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20 Hip Hop songs for Valentines day

1. A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way

2. Common - The Light

3. Reflection Eternal - Love Language 

4. Q-Tip - Lets Ride

5. Eric B. & Rakim - Keep the Beat

6. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Lots of Lovin’

7. Black Star - Brown Skin Lady

8. Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty

9. Pete Rock - Its a Love Thing

10. Talib Kweli - We Know

11. Hi-Tek - Get Ta Steppin’

12. De La Soul - Eye Know 

13. Pharoahe Monch - Light

14. Slum Village - Selfish 

15. Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mellow

16. Blu - Party of Two

17. Kanye West - Slow Jamz

18. Busta Rhymes - One

19. Nas - Cherry Wine

20. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation 


Beyoncé won 3 more awards at the 2017 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publisher Awards! (ASCAP) These awards are for Hold Up, Sorry, and Formation, respectively.

Beyoncé has won a total of 18 out of 18 ASCAP Pop Music Awards!

Beyoncé has also won a total of 24 out of 24 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards!

She has won this award for Songwriter of the Year, Most performed Song, Award Winning Hip-Hop / R&B Song, Top Soundtrack Song of the Year, and more for massive songs, including but not limited to Independent Women, Survivor, Crazy In Love, Get Me Bodied, Halo, Single Ladies, Love On Top, Drunk In Love, Partition, and most recently, Hold Up, Sorry, and Formation, just to name a few.

Congratulations Beyoncé and everyone else who was nominated and won for being an award winning songwriter! You are all talented <3


On this day in music history: July 8, 1989 - “Keep On Movin’” by Soul II Soul hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, also peaking at #11 on the Hot 100 on September 9, 1989. Written by Beresford Romeo, it is first US chart topper for the British sound system/musical collective. Led by Jazzie B. (birth name Trevor Beresford Romeo) and Nellee Hooper, the duo meet four years earlier in 1985 when Hooper’s group Massive Attack hires Jazzie B’s DJ sound system for a gig in London. A misunderstanding over who will be spinning causes the two to argue, but they soon settle their differences and decide to join forces. Gathering together a loose group of musicians and singers, they begin to record as Soul II Soul. Signed to Virgin’s 10 Records subsidiary in the UK, they quickly score two club hits with the singles “Fairplay” (featuring Rose Windross) and “Feel Free” (featuring Do'reen). “Keep On Movin’” is the bands third single release in the UK, with former background vocalist Caron Wheeler (Afrodizak) featured on lead vocals. After reaching #5 on the UK singles chart, it rapidly becomes a dance floor sensation in the US as an import release, prompting Virgin Records to release it domestically. Issued in tandem with their debut album “Club Classics Volume One” (re-titled “Keep On Movin’” for its US release), it becomes a staple on R&B radio stations, following suit on Top 40 pop radio. The songs down tempo, Hip Hop flavored rhythm (said to be inspired by Biz Markie’s 1986 rap hit “Pickin’ Boogers”) augmented with lush strings and piano, revolutionizing and changing the face of dance and R&B music for the next several years. “Keep On Movin’” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Ms. Jackson
Ms. Jackson



Ten times out of nine, now if I’m blind fine
The quickest muzzle throw it on my mouth and I’ll decline
King meets queen, then the puppy love thing, together dream
Bout that crib with the Goodyear swing
On the oak tree, I hope we feel like this forever
Forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?

catch me a catch [3/?]

chapter 1, 2

Even Bech Næsheim walks into school on Friday morning with a kick in his step, he doesn’t avoid or stares down anyone who’s gaze lingers on him a touch too long. Instead, he flashes them a smile, that only grows amused when he gets back startled looks in return. Okay, so maybe he hadn’t been the friendliest looking person since first arriving at Nissen, but to be fair, there hadn’t been anything at the school that made him smile before.

There is one now.



Where are you?



At my locker.



Ok. See you in a few.




Even feels his cheeks ache as he looks down at his phone with a dopey expression but he can’t stop himself now anymore then the last few days since Isak and he started texting. He makes his way down the halls of the school like a man on a mission. Isak and his locker his goal. Spotting him a few feet away exactly where Isak said he’d be, he isn’t surprised to see who’s next to him chatting away. Even shakes his head, a smile tugging on his lips as he makes his way to the two people he likes at Nissen.

“Hey,” he calls out seconds before coming to a stop next to Isak, getting the same greeting in return from his best friend and the younger boy. “What’s going on?”

Isak looks up at him, his green eyes bright and lovely, perfect for Even to get lost in, except for Isak’s next words. “Mikael and I were just discussing which franchise is better, he says Transformers, I say The Fast and the Furious, what do you think?”

Even stares at Isak in what he’s sure is horror unable to answer when he hears a snicker to his side, he turns to Mikael who is biting down on his fist, his face slowly turning colors as he tries to hold in his unmistakable laughter. He meets Even’s gaze, with a shamelessly pleased look.

“Oh my god,” Isak gets out as he too starts to laugh. “I didn’t believe him when he said you’d react this way to that comment, but look at your face! The fear and disappointment, priceless!”

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Sleeping Dogs -- A Review

I actually spent most of 2013 playin’ this game, but I didn’t think of reviewing it till now ‘cause I’m a dork. Actually, I hesitated ‘cause it wasn’t really part of ancient China, or anything wuxia related. But now I’m reviewing it ‘cause why the hell not? Besides, after thinkin’ ‘bout it for so long, I can now (hopefully present) my review in a less fangirl/boy-ey way, if that makes sense.

