top hats and canes!!!

Toffs and Toughs” is a 1937 photograph of five boys: two dressed in the Harrow School uniform, including a waistcoattop hatboutonnière, and cane; and three nearby wearing the plain clothes of pre-war working class youths.[1] The picture was taken by Jimmy Sime on 9 July 1937 outside the Grace Gates at Lord’s Cricket Ground during the Eton v Harrow cricket match.

It has been reproduced frequently as an illustration of the British class system.

The Circus

The circus comes without warning, and you find yourself among the crowds of people that wander from tent to tent in a current, bending and winding as it goes and leading from one amazing sight to the next.  Upon entering the circus grounds, you are greeted by a man on a stage. He wears a red and white striped coat and a large top hat, and with a bejeweled cane in is hand, he calls to the passing crowds. “Ladies and gentlemen and all other configurations of being! Come one, come all! Prepare to be amazed, astounded, astonished!” His pink mustache practically glows in the light of the little bulbs strung up above the crowd, and as you pass his raised platform, you could swear that he looks right at you and wiggles that silly, curled mustache with a twinkle in his eyes.

The first tent is a royal blue with a smattering of silver stars. They say the man inside can tell you your deepest thoughts and possibly your near future. Visitors are only allowed in one at a time, and when it comes to be your turn, you slip through the silken sheets into a dimly lit area. The ground has been covered in beautiful rugs, and a small table sits near to the ground at the center. You seat yourself across from him on the pillow provided, and through the smoke of burning incense, you see his face is partially covered by a bloodied cloth. He startles you with his quiet words, speaking your every thought aloud as you think it, and when you ask him what he sees in the future for you he says only, “There is a great misfortune in the very near future.” Insulted and somewhat scared, you rise from the pillow and storm out the other end of the tent as you hear the man call for the next visitor.

The second tent is bright red, flamboyant and loud, and as you wander inside, you squeeze through the tightly packed crowd until you get a glimpse of the man inside. The sharp-shooter, they call him, and he displays his abilities with terrifying precision, firing his gun from the back of a horse as he rides around the center circle of the tent. When his show comes to a climax, he flips from the horse and lands in the center, taking off his leather cowboy hat and giving a grandiose bow at the hip. The crowd cheers and applauds, but you wander on.

The third tent is a motley of colors, red and blue and green and yellow, all woven together into an eye-catching mosaic. Inside, four men spin, suspended above the crowd by long, flowing scarves of fabric. Each one is one of the colors of the tent. The tricks and flips that they do are mind-boggling, their strength and agility baffling. At times, they don’t even seem human but rather like something more powerful and graceful altogether. Each of the four men are also garbed in one of the four colors, and strangely, you find they all look very similar, very much like every other performer you have already seen. With this thought in mind, you move on.

The fourth tent is a glittering gold and shimmering silver woven into the shapes of many wild animals. The two men inside, one dressed in kingly apparel and the other dressed as a silver court jester, stand alongside ferocious lions and snow white leopards that perform, leaping through hoops that the men hold above their heads and climbing an enormous, spiraling platform towards the top of the tent. The cats act with lithe grace while the two men dance around beneath like clowns, and the show is both amusing and wonderful. As the two men and their animal friends take their bow, you slip out of the tent and on to the next.

The fifth tent is striped bright blue and deep purple, and inside you find a magician and his assistant. The magician, pushing his spectacles back into place on his nose, smiles towards the crowd as his assistant, garbed in blue lies down in a large box, his head exposed on one end and his feet on the other. As the magician in the purple suit saws his assistant in half, you cannot help but think of the fortune-teller’s warning earlier in the night, but as the assistant shouts, “I’m sorry, but I’m dying!” you laugh along with the show and assure yourself that nothing bad could happen. The assistant, of course, emerges unscathed having been “sawed in half” and then put back together by the other man’s magic, and you applaud before moving on to the final tent.

The sixth and last tent is a simple black and white checkered pattern with flourishes of scarlet red trimming the edges. You find that this corner of the circus seems nearly abandoned, and as you step inside the tent into the darkness, there are very few circus-goers remaining to fill the seats around the tent’s circumference. You find a seat in the low light of a few lit torches and wait patiently for the show to begin. Gasps erupt through the scattered crowd as a man emerges into the single spotlight. He is barefoot, shirtless, wearing only black pants and a black mask over his eyes. In each hand he holds a dual-sided torch which he lights from the caldron of fire that appears at the center of the ring. Somewhere out of sight, a band of string instruments strikes up a lively song, and the man begins his display. He moves with dark grace as the fire spins around him, at times, too close for your own comfort. The song grows louder and louder still until every person is on the edge of their seat watching this man and his glowing flames.

