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  • aos: sees a ship they hadn't planned for but has a ton of chemistry and history and are fantastic together
  • aos: let's make them canon
  • marvel: sees a ship they hadn't planned for but has a ton of chemistry and history and are fantastic together
  • marvel: let's put them with someone boring who they have no chemistry with!

so i know there are varying interpretations of wonder woman out there, but when writing with me please try to remember these things or at least understand how i portray diana as this is how i will be doing it.  so at least, please give this a read !

  • while dceu based, a lot of my characterisation  /  diana’s origin story is based on perez’s and rucka’s run of wonder woman.
  • im also going to include a lot of mythology  /  mythos elements into my portrayal.
  • i definitely don’t follow the rebirth comics.  because diana having a brother and a son is silly.
  • diana is 5051 as of the present day.
  • 6′5″ she’s the tallest of the trinity.  
  • always wears her bracers  ( when she can )  since they are a symbol of the slavery the amazons fought against.
  • bisexual. with a slight preference for women.
  • where’s my post about diana not being a v/irgin. maybe i should just link it here.
  • made from clay. i’ll expand more in her dossier, but there is none of this demi – god nonsense.  diana’s origin story is about  women.
  • works at the louvre and is a well – respected collector and curator. she also restores artifacts. though ultimately keeps to herself. 
  • diana had three girlfriends while on themyscira. and another in the 40′s.
  • diana helped out during the second world war. but she was more detached this time, and mainly occupied herself with helping people escape germany, and germany occupied france.  she was most involved during d – day.
  • wonder woman becomes a legend because of this. spoken of as if she doesn’t exist, a dream amongst the soldiers. this helped her to stay in the shadows.
  • she did help out, here and there, afterwards. but she mainly was focused on tracking down artifacts  trying to fit in, and in the end, earning a place at the louvre.
  • diana  isn’t  a leader.  that was left up to hippolyta and antiope and other amazons.  diana has only ever worked as a group where responsibility is shared.  sure she can lead and has, but it is not the role she will choose.
  • in the end, she does want to return to obscurity. 
  • because when she rescues people it shouldn’t be about  her.  diana even gets angry at reporters who are more interested in who she is and “what kind of make – up do you use” instead of the actual victims.
  • also um…diana is strong enough to subdue  take on superman, just fyi. there’s no way he beats her.  i’m writing a meta about her powers it should be up in a couple of days.  i just need to find sources. 
  • i honestly don’t know if im going to include any of the main events of jl in my portrayal.  so i would prefer some discussion about ships and events beforehand.
  • especially in regards to w/onderbat because that was handled poorly.  i go of their relationship in the comics anyway.
  • yes !  diana mourned steve.  but not now.  she misses him, of course, and still loves him.  but that is just because diana remembers all of her partners.
  • she’ll cook some muffins flavored with pomegranate and remark on how both kasia and leona loved them.  just because she remembers them doesn’t mean she hasn’t moved on !

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