In 2012, United Front Games and Square Enix London made this game, which was like GTA except set in Hong Kong, and with a plot! Cool, right? You play as Wei Shen, a comeback kid to the city who infiltrates the mafia as a spy. Wei Shen is a police officer, so you get to switch between doing police missions and Hong Kong mafia missions. As you do these quests, the plot progresses, and you make your way to the top as one of the five leading bosses in the Hong Kong mafia.

Y’know what’s even cooler? The game makers did their research based on the gangs in Hong Kong, but obviously took creative liberties with the names, with Sun On Yee being a reference to the triad Sun Yee On.

I could talk about gameplay mechanics, but this is a blog about Chinese culture, so here’s why I think you should play the game:

  • The game makers really make you feel like you’re in Hong Kong

You see this? The game developers made sure they got the look and feel of all the different parts of Hong Kong, from the more ghetto-y areas to the more chic ones. They even managed to put in Victoria Peak, where you get to go on a date with Amanda (voiced by Emma Stone). Also, mad respect for the accurate depiction of Chinese in a video game, which is wayyy better than say, Jade Empire, where the words on signs are all gibberish and don’t make sense. 

In short, if you’ve been waiting like, forever to see Chinese people and culture represented in games, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Oh and uh, when you get into cars, lots of radio stations play Chinese and Cantonese songs, on top of hip hop and other genres. Did I mention that drivers will say “diu lei” in Cantonese when you crash into them? The effort the makers put into this universe is stellar.

  • You get nods to different aspects of Chinese culture, here and there.

See this? in the game, you meet your childhood kungfu master (shifu), and he says that some asshole stole his jade Chinese zodiac statues form him. So every time you retrieve a statue from him, you get to learn and unlock new moves. Cool, huh? Jade and the zodiac is like, really important in Chinese culture, so props to them for doing their research!

Also, when you complete missions well, you get “face” points. This is a Chinese concept called “mianzi”, and it shows the amount of dignity and swag that you got. If you got more swag, yo’ peeps be respectin’ ya. More swag = more awesome clothes and cars, too.

  • Chinese people actually voice the Chinese characters in the game.

Ok, so there are no pictures here, but this beats Hollywood’s bad representation of East Asians (or people of East Asian descent) hands down. Most of the time, when we get represented in Hollywood, we’re tokens, and the directors cast Koreans as Chinese people, and Japanese and Chinese people. In animation, many white people voice characters of colour, too. While we look similar, we’re not the same, and I think, for most part, the game does its best to cast Chinese people (even if they are Chinese American) as Chinese people. You have Edison Chen (the singer) as Wei Shen’s childhood friend, Jackie, Lucy Liu as Vivienne Lu, a singer that has a pivotal role in the plot, and James Hong as Uncle Po (one of the big five mafia bosses).

Mad respect to all these people who made the game awesome. You can watch a video here for the cast list.

There were, however, things that I wasn’t cool with:

And the depiction of women was one example of that. To be fair, I think most of the game  tries to accurately show what life is like for the people who are in the triads, and we know that women are tossed around and don’t get treated equally, in that universe. The only exceptions are Broken Nose Jiang, the one and only female mafia boss, and the protagonist’s direct superior, Officer Teng. It’s kind of sad that of all the women in the game, only two are their own person and made their way to the top.

However, the creators did make many female characters likeable and even gave them bad-ass traits – Not Ping teaches you how to hack a camera, and Ilyana is better than you at parkour.

But the thing is, Ilyana and Not Ping are presented as conquests and objects at the end of the day – you have to beat them at their own “games” and win them as prizes to get their affection, and, well, that stinks. I’d like non-playable characters (NPCs) who are female with more agency, please. Also, you don’t get to be in a steady relationship with any girl – you just hook up with four of them in succession, reinforcing the idea that each of these female NPCs is a prize or an added bonus for you – you learn a new ability when you beat them (if I am not wrong).

And yes, it’d be nice if we could play as a female gangster. Just sayin’.

  • The way some Chinese voice actors pronounce their characters’ names.

This is such a minor point but I feel like the Chinese voice actors could have pronounced Chinese names accurately. Wei Shen’s name is said as “We-ay Shi-an”– I am clearly exaggerating, but Americans tend to draw out certain sounds, and the some of the voice actors’ accents don’t fit with the character. It would also be improbable for some characters, like Jackie, to have a North American accent, as Jackie was born and bred in Hong Kong. But Edison Chen, the voice actor, was brought up in Canada, so the accent was incongruous, although Chen was amazing in that role. I’m not sayin’ that the voice actors’ natural accents are bad, but it would be cooler to have different and more accurate accents be reflected in the characters. I imagine that Winston Chu’s “accent” should have been more like that of a Hong Konger’s, although Wei Shen’s shifu’s accent was quite spot on since he’s a native of Hong Kong.

Despite these hiccups, Sleeping Dogs is a thoroughly enjoyable game that gets Hong Kong and Chinese culture right. The fact that I also get to steal a heck load of nice cars and beat a shit ton of gangsters is awesome. Based on these criterion, this gets four out of five stars from me.

The soundtrack for Speed Demons is now on Spotify and YouTube!

In the end, I ended up putting the entire 47 song haul in both places. YouTube has almost everything, except for a couple I could not find due to copyright - those are still on Spotify.

Putting the breakdown of Kageyama’s vs Hinata’s playlists, as well as some other notes on the music for the series, after the cut!

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