At the last moment, he brings one of the torches to his lips and a great burst of fire erupts from his mouth like a dragon laying waste to a village, and when that bright billowing flame disappears, the tent falls into darkness like pitch and complete and utter silence. The sudden change is jarring, so much so that no one claps, no one cheers, no one even moves. And then you hear it, somewhere, everywhere in the shadows, a dry, echoing laughter. You feel suddenly very, very alone as the fortune-teller’s words come crashing back to you and a hand brushes your back. The last thing you remember is a voice whispering through the acrid air, “You’re mine now.” Then nothing.

And the circus moves on.

actual titles of 'fever you can't sweat out' songs

only difference = and i believeEe *passes out*

london beckoned = make us it/hip/scene

nails for breakfast = Sadness™

camisado = kids and fights

time to dance = shotgun wedding

lying is the most fun = fuck

but its better if you do = lap dance

i write sins = everybody knows this one

esteban = stRIKE UP THE BAND

there’s a good reason = overcoats canes and top hats

build god = sound of music

Code: Realize: King of Cakes Lupin 

Well, I knew Lupin is a bit of an ego-maniac but that cake is basically wearing his own clothes! Hmnn…it’s certainly an odd-shaped cake, but very creative without a doubt and has Lupin’s signature cane, top hat, vest and jacket colors and even his bowtie! Honestly, how do you manipulate rolled fondant like that? Well, Lupin’s cake is no lie, that’s for sure. Have your cake and eat it too. 

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!


Long ago (1920’s), a boy lived in a house as old as he was. He lived alone— yet he had many friends. The boy sang, and sometimes played the cello.

In the spring time, he opened up all the windows so that when he used his musical talents, all those that passed by could hear. People would stand in front of his house and listen to him but none who heard his voice ever saw his face.

One day, he went into town to buy some food and clothes when a man accidentally bumped into him. “Ah, pardon me…” The boy turned to the man, astounded.

He was obviously a wealthy man, his top hat, and three piece suit fitted him well, a small cane at his arm. A streak of white accented his black hair and his face could only been described as godly.

The man however, was just as mesmerized by the smaller young man before him. His eyes were similar to the oceans after a storm, skin like the wet sand the waves rolled over. “No… pardon me.” He swallowed regaining his swagger. “My name is Lord Shiro.” He extended a soft hand.

“I know, sir. My name is Lance. It’s nice to meet you.” Lance grinned and placed a papaya in Shiro’s hand. “It’s my favorite…” he chuckled.

Shiro— though he thought it to be an odd gift, took the fruit and adjusted his tie. “Thank you. Well then, I must be off.” He tipped his hat to Lance and went on his merry way.

After that, Lance and Shiro had many run in's— talking and laughing all the time. Shiro had expressed his feelings towards Lance, yet their complications. Shiro was married to the beautiful woman by the name of Lady Allura, her family had descended from royalty decades ago— though Shiro loved her, Lance consumed his thoughts.

Their affair grew steadily, Shiro always meeting Lance in town or at his house. People began to catch wind of the relationship and someone told Allura.

The next week, Shiro was found dead outside of town, laid as if he was in a coffin with care and love, a small vine of pink flowers placed across the bridge of his nose and over his eyes.

Shiro was poisoned by his wife. She knew about the affair and wanted to make her husband pay for the pain he had caused her.

Word traveled fast through the small town and Lance began to sing sad songs, play his cello in minor key until he stopped all together. His songs melted into moans of tragic love lost.

Lance could no longer bear life without his beloved, so he took his own life to be with Shiro. The great sorrow Lance suffered on Earth would not let him move on. Lance was trapped as a ghost in his house.

Some who have lived in his home began to hear and see things. They claim to have heard wails coming from a certain room in the house, wails for a person named Shiro. Others claim to hear singing or a musical instrument from the very same room. Those who are lucky enough, encounter a young man without a face but tears streaming down his face. He would be seen crying on the stairs or playing a cello.

People who try to interact with him only get one response: “Shiro is that you my love? It’s Lance! Please come back to me!” And nothing more. He still walks the halls of his home… forever.

| Mirror | Bill Cipher

Your best friend’s name is Sally in this because shut up it was the first thing that came to my head.

“Hurry up, Y/N!!”

You took the time to fix the makeup on your face again. It wasn’t anything too extravagant as you weren’t really that kind of person, but your best friend had practically forced you to wear it. You got off with only wearing lipstick (thank god). After all, ‘today was the day for you to get turnt up’, as she so eloquently put it.

What was today? Oh. Halloween.

Whereas you’d rather be scaring kids that came to your door and gorging on candy while watching Netflix, your friend had other plans. She’d been invited to this haunted house, a.k.a a bunch of teenagers going to a crappy attraction then most likely go and get drunk afterwards and go to an actual party.

Yeah. You didn’t feel like doing that last part, if it wasn’t obvious. The only reason you’d agreed was because you’d never been to an actual haunted house.

“What’s the harm?” You muttered, dragging the red lipstick down the sides of your mouth to your chin in makeshift fangs. Yeah, yeah you were a vampire. Cliche, right? It was the only costume at Walmart that wouldn’t make you look like you were slack - the others only covered your most important parts and otherwise disgusted you.

