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Expensive Headphones AU: Say No To This

“Shit man, are you going to be okay?” Rich now sat at the side of Jake’s hospital bed who laughed a little.
“It’s fine, they’re going to let me out tomorrow. Given in going to be crutches for a while but still, beats hospital food. Seriously look at this crap.” Looking at Jake’s food tray Rich saw what looked to have once been chocolate pudding but now had a thin layer of fuzz coating it. “It’s giving school a run for it’s money. But who cares about what happened to me? According to the photos Jenna posted you have a boyfriend?”
“Ugh, I’ve been hearing about that at school. It’s nothing, really.”
“If you’re sure, can you at least tell me who the mystery guy is?”
“You know that anti-social kid with the headphones that used to hang out with Jeremy?”
“Didn’t you right Boyf on his bag?”
“Riends actually. Michael, he helped me with something last night.” Jake raised an eyebrow at Rich. “Not that kind of help.”
“Whatever you say bro.”
“So what are you going to do now? I mean your house is gone.”
“Two words: insurance, money. Enough to get me a place to stay for a while. Probably need to get a job after the play though.”
“That sucks.” Jake laughed at Rich saying sucks causing him to unconsciously cover his mouth.
“S…sorry just, I don’t remember you having a lisp since like sophomore year. Where’d you guys go after the party?”
“I, ugh, spent the night at his house.”
“Dude that’s gay.”
“Shut up, I just didn’t want to go home.” Jake didn’t say anything. Rich sometimes spent the night at his house when stuff was going on at home.
“Now I kind of feel like I owe him something I mean, he gave me pancakes.” Jake responded by digging through his jacket pocket and pulling out a coupon he handed to Rich.
“Free two topping pizza, gave it to me last night after accidentally delivering a ham and pineapple instead of pepperoni.” Rich let out a disgusted noise.
“At least I know what that awful taste in my mouth is now.”
Michael took a sip of his slushie watching a cat video on his phone when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Looking up from his phone he saw Rich holding a pizza box as he sat across him. Pulling his headphones off Michael looked suspiciously between Rich and the pizza box.
“Okay, what do you want?”
“What do you mean?”
“You get me out of detention and now you have pizza? Nobody does this kind of stuff unless they want something.”
“Come on, you gave me pancakes and now I give you pizza.”
“That seems disproportional.”
“You’re turning down a bacon pepperoni pizza?”
“And like that all my self control has flown out the window, gimme.”

how to charge a Sigil at school

i am a teen witch, obviously, and i found that i couldn’t find a way to charge a Sigil at school.

but then i read my facts.

here are some ways to charge a Sigil at school.

•draw one on your pulse.
•draw one on the back of your hand and wash your hands.
(lol not that many)
•draw one on a peice of paper and carry it around in your pocket.
•draw one on a small peice of paper and when you go outside release it.
•place a peice of paper with the Sigil drawn on it in the soul of your shoe.
•draw one on a paper you are working on, finish the paper, and then erase it.
•set the Sigil as your temporary background on one of your devices.
•draw one (on whatever) and take a picture of it.
•play music through your headphones and place one (a headphone) on top of a surface with a Sigil on it.

you’re welcome???

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scenariooooo: Yoongi is a bad boy and Y/N is a good girl. he likes her even though she thinks he never notices her. She changes to be like Yoongi and confesses and gets rejected but it's because Yoongi likes her being herself (a good girl). Angst + Fluff Please!!

Good Girl, Bad Girl

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I tapped my pencil looking around, as classmates filtered into homeroom, walking past my desk in the front. I had come early, like I did most days, my foot jiggling to unheard music. My books were laid in front of me, neatly, and organized, homework stuck in my blue plastic folder.

The door opened, and my breath hitched.

Min Yoongi.

I watched him from the corner of my eye. His white shirt was untucked, the tie pulled low, the top buttons undone. Gold headphones hung around his neck, his black hair ruffled with a slight bed head. His dark eyes passed right over me, as he walked past my desk. I caught a faint whiff of vanilla as he passed my desk. My heart clenched tightly as he didn’t even glance at me.

I sighed, I really was that forgettable. A friend told me I was too boring, there was nothing exciting to me. I did all my work, was a straight A student, never got in trouble, hang out with good kids, and was student government president. I doodled in my notebook wondering if my was friend was right. Wondering if Yoongi would notice me if I was more like him. More like the girls he hung out with. My heart dropped at the thought of him being with one of them and not me.

