring as I moved my hand to my panties and started to rub my pussy through them. After a minute I slipped my hand into them so I could feel how wet I was getting from showing him what a naughty slut I was even with my husband so close. Every touch of my clit felt amplified. Andrew then told me to take my panties off. I slowly slid them down and dropped them on the floor. Now he could see my bald married pussy, my husband sleeping and me masturbating like a little whore. I struggled to stay quiet so not to wake my husband as it would be impossible to explain why my panties were on the floor and I was playing with my pussy in front of his friend.

Andrew finally managed to get the joint rolled and we made our way to the garage. As soon as we were in there his cock was out and I was gagging on it like a pro. I deep throated his huge cock as he forced me to gag on it while he called me a whore. Then he sat down on the couch and I climbed up and sat my dripping wet pussy on his rock hard dick. I fucked the hell out of it cumming hard as he continued to call me a dirty slut. Then he stood up threw me down on the couch and pinned me down as he fucked me hard. The whole time he kept telling me how much he loved fucking me behind his friends back and especially while my hubby was home. I told him I love fucking him behind my husbands back. I told him how I love my husband but I also love being a bad girl. I asked him if he loved fucking me behind his girlfriends back and he said that he loves fucking her with my pussy juice still on his cock. Just then Andrew stopped and said we should go back inside. He put his cock away and headed in. As we went towards the living room he grabbed my hand and pulled me past my sleeping husband past the living room and to the stairs. Before I realized it we were in the bed room and I’m laying on the bed my skirt up and Andrew’s head between my legs. He ate my pussy till I came for the first time by a man other then my husband in the bed I share with my husband. Then he climbed on top of me and pushed his cock deep into my married pussy. He fucked me hard while choking me and telling me how hot it was to betray my husband in our bed with him right downstairs it was at that moment that I looked up to see my love standing in the doorway I couldn’t say a word I just looked at him as Andrew assaulted my cheating cunt hard and began filling me with his hot thick load. That’s when Andrew looked up and saw his friend my husband. My husband calmly says I think you should leave and Andrew doesn’t say anything but does just that. I’m leaking Andrews cum onto our bed to scared to say anything as my husband walks closer he stops and says you’ve been bad. I ever so slightly nod my head in agreement. He starts to unbuckle his pants I can see his cock is hard as he lines it up with my sloppy cum filled pussy he asks me how bad am I? how many times have I betrayed him betrayed our vows? And just as I’m about to tell him about all the guys and girls who have defiled his wife I hear Andrew say are you ready for me to fuck you on the bed you share with your loving devoted husband. It’s then that I realize I’ve been fantasizing about my husband catching us. Though the fantasy was great I snap back to the reality of what’s really happening. I love that Andrew is getting off on how wrong our actions are. I beg him to fuck me hard I beg him to cum in my cheating cunt and to fill me up while my husband is downstairs sleeping, completely oblivious to what his friend is doing to me in his house in our bed none the less all while he’s home. I’m a whore. A cheating slut of a whore and I don’t want to stop. Andrew fills my married pussy and quickly and quietly we sneak back down stairs. Awhile later Andrew leaves when my hubby finally wakes up I’m in my pjs snuggled under a blanket watching tv he kisses me apologizes for passing out then comes and snuggles me till the end of the show. We head up stairs I use the bath room to make sure my pussy isn’t to full of Andrew’s cum then I climb into bed climb on top of hubby and fuck him in the same bed I had just an hour before cheated on him in with one of his good friends. I’m a whore a cheating whore and I don’t want to stop. Sorry not sorry.

I realize

that if the worst problem you have is that you have to get up from your tumbling to go get ready for a school fundraising party wherein a whole bunch of suburban moms start out talking about their kids’ extracurricular activities but then get turnt af on $11-a-bottle chardonnay and end up dancing like a pack of assholes to the kind of music I only hear at the gym, that you’re doing all right, but – godDAMN do I not want to go to there. I have to 1) put on makeup, 2) pretend I give an airborne fuck about soccer vs. gymnastics vs. hockey or whatever else these fuckin people do with their time, and 3) not spiral about XF s11, my Special Feelings about GA, and/or the amount of space Gillovny takes up in my brain. Send me good vibes, y’all … I need your strength to tuck into my party clutch alongside my lip-plumping gloss.

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is will x hannibal canon? like, i want to watch it but i'm sick of queerbaiting

Yes, they’re canon, though perhaps not in the conventional way most would expect. There’s no sexual component to their relationship (yet–it seems like a pretty natural progression of things, though, IMO), but there is burning intimacy there, and affection, and desire, and obsession, most of which transcends mere subtext. 