Along with a long black cape, a jagged red shirt, ripped jeans and some knee length boots, You had on a white mask that covered the top half of your face, the material unique so that you could see out of it but that no one could see your eyes.

It was kind of sick actually. In a good way.

“Y/N!!” She whined once more. You rolled your eyes, capping the lipgloss and putting it down.

“Coming, coming,” You shouted back, running out the bathroom to meet her expectant eyes. She gasped and clapped her hands together, grinning.

“You look amazing!” She danced around, grinning cheekily. You rolled your eyes again but smiled a bit.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” You glanced over her Tinkerbell costume. Way too flashy for your liking, but she still looked beautiful. It suited her.

“Damn right,” She scoffed, hooking her arm with yours at the elbow. “Now let’s go show the city who’s ready to rock.”

“You mean the boys,” You responded, teasing. Your friend could get quite boy crazy.

She chuckled nervously, scratching her cheek. “Same thing, right?”

“Woah,” Sally breathed, looking up at the large establishment in front you. Beside her were about ten other teens in your little group. They were all from your school as you vaguely noticed the faces, but otherwise you didn’t think you’d ever even talked to one of them before. A couple of them were staring with the same awe, one looked completely bored out of their mind, and two were locked into an intense make out session, with no regards for PDA. You shivered, disgusted, and pointedly glanced away.

The house itself indeed did look, haunted, you thought. Large intimidating structures lit up in silver, courtesy of the moon, and covered in shadows. Contorted faces of monsters greeted you as you all walked up the pathway. There was a long line to go in and you sighed just as everyone groaned.

“This is gonna take forever…” One of your groupies mumbled. Well the universe must have heard the complaint because as soon as the words left his lips, a shout was heard.

“Is there a group containing more than ten people?” One of the guides shouted over the crowd. “We’re taking in the large groups first!”

Immediately your group started calling out, jumping and making noise. A minute later you found yourself walking into the entrance.

“Ooh…I’m so ready for this!” Sally fidgeted. You huffed. You were a bit excited too, but you wished you could have spent this with only her or more of your close friends.

The double doors closed behind you as soon as the last person stepped in, enclosing everyone in total darkness.

Squeaks and cries were heard while you just raised an eyebrow. Sally clutched onto your arm.

“Well that’s just great,” You spoke, sarcasm dripping from your tone. “How are we supposed to know where to go?”

As if switched on by your words, a trail of lanterns suddenly lit up, one by one, leading down and down into the house until you couldn’t see anymore, emitting a green, sickly light.

There were words painted on a sign hanging from the ceiling. It was only supported by a tiny string and looked like it would fall any minute. “CoMe” it spelled.

Ok. That unnerved you just a bit.

The group of you started making your way down the path.

Long story short there was a bunch of scares. Some funny, most cheesy, and a few special ones that made you jump.

(What? You absolutely did not scream that one time a skeleton hand grabbed your shoulder out of the shadows. Definitely not. Tell anyone that and you’re dead.)

You could tell that you were nearing the end as the scares got few and further apart.

“The Man in the mirror?” Sally mumbled. You all had stopped before a large painted over sign that pointed to the mirror below it. You looked at the person in the glass and for a second your heart jumped.

“Woah,” you breathed, for the first time intrigued. There was indeed, a man in the mirror. There was a grin on his face, though there was something wrong with it, something  not quite….normal. His wide dark eye was glazed over, the other covered by an eyepatch. He was adorned in a white dress shirt covered with a yellow brick pattern jacket that matches his boots. His teeth were gleaming white, his gloved hands behind his back and holding a cane whilst a… top hat? A top hat floated above his head. He seemed to be frozen in the position.

Weird. But intriguing.

“Say something and I’ll answer it….if you dare~A talk box was beside the mirror. It was funny how it tried to sound intimidating, and you sighed. Just when you were interested it had to be ruined with something corny.

One of your groupies 'ooo’d, even Sally looking scared and you just shoved your hands in your pockets. Disappointing.

Some of the guys elbowed each other to say something till you just spoke up.

“Hello,” You said, the boredom leaking through your tone. Your group held their breath in anticipation.

“Hello. You may not want to look into your mirror tonight…just a warning.”

One of the girls jumped. “Oh jeez! Looks like I’m not looking into my mirror ever again.”

“Are you being serious right now?” You mumbled. “That was about as scary as a baby panda.”

A chuckle.

Well it was more like a giggle, but nonetheless it startled you, making you worry they had heard your stray comment. But none of them were laughing. In fact they weren’t even paying attention to you.

Then who…?

You dismissed it as a lame sound effect of the house.

“Well let’s go,” Sally hushed everyone along. You pursed your lips.

“Actually,” you interrupted. “I think I’ll stay here. I’m not really feeling up for any more fake scares.”

“But..” Sally frowned.

“I’ll be fine,” you reassured. “We have like fifteen minutes left in here anyway.”

