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Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Cinema Camera

And now that one special, prestigious piece of gear has finally arrived to round off the years of camera development and take you to the vertiginous peaks of unbelievable footage quality and extreme equipment versatility: the recently released Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Cinema Camera is the ultimate camera for professional film crews and keen solo cameramen looking to revolutionize their filming sessions.


Top 10 Amazing Inventions You NEED To See

#nextarch by @march.valencia #next_top_architects M04. Digital Innovation | Innovación digital

Handling different resources and graphical systems allows for better choices regarding the most efficient vehicle for communicating a certain project.

Tener diferentes recursos y sistemas gráficos permite decidir cuál es el vehículo de comunicación más eficaz para explicar un proyecto.

Picture: Competition. School of Music in Bressanone | Aires Mateus + GSMM Architetti

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Ayanna Howard (b. 1972) is an American robot scientist who works for the Georgia Institute of Technology, and has been featured in the MIT Technology Review as one of the top young innovators in the world. She is most famous for designing the robots that study the impact of global warming on Antarctic ice shelfs.

She has also worked for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she led research efforts on robotics projects such as computer vision and neural networks. She has received numerous awards in recognition of her achievements in engineering.


Prosthetic Lego arm for children wins tech award

A “build-your-own” Lego prosthetic for kids has won the top prize at an innovation summit in Paris. 

The customisable prosthetic - designed to be creative and fun - now holds the “Grand Prix” badge of honour from Netexplo.

The IKO Creative Prosthetic System has Lego accessories that can be added to play with - such as a space ship with a laser and a remote controlled digger arm. The battery-powered prosthetic also has a functioning hand attachment.  

It is compatible with different lego parts, and can be customised with different colours and accessories.

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Panasonic Lumix CM1

Today, we present to you another addition to the hybrid crowd: recently announced during the Photokina show in Germany, Lumix DMC-CM1 by Panasonic is an Android smartphone and a connected camera packed inside one versatile and futuristic-looking device that should soon find its way to mass production lines.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 In Music


For Beyoncé, and the Beyoncé Effect. Beyoncé and her company broke pretty much all the music biz’s album release rules with Beyoncé last December. With no prerelease single, no advance promotion, and no warning, Mrs. Carter dropped the album globally with a simple note on her social media accounts: “Surprise!” The Internet went crazy, she became the top search on Twitter, and, at a time when nobody was supposed to be buying records anymore, Beyoncé sold more than 600,000 copies in three days. The album’s 17 songs all had elaborate accompanying videos, an undertaking made feasible in part by the nontraditional release strategy. “It was a choice of investing in promotion and hype or in the art,” says Parkwood GM Lee Anne Callahan-Longo. The industry took notice: More artists are trying creative release strategies—among them, U2, Skrillex, and Kid Cudi in the past year—and many long-held marketing tenets (different release dates in different territories, pushing singles to radio) are finally being questioned. “The same marketing and promotion plans for every release does not work,” says Callahan-Longo. “It’s exciting if you’re willing to be brave and take risks. Great content can cut through.”


NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter

It happened to all of us to find ourselves in a surrounding with no direct electrical source, at the moment when your telephone battery is at a very low level, or worse, when your car can not start. With NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter, you can protect yourself from the unpleasant situations like this.

Bioengineers have come up with an implantable sponge made of silk that they say can be used to engineer and regenerate soft tissue like skin and fat. Because it is a biocompatible and biodegradable porous material, the sponge can act like a scaffold that can be loaded with therapeutic stem cells or drugs and inserted into tissue after damage from injury or disease. 

The Tufts University team that developed it sees the silk as a possible aid to spur healing after tumors are removed or a major traumatic injury. Read the paper that was published in the journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering and click below to watch the video describing the innovation.

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The C formerly known as K.

In March 2016, 20 years on from the birth of its segment, the archetypal compact roadster is to be relaunched with significantly optimized technology, an enhanced look – and a new name. The new Mercedes-Benz SLC.

[Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 | Combined fuel consumption: 6.2-5.8 l/100 km | CO₂ emissions: 144-134 g/km |]

Coach Men’s Spring Summer 2016

Coach is schooling men on how to wear print at London Fashion Week. The popular American brand is giving us a very edgy, but still “ready to wear” Spring/Summer collection for 2016. I’m not the biggest fan of bright prints, because many times I feel they’re tacky.I think it’s just because living in Miami make me think summer bright colors are the norm and I like to differ.

This collection will take you to the west coast in the psychedelic 60′s. It’s over the top, genius and innovative at the same time. 

What stands out to me in this collection is the use of prints. i can definitely see myself wearing zebra or even cheetah in the way presented by. I also love the way leather and fur are used with the prints. You just know they belong together

By Juanjose Rangel

Photos by Gio Staiano

Coach Primavera Verano 2016 (Para la version en español presiona “Keep reading”)

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