Even if you take the possibility of sex entirely out of the equation, Will and Hannibal still, without a single iota of doubt, love each other to an unthinkable degree. Bryan Fuller, the showrunner, has openly admitted to them being attracted to one another (though not necessarily sexually) and has been overwhelmingly vocal about the romantic evolution of their relationship. 

Just keep in mind that it’s a very slow burn, in large part because of the dark and complex nature of their relationship, and while Will and Hannibal do see other people–singularly women–throughout the series, they are unquestionably endgame. 

Awakening!Au With Voltron cause i love this show a lot.

Everything is under a cut cause its a lot of info~ <3

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Injured Affection

REQUEST by LUCCEROMMA4403: I was wondering if you could write this for me. The reader and Roman are married and they’re both in WWE as wrestler. During a match the reader gets hurt and now she’s in bed rest to recover from a serious injury. When Roman came back, you get heated being around Roman and so the reader wants to make love and he’s very hesitant. But eventually he agrees and so the make love but he’s super gentle. And maybe they get a little rough?😏 I would appreciate if you could😋

Warnings: Smut, language
(A/N): The thirst was real while I wrote this so it’s longer than expected, I mean , look at our Samoan God. Enjoy loves!


‘’Mom, I’m fine,’’ I chuckled as I shifted my weight on the bed, careful not to hurt my right leg. I had to stay in bed the upcoming weeks, thanks to the match I had almost a month ago. Charlotte was talking crap about my husband, so you could figure I wasn’t going to let her get away with it just like that. Even though everyone backstage tried to stop me, I pushed all of them away and surprised Charlotte in the ring. I grabbed her hair and pulled it backwards, dragging her to the ground. She, of course, fought back by literally kicking my ass and whatever she had in store. At one point, I was laying on the ground and she jumped on my leg too hard, causing it to bruise badly. I cried it out at the top of my lungs but she kept going and going. Eventually, my husband and some referees came out, removing Charlotte away from my reach. I was really hurt and my only concern was to beat the hell out of her. My husband, at the other hand, carried me to the nursery backstage. I was secretly happy he did, because I couldn’t handle any more source of pain or pressure. The doctor said that I needed at least two months of rest, which annoyed the shit out of me, since I wanted to wrestle and do things. I mostly wanted to have some alone time with my husband, if you know what I mean, but that wasn’t really possible since my leg still hurts and him being overprotective.

‘’Was it really necessary to ran out there?’’ My mom asked concerned, sitting at the end of the bed, partly blocking my view from the TV that hung in the room.

‘’No one is talking about my husband that way.’’ I answered fiercely. ‘’I warned her before mom, but she loves to provoke things like this. Charlotte knows how much I hate it when someone talks bad about the people I love and she knows damn well that I will strike back ten times harder.’’ I felt myself getting frustrated again. ‘’She did this on purpose.’’

‘’It’s lovely to hear that you care so much about him, but next time, think before you act darling, look where this got you now.’’

‘’I know,’’ I sighed, ‘’I’m sorry for scaring you.’’

‘’Oh honey, don’t apologize for that. I just hope you get well soon so you can do what you love to do again.’’ My mom smiled and stood up. ‘’I have to go now hun, dad wants to take me out to dinner tonight so I have to get ready.’’

‘’Aw you guys make my heart warm,’’ I cupped my chest, ‘’have fun and greet dad for me.’’

‘’I will and thank you my little one.’’ She kissed my head and she left. Once I heard the door close, I wanted to change channel, but the remote control was at the end of the bed where my mom sat. She insisted on watching The Bold and The Beautiful since ‘things got heated’ between Steffy and Liam or whoever they were. I groaned loudly, throwing my head back on the pillows and closing my eyes. As I was about to think of a way to grab the remote, the bedroom door flew open. My eyes opened right away, seeing my husband standing in the doorway with his suitcases, hair being in a messy bun, wearing a black t-shirt and black sweatpants.

‘’Someone in this room missed me?’’ He smiled as bright as I did. I honestly didn’t care about my leg at that moment so I stood up, making Roman to drop all the bags he had in his hand to catch me. ‘’Jesus baby, what are you doing?’’ He asked concerned as he pulled me close to him. ‘’You shouldn’t be walking, you should be resting.’’ He chuckled. I nodded against his broad chest, wrapping my arms around his neck. I missed every single thing about him; his smell, his laugh, his body, his kisses, literally everything.

‘’I missed you so much.’’