“…ok,” She said cautiously. You watched till they disappeared into another room before letting out a breath, leaning against the wall.


Your eyes couldn’t help but stray to the attraction again. It seemed like his gaze was boring right into you.

You chuckled. “I can’t believe they got scared in here,” you talked to yourself, rubbing your head. “It’s all a bunch of crap. I should’ve just stayed home.”

“Say something and I’ll answer it….if you dare~” the box spoke up again, responding to your noise.

“Is there a way to turn this thing off?” You muttered. You were starting to get a headache and it wasn’t helping. You kicked it as a little joke, but jumped when smoke started coming off it.

“Did I just break it…?” You blinked. “Hah…whoops.”

Your eyes went back to the man’s again and you narrowed your eyes. “They couldn’t have done better with you? At least have your mouth move when you talk.”

You walked closer to the mirror till you were right in front of it. “Then again,” you titled your head. “I must say I’m loving the bowtie. Very dapper looking.”

You tapped the mirror absentmindedly. “I wish I could have this permanent smile. How do you do it?” You mused, closing your eyes out of frustration. “Having to deal with these stupid people? Sometimes I just want to smash their heads in I swear.”

You rested your head on the cool surface, snickering. “Well not literally. Don’t think I’m crazy enough for that yet.”

“It’s harder than it looks. Dealing with these meatbags.”

You jolted, opening your eyes.

Only to find him looking right back, head turned in your direction.

You backed up, eyes wide. His eye followed you as if actually seeing you. You swallowed then let out nervous laughter.

“Oh you can move! Thought you just stood still. Scared for a bit.” You shook your head. “And talk with a different voice too. Cool.”

The man just leant forward, bringing the cane from behind his back and leaning forward on it, floating top hat following his movements.

“I’m talking to an inanimate object, great,” you slapped your forehead.

“Depends on what you’d call inanimate, Little Bat,” He hummed. You frowned.

'You know what?’ You thought. 'To heck with it.’

“Little Bat?” You harrumphed. “What, because of the vampire outfit? Real original.”

He shrugged. “I do try.”

You put your hands on your hips. “Okay there’s no way that’s a mechanical response. How are you doing that? Is there someone listening and sending you the answers? If so not cool, man!” You shouted to whoever was controlling this.

The man giggled, turning upside down, blonde hair floating around. “Cute. But I’m afraid not, love.”

You pursed your lips. “Then how…?” You got an idea and went around the mirror but there was no projector or man standing behind it. Just the smooth back of the silver mirror. You went back around.

“Tell me how this works,” You couldn’t help your curious nature, eyes gleaming.

The man shrugged. “I’m trapped in here. That’s all.”

You snorted. “Yeah right. You want me to actually believe that?”

“I mean you can believe whatever you want, little bat,” he crossed his legs indian style, still upside down as he bored his eye into yours. “I’ve been stuck here for years. Sucked right out of the dreamscape because of some stupid teens trying out an incantation. Forced to watch every tiny little human walk by here on this holiday. It never surprises me, the stupidity of the human race.” At first his tone was light and comical but as he continued it started to get dark, his smile widening. “Sometimes I wish I could just go out there and rip the smiles from their puny little faces. Splatter these restraining walls with their blood.”

You took another step back, eyes wide.

He snapped out of it at your action, laughing and flipping back right side up. “Ah, did I frighten you?”

You swallowed on a dry throat. “Uh yeah. Definitely…definitely a bit frightened. And normally I’d be running down the hallway by now and screaming but you still intrigue me, and I’m not taking that stupid faux story of yours for the truth. So spill.” You crossed your arms.

Instead of giving in he just laughed hard suddenly, holding his stomach.

“AHAHAHA!!” He kicked his legs in the space. “I knew there was a reason why you interested me, kid!”

You could only watch as he continued his hysterics. “Excuse me?”

“Come back here tomorrow,” He said. “Early.”


You were cut off by a shout.

“We’re leaving!” You heard the voice of your best friend distantly. “Get over here!”

You blinked. How did he know you were about to leave?

“…I won’t be coming back,” You said.

“Yes, you will,” He said without a beat.

How dare he act like he knew you?

“I won’t,” You stressed. “Now if you excuse me, I have to leave.”

He only stared at you expectingly, resting his chin on his fist. You relented, turning around so you wouldn’t have to look at him.

“…what’s your name?” You muttered. He snickered and you glared at the ground. “It’s only so that when I tell my friends not to come here to be assaulted by a man in the mirror I have a title.”

There was amusement in his voice when he replied. “You can call me… Bill.”

You mentally tucked the name into the back of your mind before taking a step towards the exit. Two steps. Three. When you were at the door and he still didn’t say anything, you couldn’t help it.

“Don’t you want to know my name as well?” You looked at the painted wood of the door. You heard a click of a cane against the nonexistent ground of the mirror.

“But I already know it.”

You stiffened.