With a huff, I sat up, staring at the green chalkboard in front of me. The date was scrawled in the corner, the light from the window landing, in almost a perfect stream, onto it. The teacher came in and we all stood to our feet. We bowed and sat back down.

The teacher gave us a smile, and told us to pull out our books. She began to lecture, but my mind kept wandering back to Yoongi. My hand moved on it’s own, as I already knew everything she was talking about.

“Y/N? Excuse me,” the teacher’s sharp voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Y-Yes?” I stammered. I heard giggles behind me, my face heated up.

“What does exterminate mean in Korean?” she said, muddling the English word.

“To destroy something completely,” I recited. The teacher nodded, her lips set in a thin line. I went back to my notebook, and slammed it closed almost at once, earning another annoyed look from the teacher.

The page I had been writing on was covered in doodles of Yoongi. I had been so absorbed in my own thoughts, I hadn’t even noticed I was doing it.

3 hours later the bell rang, and I joined the throngs of students heading towards the lunchroom. I picked up my tray, letting the lunch ladies load up my tray with rice, meat, soup, and vegetables. I began to walk back to my seat, and walked right into someone, causing my lunch tray to clatter and skid across the floor, and me to fall with it. My food was strewn across the floor, and my skirt was stained with soup. I looked up, and met the cold eyes of Yoongi. I felt myself go red.

He stared down at me, unsmiling. His white shirt had small grease stains on it, and a bit of rice was stuck to his collar. Yoongi turned, and walked away, the female by his side shooting me a glare over her shoulder. I hung my head, and began to clean up the mess I made.

“Need a hand?” someone asked. I looked up. The warm brown eyes of Jin were crinkled into a smile as he held out his large hand towards me. I took it.

“Thanks, sunbae,” I muttered, brushing rice off my shirt.

“Are you okay?” he asked, looking me up and down.

“Yeah, just a little wet,” I said, motioning my wet skirt.

“Come sit with us,” Seokjin said, nodding his head to his table. I began to nod, stopping mid-way when I saw Yoongi sitting there.

“I’m okay, thank you,” I said quickly, bowing, and scurrying off to my own friends.

One thing was certain. Min Yoongi had noticed me now. But now, I really wished he hadn’t. 

Maybe, now that he knew who I was I could change so he would like me better. Be like the girls he hangs around. Yes, that might just work…

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a watch to number my days.

headphones to sing His praise.

a cup to drink in remembrance.

a journal to write out His truths.

a camera to document His beauty.

a typewriter to captivate the attention of hipster tumblrs to point them back to their Creator.

Stowaway Part 2. Teenage Peter Quill x Reader.

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(Here is part 2. I apologize for how bad this smut it. Hope you still enjoy 😊) It had been 2 months now. Y/N was still hiding out on the Ravagers ship with Peter. He would bring her food and water every day. They would hang out together. When Yondu came around she would hide out, but Yondu preferred to make Peter go to him, not the other way around so they were usually safe.

When she was alone she would lie in Peter’s bed and stare out the window. Gazing at the stars outside or at the planet they were on. It was all beautiful.

At the moment that was exactly what she was doing. Laying on her stomach, staring at the infinite number of stars that’s they flew by, a blanket dropped over her ass and legs, a tank top covering her top half and Peters headphones over her ears with her mixtape playing in her ears. She smiled, content.

Peter was on the upper decks with the crew. Yondu just informing them of their latest mission going on. When it was over he hurried back down to see Y/N. The two had grown so close in the months and Peter was just so happy. As he opened the door and slipped in, closing it behind him quickly, he turned to look at her on the bed. She didn’t notice him come in.

In that moment, in the starlight, she looked like the most beautiful person he had ever seen in his life. He looked her over a few minutes. A tingling feeling in his gut again. Finally he walked over and sat on the bed.

She jumped at the feeling of the bed moving. Turning to look at him. He chuckled.

“Sorry. Did I scare you?” He asked after she removed the headphones from her ears. She laughed softly and nodded.

“Sorry. Lost in my own thoughts,” she admitted as she sat up. Setting the Walkman aside. “How was the meeting?” She asked as he scooted up next to her.

“Stupid. Just Yondu blabbering on again,” he shrugged, leaning his head back against the wall and closing his eyes. She smiled at him. She would be lying if she said she hadn’t started to develop some feelings for the self proclaimed Starlord. But she didn’t want to make things awkward. Little did she know Peter had the same feelings as she did. But not being around girls very often made things awkward for him and hard.