‘’I missed you too babygirl, a lot.’’ He said warmly. ‘’Now let’s get you back in bed.’’ Roman lifted me up bridal style, making me giggle. Slowly laying me down again. Luckily for me, I could move my leg better, but it still hurts with certain movements I made. ‘’How is my wife doing?’’ He asked as he crawled in bed next to me.

‘’You’re wife is sick of being in bed all day long.’’ I sighed.

‘’I can imagine that, but you heard what the doctor said, y/n.’’ He pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it aside on the chair. ‘’You gotta rest for at least two months before you can do things again.’’

‘’I don’t care. I’m into other things than bedrest and watching TV all day long.’’  His right arm was wrapped around my waist, our skin touching after so long, making me crave him even more than before. I ran my fingers over his hand and slowly guided it downwards to my center.

‘’Y/n, what are you doing?’’ He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

‘’Providing us both with a source of pleasure,’’ I bit my lip, ‘’It’s been so long.’’

‘’I know, but I don’t want the risk of you getting hurt again, by me this time.’’ He said bothered.

‘’Roman please,’’ I moaned in his ear as I slid his hand down further, ‘’I need you so bad, I haven’t seen you, felt you for so long.’’

‘’I don’t wanna hurt you..’’ He trailed off as I slid his hand inside of my panties. ‘’Holy shit, baby’’ Looking at me, I felt his hand take back his own will, index finger circling my clit slowly. I moaned, throwing head back against his shoulder in immense pleasure. ‘’You sure you want this, once we continue this, there’s no stopping me.’’ He whispered in my ear. Nodding was the only thing I could do since my words failed me.

‘’I trust you.’’ I said, my hand sliding in front of his sweats to rub his shaft through the fabric. He was slowly getting harder by my touch, groaning lightly. ‘’That feels so…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he slid two fingers inside of me. ‘’Oh fuck Roman.’’

‘’You missed that baby?’’ He deeply said, making me shiver, ‘’You missed me touching you like this?’’ His fingers curled inside of me, waiting for a response since I didn’t answer him.

‘’Oh my god, yes Roman.’’ My grip on his arm tightened since I felt myself getting closer to reaching my peak.

‘’Let me taste you.’’ Pulling his fingers out of me, the emptiness making me whine. Once he slowly took off my panties, he carefully took my painful leg and placed it on his broad shoulder. I gave him a nod, letting him know I was okay. Placing soft kisses on my inner thigh, his lips felt like fire against my heated skin. I closed my eyes, waiting for what was coming. He licked all the way up from my center to my sensitive bundle of nerves. Instinctively I grabbed his hair, arching my back.

‘’Fuckkk.’’ I moaned loudly. His fingers finding their way back inside of me while he gently sucked my clit, circling it with his talented tongue. ‘’Jesus baby…Oh m-my g-goddd.’’ I shuddered beneath him. He hummed against me on purpose, sending vibrations over my pussy, feeling the effects throughout my whole body.

‘’You taste so fucking good y/n,’’ he murmured against me, ‘’you gonna cum for me?’’ Roman asked, never stopping pumping in and out of me with this fingers. The metal of his ring made contact with my center everytime he pushed back inside, the mixture of heat and cold sending me over the edge. ‘’Good girl.’’ He took one last lick of my pussy as he took a hold of my leg and slowly parted it with his hand as he kissed my stomach. I was given a moment to catch my breath and to get rid of his shirt I was wearing as Roman took off all his clothes. Once he was fully naked, towering over me, I took a moment to look at him. My husband is seriously a god. ‘’I’ll be gentle baby, don’t worry,’’ he smiled. I nodded, giving him a smile back. ‘’Just relax..’’ He whispered as he took a hold of his dick, wiping the pre cum away with his thumb. I grabbed his hand and sucked it off his digit, making him groan.

‘’Oh shit..’’ I cried out as he slowly pushed inside of me. The feeling of being stretched out again after so long is an indescribably pleasurable feeling. While giving me a moment to adjust to his thick and long dick, he kissed my neck. ‘’Roman…’’ I whimpered. He started to move slowly, gentle and careful thrusts.

‘’Does that feel good babe?’’ Roman grunted, careful not to hurt my leg. Somehow, the slight  pain of my leg and the pleasure, caused an amazing feeling.

‘’Harder,’’ I begged. I could feel he was holding himself back, ‘’I need you to go harder.’’