When he didn’t say anything else you opened the door and just as you were about to swing it closed, a whisper echoed in the space.


You slammed the door shut.

When you finally met back up with your friends, you tried to ignore the way your heart ferociously beat against your chest.

You couldn’t sleep.

Trust me, You tried.

You read a book. You visited every single social media account you had. You drank some tea. Hell, you even took a pill at one point.

But no matter what you tried, you couldn’t sleep. Every time you closed your eyes the name 'Bill’ appeared behind them, teasing you, inviting you. You were sick of it. You were tired, anxious, and you absolutely could not get a wink of rest.

There were so many questions. Was someone just trolling you? Was it really possible he was trapped in there? Why hadn’t he told anyone? How did Bill know your name? Most importantly….

Why did he want you to come back?

“I’m not doing it,” You stopped that train of thought, scolding yourself harshly. You rolled over on the bed, stuffing your face into the pillow and pulled the sheets over your head. “I’m not going.”

As the clock ticked four thirty a.m. you found yourself heading out the door.

Thankfully you were sleeping over Sally’s house that night. Sally lived with only her grandma, her grandma that wouldn’t wake up if someone was blasting the radio next to her head.

It was easy enough not waking up Sally as well, though it almost gave you a heart attack how cautiously you got out of the bed she and you were sleeping in. You swore she almost woke up like ten times.

You tapped against the mask you wore, biting your lip. No you still weren’t in your vampire outfit, just the mask. Why did you wear it? Well that’s what you met Bill with. You saw his face but he didn’t fully see yours. It gave you a sense of….security.

By the time you reached the haunted house you were already regretting your decision. Nonetheless you steeled your nerves and went forward.

You dropped down from the window you had crawled through, swaying on your feet to regain balance. The darkness hit you all at once. It had been dark before but without the lanterns it was pitch black.

Well. You came prepared. You took out your flashlight. It flickered a bit before you slammed it against your hand and the bright light shone out in a wide, strong beam.

You made your way through. There were no people hiding in the dark to scare now, and the traps you had stepped on earlier you maneuvered around this time. As an effect, it was just silent. The only sound you heard was the dusty shuffling of your feet as you walked. Eventually you got to the room where Bill was.

You took in a deep breath, strengthened your grip around the flashlight and opened the door.

Bill was in the pose you had first seen him with, staring off into space. You felt your stomach tighten at just the sight of him. Nothing strange really ever happened in your life and this, just his existence, made your adrenaline spike.

Your eye caught a switch on the wall and when you flicked it, light flooded the room. Thank god you wouldn’t have to be in the dark anymore.

“Hello?” You hit yourself internally for stuttering as you stepped closer. “Uh, Bill?”

Silence. He didn’t even move.

You tapped the mirror after you crossed the room, wondering if you had to wake him up or something. When he still didn’t make any signs of movement after a while you deflated.

“Of course he’s not on,” you pressed a hand to your forehead, feeling yourself get angry. “He’s shut off like everything else in here.”

You bit your tongue to calm yourself down, shutting your eyes tight. How had you really been so stupid?

I wasted my time. “It was all just a stupid-”


You made an embarrassing squeal and snapped your head up. Bill was grinning at you, twirling his cane. You couldn’t even say anything, your mouth opened wide. He burst out laughing at your expression.

“You should have seen your face! That was too good.”

If you were angry before, You were furious now. Somewhere deep down there was also relief that he was real, but mostly anger.

“I can’t believe you-ugh!” You almost tore your hair straight out of your skull.

Bill just watched you calmly. He leant on his cane, waiting for you to calm down. When you did, he smiled.

“Ah Little Bat, you’re hilarious. So, how’s that not sleeping thing going for ya?” He mused, stretching.

“How did you know I hadn’t-” you cut yourself off, shaking your head. “Forget it.” You had no time for that. “Why did you want me to come back?”

“Because I was lonely?” He tried, shrugging. You narrowed your eyes and he sighed dramatically. “Fine, fine. Because I want you to let me out.”

“Let..let you out?” You repeated, stunned. Something blue flashed in his eye and he nodded.

“Yes, let me out. Your hearing’s just fine, don’t be annoying.”

Um. Rude much?

“I don’t think that’s the way you should be speaking to someone you’re asking a favor from,” You crossed your arms. He had an uncanny way of pissing you off. “And besides, how were you so sure I’d come back today? What would you have done without me?”

In a split second his face was right up against the glass of the mirror, so close to yours he would’ve been touching you if not for the thin separating material. Your eyes widened and you froze, unable to move. His grin had widened, showing teeth. His eye was now coated over with a deep madness that bored straight into your soul.

“Because you’re curious,” He slammed his palms onto the glass as well. “And it’s that curiousity that kills cats such as yourself. I’d advise you to run, but would you heed the warning?”

You tried to swallow but found that you couldn’t. Your tongue was too dry.

When you finally managed to speak it was without thinking.

“I thought you said I was a bat?”