Speaking of hard, that happened quite often when she was around him. He didn’t like having to hold back around her but he knew he had too. Opening his eyes again he caught her stare on him. She blushed and looked away, which was a usual thing between them.

Tonight, his confidence soared just that bit. Enough for him to reach up and grab her chin, lifting her head so they were staring into each other’s eyes. This took her by surprise a little bit but she didn’t protest. Instead leaned into his touch.

That boasted him even more and he leaned down closer to her. She hesitated before also leaning in. Their eyes closed and their lips met. It started soft. They got used to the feeling. And it was deepened.

Peter reached his arm around and placed his hand on her hip. She smiled softly and leaned closer into him. His confidence was higher than ever, so he took the chance and pulled her up onto his lap. She complied easily. Wrapping her arms around his neck and running her fingers in his hair.

His hands wandered up and under the tank top she was wearing, up her back. She smiled at the feeling and he slowly slipped his tongue into the kiss. She approved so much, giving him a small moan. He realized then that that was his favourite noise in the world and he wanted to hear it more.

His hands moved up and cupped her breasts, another moan escaping her. She pulled away from the kiss and he opened his eyes to stare at her. She moved her hands from his hair to the hem of her shirt. Pulling it up over her head and tossing it to the side. She was now naked from the waist up. He smirked a bit as his eyes moved down her body. He moved his hands back to her breasts and moved his lips to her neck.

He only moved away to remove his own shirt, leaving it forgotten on the floor.

It seemed to speed up after that. Peter held her hips and flipped them over. He hovered over her. One arm holding him up and the other exploring her body. Her hands slowly made the moves to unbutton both of their pants, pushing them down with the rest of their clothes. When he was left in boxers and her panties he leaned down to her ear.

“Do…do you really wanna?” He asked quietly. Praying inside that she said yes. She smiled and nodded at him. He smiled back and helped her pull the rest of their clothes off. His hand reached down and started to rub her her clit, making her press her body into his and herself become even wetter.

He couldn’t wait much longer after that. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her up closer to him. Grabbing himself he lined himself up with her hole. Before slowly pushing himself in. She dug her nails into his shoulders as he stretched her. When he was full in he let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. Staring down at her. They smiled softly at each other and she gave him a small nod.

He held her thighs tighter as he pulled out to just the tip and pushed back inside of her. She moaned in pleasure as he repeated this action. Getting faster and little harder each time. She tried to keep her volume down as she still did not want them to get caught but everything about this felt to perfect she couldn’t help but have them slip from her lips.

They made Peter groan every time.

A knot was forming in Y/Ns stomach that as it came her grip on her got tighter.

“Oh…Peter…” she moaned as she got closer to her finish. He held himself back the best he could when hearing her say his name. “P-Peter…Oh..” she moaned louder than before as her walls tightened around him.

“Fuck…Y/N!” Peter groaned out as he finished at the same time as her. Everything just felt warm inside her as he finished. She left nail marks in his shoulders as her high got to his peak then she calmed down. He breathed heavily and held himself up by his elbows over her. Catching their breath. He pulled out of her and flipped over on the bed next to her.

“Wow…” she sighed turning her head to look at him. He smiled at her.

“Yeah…wow,” he said and wrapped his arms around her. She cuddled into his side and pulled the blanket up over them. Blissfully falling into a deep sleep.

Gravel to Tempo : A Professional Analysis

why is everyone talking about Headphones Girl™ or Bubblegum Girl™ being gay af and having the hots for Hayley when obvs there’s one more Girl™ who likes teenage denim-addict Hayley Kiyoko circa 2007. I present:

Blonde hair black top denim shorts with belt green backpack Girl™. 

LOOK AT THE TIME STAMPS PEOPLE. this girl has walked back again, past hayhay’s table JUST to see hayley again……suspeecious 

AGAIN, TIMESTAMPS PEOPLE. this Girl™ has seemingly walked past the table, back again and WALKED PAST THE TABLE YET AGAIN JUS T TO SEE HAYLEY DANCE. idk about kinsey bUT THIS IS GAYSEXUAL BEHAVIOR!! 

Blonde hair black top denim shorts with belt green backpack Girl™ WAS THERE FOR DENIMISED HAYLEY CIRCA 2007 WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS. SPREAD THE WORD.