‘’Are you sure?’’ Caressing my cheek, he looked at me somewhat concerned. As I nodded, he wasted no time with picking up speed. ‘’You gotta tell me if I hurt you.’’ Roman breathed. His hand moved my sore leg further apart, gripping my hips as he thrusted rapidly in and out of me. ‘’I missed you so fucking much babygirl.’’

‘’I missed you too Roman, fuck!’’ I cried out of pleasure as he started to rub my clit. ‘’Oh yes, just like that, I’m gonna cum baby,’’ I felt him hitting my g-spot over and over again.

‘’Cum for me baby, haven’t felt you cum around my dick for so long, come on darling.’’

‘’Oh my fucking god, yes!’’ I screamed as my juices started to drip down his dick.

‘’Yeah babygirl, that’s it.’’ He chuckled. His thrusts became harsher, but sloppy, almost reaching his peak. Pieces of his hair started to fall out his bun, tickling my face.  I started to move my hips to push him deeper inside of me, helping him. ‘’Jesus, y/n,’’ he struggled to say, ‘’Oh baby, fuck.’’ Roman moaned, his left hand pinching my sensitive nipples. I felt the familiar heat in my abdomen, signing me that I was close to another orgasm. After a few thrusts, I felt his dick jerk inside of me. He kissed me sweetly as he pulled out. Just as I thought he was done, he pushed his fingers inside of me again, rubbing my clit with his thumb, making me cum for the second time. We were both breathless as we lied back down under the covers.

‘’Thank you,’’ I said, taking his hand in mine, ‘’I really needed this.’’

‘’I gotta ask Charlotte to talk more shit about me if this is what your injury leads to.’’ Roman chuckled.

‘’You better watch out with what you say Reigns,’’ my finger traced his cheek, looking in his eyes. ‘’I love you.’’

‘’I love you more babygirl,’’ He sweetly said, kissing me.

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My husband's top 5 non-skating outfits (so Victor's as rated by Yuuri and Yuuri's as rated by Victor?)

Yuri re Victor:

- ????

- grey suit, maybe?

- aran sweater, jeans

- ????

- embarrassingly, the onsen robes

Victor re Yuri:

- leggings, soft long shirt for dance practice, would be perfect if not for how it causes an agonizing boner

- skinny jeans, Victor’s red cashmere sweater falling over his wrists, excellent display of collarbones, approved

- Victor’s Aran sweater, boxers, sleepy look and messed up hair, like a softcore porno shoot just for Victor 

- beanie, scarf wrapped around Yuri’s neck so he can turtle into it, a++++ too cute for words

- towel around waist in onsen, thank u @god  and also jesus victor doesn’t know what he did to deserve this but yessssss


Episode highlights… there were only 4:

1. Red’s facial expression/reaction when Liz told him Tommy wasn’t doing well. Right there with you, Red!

2. Red going to see Dembe.

3. Samar - strong, smart, independent, fully capable of caring for herself, and aware of the people around her.

4. Dembe rejoining Red.

Question: What’s up with the fingerprint? Did a task force member change it? I don’t think one of Red’s people altered the print as Red seemed truly oblivious. In the pilot, Red’s fingerprints matched Raymond Reddington’s so I don’t think this helps with the imposter theory. But hey, maybe that’s been retcon’d too.

As for the promo for 19 - Liz remembering Red’s sins. I’m afraid the Red that was portrayed in E17 (adulterer, child kidnapper) may be accurate and the imposter theory is less likely. That sucks as his basic moral code is being sacrificed.

Daddy's little girl | PJM

Genre: Angstish, fluff (at end)

Word count: 818

(Anon: hiii can i request a jimin angst yet fluffy ending where you feel left out because jimin and your daughter are so close that it feels like you’re not needed? 💕💕 have a good day bub 🌻 )

—————————————–————— “Daddy! Look!” I heard my daughter’s little high pitch squeals coming from the other room. I turned my head towards the direction of the sound. Minha was on the couch, posing for Jimin, them both laughing.

I sighed and looked away. Minha is almost 4 now, and of those 4 years you could see a clear biased opinion she had on her parents. She would always cling onto Jimin, asks him for everything, spends all the time she has with him…and for me, I don’t even think she would count me as a mother…I’m just there I guess.

When minha was born, she would always motion towards Jimin. She asked Jimin for everything, she went to jimin when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was hurt… It’s like, she doesn’t even see me as a mother, more like her personal chef and cleaner.

“Going out?” Jimin asked as he turned around, minha was in his arms. I looked at them two, right now would be the time that, as a mother, I should smile…I should be happy that my husband and my daughter have having a good time together…but this happens all the time…

“Do you need anything?” I asked him as I started to slip my shoes on.