Bill blinked, looking surprised for the first time. Then he started laughing again, so hard you expected tears to start streaming down his face.

“Of course!” He knocked a fist against the glass. “How could I make such a mistake, Little Bat?”

You watched him lose it. “You’re insane.”

He stopped laughing creepily fast, shrugging as he returned to normal in a blink. “Sure I am, what’s your point?”

You opened your mouth before closing it. “You’re going off track. Why in the world should I release you? Not going to lie, people normally trap things if they’re causing chaos. How am I even supposed to in the first place?”

Bill just hummed, tapping the spot where your nose was in front of on the glass. You backed away, somehow feeling assaulted like he had actually touched you.

“You’re asking the wrong questions, dear~” He twirled the cane again. “What you should really be asking, is why I chose you to ask.”

“Alright then,” you caved. “Hit me. Why did you choose me?”

Bill didn’t even hesitate. “Because I like you.”

You almost choked. “You w-what?”

“I like you,” he repeated. “You interest me. From the minute you walked in wearing that ridiculous getup, I could tell you were different than the rest. That feeling only increased the minute we were alone.”

You could feel your body heating up, cheeks flushing. You forced it down, licking your lips. “And…You want me to let you out?”

“Thought I’d made that clear, little bat.”

“What’s in it for me?” You bit your lip. He tapped his mouth as if thinking.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“You,” you spat out.

His eye widened just as your jaw dropped as you realized how that sounded.

“N-Not like that!” You clarified, face now steaming as you shook your hands and head.

“That is a bit misleading,” Bill mused. Then he smirked, eye lidding seductively. “Though I’m happy to abide by your circumstances, kid~”

Oh. My. God.

You looked away as to not embarrass yourself further. “What I meant, was that you stay. Not just leave as soon as I let you out. I have so many questions…”

Bill seemed excited. A bit too excited. “That sounds fair. First, take off the mask.”

“Why?” You were taken aback.

“I want to see your face. It won’t work with a barrier like that.”

You took in a deep breath. “Fine.” You slowly removed the white accessory, smoothing your hair back and looking away so as to not see his reaction. When you inevitably looked back he had on a possessive smile that made you blush.

“Beautiful,” He purred.

“Get to the point,” You snapped, blushing harder. “What, w-what do I need to do?” Everything in you was screaming what in the world were you doing but your selfish desires were whispering in your ear for you to continue.

“Just put your hand here,” He pointed to the mirror. You shakily pressed your palm to the surface. His own hand lit up blue, enchanting you as the bright flames licked at his glove, but didn’t seem to burn. “Now repeat after me: θα σας απελευθερώσει, Bill Cipher, Δίνω την ψυχή μου.”

You repeated the syllables as if in a trance, the unfamiliar language rolling off your tongue. Bill grinned.

“Then it’s a deal,” He pressed his hand to where yours was. A blinding light flashed. The glass seemed to be melting as he started to step through. His hand passed through the mirror and pressed to yours, gripping your fingers. You gasped at the leathery soft feeling of his gloves as he shook your hand, electricity tingling through you at the contact. The last thing you saw properly was the bobbing motion of your arms and his last foot stepping out before everything happened at once.

Something exploded above you, deafening in your ears and plunging you into darkness. It took you a second to realize that it had been the lightbulb. Bill’s hand slipped from yours and you heard laughter, gleeful, mocking. You twisted on your spot round and round but you couldn’t locate the origin of it as the sound bounced round the darkness.

“I’m free!” He yelled.

“What are you doing?” You asked, starting to panic.

“'I like you’” He repeated the words he’d said to you, laughing. “What a joke! More like you were the only person gullible enough for me to win over their complete trust. You’re such an idiot!”

You felt a strong blow to your heart. What had you done?

“Though I suppose I should thank you for setting me free.”

Before you could register it, He was knocking you down to the floor. You could see his lone eye glowing yellow in the pitch black.

“And you do still interest me, believe it or not,” Hot breath hit your ear. His hands pinned yours to the ground, forcefully straddling you and pressing your bodies together. “So considering that you’re now bound to me for eternity-”

He bit down on your bottom lip.

“Let’s have some fun, Y/N~”

θα σας απελευθερώσει, Bill Cipher, Δίνω την ψυχή μου.

I release you, Bill Cipher, I offer my soul.


flei-the-chaos-dragon  asked:

top ten most wtf villains and monster (but no starfish hitler,everyone knows this one :p)

Oh, I wouldn’t do anyone as overused as Hitode Hitler.  That’s too easy!

I will use this thing though:

6. Bullton from Ultraman (1966)

This meteor monster is actually a creature from another dimension and uses attacks beyond the understanding of humanity. It comes from a fourth dimensional world and all of it’s powers take advantage of this. It kind of resembles the structures used on the Japanese coastline to protect against waves and erosion.  However, if you look inside, you can clearly see it is a biological creature.

Just a REALLY weird one.

