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karinakamichi  asked:

Who are your top 3 anime characters, Hetalia aside?

(adm: Well, Lance from Voltron [I know it’s not an anime but I just love this boy with all of my heart and soul, I can’t leave him out], Zoro from One Piece and, um… I can’t remember any others rn, but Todoroki from My Hero Academia is certainly one of my favs!!)

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I'm sorry, I have to ask, but why is Syria a woman? Syria being a VERY Muslim country, wouldn't she be severely oppressed like the other women? And why isn't she covered up? Since she is a country is there like a way around that or something? /I swear this is a legitimate question I'm not trying to be rude /

☆Okay…. this question made me sure that people doesn’t know a lot about me as a country! 

☆First of all … I am “”“ The Arab republic of Syria”“” not “”“The Islamic republic of Syria”“”  which means I am not an Islamic republic, I just have a lot of Muslims on my land .

☆ The Muslims in my place are not a hard-core Muslims, they prefer prude clothes, but things like Hijab the woman decide to wear it or not … she has the freedom to wear what she want!

☆ through my history I was one of the few places that had an amazing queens and princesses. 

☆ the women rights in my place are one of the best in the Arab world.

☆ woman in my place can be whatever she want, Teacher, athlete, doctor, lawyer, artist, and even soldier!

☆ And so the women are not oppressed in my place .

☆ at the end, the admin made me a woman because the Syrian people talk about their country using “she” .

I hope things are clear for you Anon-Chan ~♡

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If you've already done this send a link thingy but... Top Ten fave hetalia characters? Or just top ten most personally interesting?

hmmm, Prussia, Austria, Germany, Wy, Hong Kong, Hungary, APH God because OF COURSE, England, America, France 

in no order :0 

Guys I wanna know your top 10 fav Hetalia characters I’m curious can you please reblog it with them!!!??
Mine are:
1 England
2 France
3 Austria
4 Switzerland
5 Poland
6 Sealand
7 Iceland
8 Finland
9 I guess America is cute (w/ Japan here too)
10 Lithuania
I guess
But I really do like all the characters really but like Prussia oh no he bad