“No…do you need anything minha?” Jimin said, looking back down at our daughter.

“No daddy” she said as she giggled playing with Jimin’s hair.

“See you two later then” I say, quickly leaving the house before my smile was too hard to hold. Right before I could close the door fully, it yanked open, appearing Jimin in the doorway, Minha was right behind him.

“Where are you going exactly?” He asked, leaning against the door frame.

"I don’t know…the park probably..:I just need some fresh air” I replied, rubbing the back of my neck.

“We will come with you” Jimin said as he gestured for Minha to step out of the doorway, with him following behind.

“YAY LETS GO!” Minha said, starting to run down the pavement, making her way towards the park.

“You little monkey!” Jimin exclaimed, running after her.

“You two be care-” I tried to say, until I realized that they were already so far ahead of me. Do they even need me here anymore? Like…Jimin can perfectly take care of Minha himself, I’m basically just taking up space in the house. I sighed, walking towards the park, watching Jimin and Minha turn to enter the park, a block ahead from where I am.

A few minutes past. I finally made it to the entrance of the park. I tried my best to look for Jimin and Minha, but I had no luck. I started to walk, hoping that I will stumble upon them. Until I heard a familiar voice.

“MOMMY!” Minha’s high pitched voice rang over the other people’s voices that surrounded me. I looked back to find a small hill, On the top of it was a small tree, which held my husband under it, and the the hill was my daughter running towards me.

“Come join me and daddy until the giant tree! Daddy told me to find you, and I actually did!” She shouted at me, making me kneel down, awaiting for her to come close enough to me.

“Minha, do you love mommy?” I asked her as she stood infront of me. To my happiness, as she heard my words, she immediately nodded. I smiled.

“Would you like to give mommy a kiss?” I said, tapping my cheek, making Minha giggle. She forcibly hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you mommy! I love daddy too but he can get real boring at times” she said, making me laugh. I leaned away from her to study her. She had jimin’s eyes, my nose and lips, and she had both of our squishy cheeks. She was so cute, and I was happy to be her mother.

“Y/n! Minha! What are you doing down there?! I’m waiting!!” Jimin shouted from the top of the hill, waving to make sure he caught our attention.

“Lead the way Minha” I said as I stood up. Minha suddenly grabbed my hand, and started to pull me towards Jimin.

As we got to the top of the hill, we all sat below the tree.

“Minha, do you love daddy?” Jimin asked minha as she stuffed a popsicle that Jimin had bought into her mouth. Without hesitation, Minha quickly nodded at his question.

“How about mommy?” He asked, and again, she nodded without hesitation.

“I love mommy and daddy both” she said, devouring the popsicle. With her response, me and Jimin looked at each other and smiled at each other. Jimin patted minha’s hair as I wiped her face of the chocolate that came from the popsicle. I guess they do need me.

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GB Fantasy Pt. 1

I’m going to write this as if it happened…..

My husband is a musician and had some friends over to “jam” one afternoon. It was a warm, sunny day so I decided to relax by our pool and listen to them play. He likes when I wear something skimpy when his friends are over, so with a little chilled sake and my barely there bikini I went and laid out in plain view of his friends. I didn’t know if they were looking but I knew they could see me. At that point I put on my sunglasses and starting reading a rather steamy romance book. This particular book is more steam than romance, but I like them that way. It was a story about a husband and wife that have his friend over for a weekend but the husband is trying to convince his his wife to have sex with him, them and whatever combination possible. It was hot and I don’t mean the temperature.
I was engrossed in my book and hadn’t realized my husband had come outside with one of his buddies. I was a bit startled by his voice and felt a little embarrassed mainly due to what I was reading. Not because of my husband but because his friend Jay was right beside him. He told me Jay was a trained masseuse and had “magic hands”. He even had his table with him and would treat me to a great massage. Well, I love massages and in my current state it sounded fantastic.
Several minutes later he had me face down on his table and he started working. Mind you I have my bikini on, what little there is of it, I’m hot in more ways than one and this Jay person is rubbing my legs with some type of warm oil. Did I mention Jay is hot rocker type? I think he is a bass player. I know his fingers are strong and he has pretty big hands. Well whatever he is doing with those hands feels very relaxing. There is a point where his hands feel like they are multitasking and he has me relaxed but very aware of what is going on between my legs.
When it’s time to turn over I’m worked up like a virgin on prom night. Sake and strong hands is a solid combination I highly recommend. As I turn over my boobs slip out of my top and I realize my husband and his buddies are all standing around watching me…awkward!