5. Ant Capone from Kamen Rider X

Sure, he hails from the same batch of monsters as the verboten Starfish but I personally think Ant Capone is even stranger.  He’s an insectoid mobster in a top hat with a cane but what really sets him off as weird is the map of the Great Lakes across his chest emblazoned with the word CHICAGO. Maybe he just REALLY loves that band and rocks out at home to “25 Or 6 To 4″.

4. Fork Kamen from Himistu Sentai Goranger

Goranger is chock full of strange villains of the week but I don’t think any quite match the weirdness of Fork Mask. He takes his motif to the next level by not only have a fork for a mask and a fork for a weapon but his head is a giant pin cushion full of forks that he throws like Ninja stars!

3. Word Processor Armadillo from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

I can understand some of the combined monsters from the later episodes of Dynaman. Axe Bear and Machinegun Jaguar are so ridiculous they loop around to completely awesome. However, combining a word processor (though it really looks more like an Apple II or something) with an Armadillo just seems kind of pointless.

2. Hambular from Denshi Sentai Denziman

He’s a hamburger.  He’s an ambulatory hamburger.  He’s an ambulatory hamburger with a single eye made out of a pickle and a body carrying his own condiments.  Do I really need to say any more?

1. Pink Armadillo from Jinzo Ningen Kikaider

If Word Processor Armadillo was kind of goofy, Pink Armadillo barely even resembles the animal she is based on. She is, however, a pretty snazzy dancer and a fantastic road hazard, unlike her living kin who are pretty much just speed bumps.

I am sorry I only got to 6 on this list but I ran into some kind of technical problem where I can’t put in any more pictures and I am short on time. :(  I hope this list is good enough for now, even if it isn’t my best.

Couple of Headcanons for Saban’s Power Rangers (2017)

Requested by @pwrangerbabes

Grocery Shopping:

  • Jason makes sure they all eat before they go shopping because one time they had all gone with empty bellies and bought way too much junk food.
  • Kim loves raspberry Snapple and a couple usually end up in the shopping cart.
  • Zack always tosses a in the cart, even if he has no plan to use it. It’s sort of a just in case purchase.
  • Trini has to at least once pull Zack away from someone he is flirting with so they can all focus.
  • Obviously Billy is the cereal master and makes sure they have a few of the best in the cart.
  • After reading Scott Pilgrim (Billy lent him) he always buys Market Bacon and quotes the graphic novel.
  • Kim always makes sure they get fruits and veggies but that doesn’t stop her from slipping a few dark chocolate bars into the cart.
  • Zack always reads those trashy ‘I had an alien baby’ newspapers. He says it’s for research on the next possible attack. The others wonder if he just wants to find Big Foot or Nessy.
  • Trini tosses a bag of sour gummy worms in every visit and Swedish Fish.
  • Billy buys only Creamy peanut butter and Concord Grape Jelly. Only those for the perfect PB&J. Trini having lived on the East Coast introduces them to Marshmellow Fluff and teaches them of the wonderfully delicious FlufferNutter (Only East Coast New Englanders know this gem.)

Scary Movie Night

  • Jason likes thrillers/mysteries the most. He thinks jump scares are dumb even if another ranger jumps for a hug.
  • Kim loves 80’s Slasher movies especially the later Nightmare on Elm Streets when they basically became morbid Looney Tunes (I mean more morbid than LT already is I mean did you see Space Jam??)
  • Zack grew up watching Ringu and Ju On so he loves the slow burn when it comes to horror movies. It took a few of this genre of horror before the others enjoyed it.
  • Trini swears by Rob Zombie (except his remakes of classic movies) and really old ass Zombie movies (like black and white old.)
  • Billy loves the Scary Movie franchise, the 3rd one is his favorite. It wasn’t until they had Spooky Movie night that he soon realized he was watching comedies. These movies had scared him and they weren’t even horror films.

SMN Snacks

  • Jason always pops JiffyPop he never microwaves popcorn.
  • Kim brings Red Vines while Trini brings Twizlers, no one wins this fight (and no one ever will.)
  • Zack always brings a case of Cherry Coke.
  • Trini found a hot pepper chocolate bar and replaced the wrapper with Hershey’s. She does this every few SMN to keep the team guessing.
  • Billy always brings the Starbursts and Jelly Beans and usually watches the movies with one hand over his eyes.


