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a prompt for gifset makers: tony stark + speechless suffering

- IM1: yinsen dying, adjusting his gauntlet pre-gulmira/shattering his reflection, when obadiah is taunting him after paralyzing him

- IM2: tony checking his palladium levels (backstage @ stark expo, in his bedroom before his birthday), that moment when he’s brooding alone in the car before rhodey arrives, when vanko tells him that palladium in the chest is a painful way to die

- IM3: watching pepper being tortured, watching pepper fall

- cap 3: watching his parents walk away, seeing pepper’s name in the teleprompter, the mrs spencer confrontation, watching steve walk away in berlin, checking rhodey’s vitals after his fall, watching rhodey in the MRI machine, reacting to clint’s jab about rhodey, watching the stark assassination tape, watching steve and bucky go, that moment when rhodey falls down and tony goes through all levels of hell in the background

a specific sub-set: tony closing his eyes and flinching because this is too much for him to physically watch

- closing his eyes and turning his head when pepper is being tortured (IM3)
- looking to the side when pepper falls (IM3)
- closing his eyes as the winter soldier kills his parents (cap 3)
The Course of Honour - Chapter 15
By Organization for Transformative Works

We’re Married And The Only Place We Can Get Private Time Is An Awkward Snowbound Trek Through The Middle Of Nowhere.

(Just as a heads-up, I’m travelling Wednesday-Sunday this week. Friday’s chapter should be up as usual but I won’t be able to fix any formatting screw-ups. Hopefully it will all go smoothly.)


Pairing: Jungkook/Jimin
Rated: E
Author: Harlot
Length: 40k

Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.

Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.

One of the best fics I’ve ever read (i just read it, already fave). Honestly this is really good and really well written deserves like a million likes. Also, like Jungkook says in the fic: turns out there is a 11 out of 10 cus this fic gets that.

Read on AO3

i haven’t finished me:a yet - and i will! i want to know the rest of the story. but this game has already burned me way too many times. i’m sorry i can’t be more positive - trust me, i tried, i have been holding out hope despite every shitty thing that happens and all the garbage i see, but… i just can’t do it anymore.

bioware is supposed to care about this. this is what they’re known for.

I have one thing to say about the concert
… dead, I’m d e a d

also, I forgive you Le Blob I love you more than I should
the concert is online somewhere, it was broadcasted in local tv and online
rumour has it that I appeared, got second row unfortunately because of this complete bastard who didn’t even knew dd
but that’s okay, wednesday is my birthday AND DURAN LIVE AGAIN