  • Jason saved a dance for his whole team and they drew straws for the order.
  • Kim taped flasks to everyone’s legs. Billy never drinks but Zack uses it to spike the punch.
  • Zack wore a purple suit, top hat and cane. He did smack a couple asses some of those were intentional flirting.
  • Trini helps Billy get a dance with his crush because she is a caring sister and loves her lanky brother.
  • Billy got the team to line dance to his favorite country song. (I don’t know country music but its probably like Dwight Yolkam or Garth Brookes or Dixie Chicks??? Didn’t Beyonce do a country song!?)
  • The whole team practiced a choreographed dance like it was a scene from a 90’s RomCom.
  • Jason reenacts the scene from 10 Things I Hate About You the “You’re Too Good to Be True.”
  • Kim had also saved a dance for the team but she had made them guess numbers. She had no idea Jason had copied her idea but used straws.
  • Zack back flipped off the DJ’s stage (and he hadn’t even had the punch yet!) After the punch he made every one stop dancing and circle around him so he could breakdance. Zack can’t break dance but he was the talk of the school.
  • Trini had a couple wallflower rounds until the team pulled her to the dance floor.
  • Billy stayed close to the other rangers and they would dance with him to make him comfortable.

anonymous asked:

may i add a little extra of the persona user s/o?how about the s/o's persona is houdini(wich is a mage like persona)with his cloths close of a magician(you know a top hat, cane and stuff),and his always have a huge box with them, one of special ability of that persona is make the team disappear(inside of box of the persona and appear on a safe location) imagine the s/o using it on the team because they are in a really dire situation? like it the first time they see them in mementos and stuff

Asker is referencing this post, I believe (beware spoilers on that post, though this one is spoiler free)

The Situation:

It wasn’t looking good. And that was putting it mildly. They hadn’t been ready for this. On no level were the Phantom Thieves ready to fight The Reaper. And escape looked like it would be difficult since it had managed to catch them in a corner.

The other Thieves seemed taken aback when [Name] stepped forward with Houdini summoned. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending our show. You’ve been wonderful.” And with a grand sweeping motion of their arm they bowed to The Reaper before a large purple box enclosed all of the Thieves.

On the other side of The Reaper, the Phantom Thieves escaped out of another box and ran for it while Houdini made a show of stabbing the now-empty box they had originally disappeared into. When they had put enough space between themselves and The Reaper, [Name] called Houdini back and the illusion was undone.

The Reactions:

Akira gives his s/o a smile and a soft “Not bad,” to which they respond with another showy bow as the other Thieves groan at the theatrics.

Ryuji puts one arm around his s/o and raises his other hand to gently bump his knuckles against their cheek. “When’d you pick that skill up?” he asks. They respond with a playful “I have secrets, you know~?”

Ann rolls her eyes at her s/o, but she’s still smiling as she says “Have you always been that showy, or have you been spending too much time with Joker?” Her s/o just laughs and gives Ann a quick squeeze in response.

Yusuke is impressed with his s/o. He found both their resourcefulness in using their Persona and how in-character they get to be honestly quite stunning and he lets them know as much. His s/o just smiles, face glowing from his praise as a few of the others gag from the pda.

Makoto scolds her s/o for putting herself at the front of the battle and thus in danger. Her s/o laughs and says “Don’t act like you aren’t impressed, Queen~” giving a wink. Makoto just groans at them.

Futaba is just glad that everyone managed to escape from that hairy situation. She congratulates her s/o on a job well-done and asks them what other kind of tricks they’ve got stashed away. “Who knows?” her s/o muses. “Maybe I’ll show you later?”

Haru breathes a sigh of relief once they all seem to be safe and then turns to her s/o and asks how they’re doing. Her s/o gives her a smile and assures her that they’re fine and don’t need to worry about them.

Goro asks his s/o how they managed to learn such a skill and if they had used it before. His s/o is a little sheepish in admitting that it was their first time using it when they really needed it and so they weren’t entirely sure how that was going to turn out. He shakes his head at them but puts a hand on their shoulder and tells them they’ve done a good job anyway.

Morgana (human!form) hugs his s/o and proclaims “That was amazing, [Code Name]!” as they laugh and playfully hit at his arms. Somehow, they always manage to surprise him and he honestly loves it.


From the top round window, stood a figure in a long dark coat and a simple top hat. A cane was by his side, but he wasn’t leaning on it. In fact his posture was straight as eyes landed on the three making their way to his doorstep.

He knew who they were before they stepped passed the gates. Word in the underground networks of a scientist drifting from employer to employer with his “experiments” by his side. What was odd was not only that he kept them close by without leash, it was that the three regularly switched between hero and villain. When Black Hat looked further into it, however, it was clear that the trio preferred the more… unethical side of the playing field.

Furthermore, the one called Doctor Flug, seemed to be very high quality in his inventions. It made him stand out more than anything else that was surrounding him.

Black Hat needed a mind like that. Flug would put him above rivals and competitors alike.

He wasn’t sure the use for the other two however he could always use the extra hands– staff was an option. He was severely lacking in servant to take care of simple tasks he didn’t have time for, such as dusting. Black hat let out a hum, the sound reverberating in the room and echoing. The room almost seemed to rumble and floorboards creak as if the house had hummed along with him and agreeing with his thoughts.

He had made the decision to hire them the moment he saw the qualifications, of course, but he didn’t have to let the three below aware of that tiny detail. He did want have at least some fun with this. 

Black hat’s grin was nothing but sharp teeth as he moved the way to the window and settling back into his desk chair, waiting.

This would be interesting.