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Hi I love your sims and your blog so much and I wanted to do a sim request thing. I've never done it before so if I'm all wrong I'm sorry lol. I love your sim style so I have no very specific requests, just a cutesy/artsy looking girl with a slight obsession with the color green and brown hair, also a private download would be cool. Other than that I have no preference. Thank you so much for everything and congrats! You deserve so many followers!

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Plus I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted a picture of my outfit. WOOO

Top hat tattoos- pt. 2

(A/N): I just- I love Jefferson so much 

Request: heyyyy can I request author part for Top hat tattoos? :)

Warnings: none

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(He honestly looks so warm and cozy and I just wanna hug him that is all) 

   “(Y/N),” Jefferson grumbled beside you sleepily, his words muffled due to the pillow he was currently nuzzled into. “(Y/N) what are you doing?” You chuckle as Jefferson’s grip on your wrist tightens a bit, the tired man trying to coax you back into bed. 

    “I’m gonna go make breakfast, would you like any?” He groans softly, giving your arm a little tug to try to pull you back down into the warmth of his bed. 

    “I’d like if you’d come lay back down with me,” 

    “We can’t lay in bed all day my dear,” You whisper, reaching over with your free hand to brush some of his hair out of his eyes. Jefferson purrs under your touch, tilting his head up just a bit to get even more of the warmth from your palm. 

   “Why not?” He pouts, cracking one eye open to look at you. You only smile, leaning down to press a brief kiss to his lips before pulling away, much to his dismay. 

   “I may need to remind you that I have a job here in town,” You chuckle as you gently stroke his cheek, the feeling of his stubble tickling your fingertips. 

   “I don’t know why you got that job,” He grumble to himself, closing his eye once again, most likely his exhaustion overtaking him once again. “You don’t technically need it,” 

   “I need busywork Jeffery, you have your hats and I have my teaching,” 

   “But I miss you when you’re gone,” 

   “Then why don’t you come to my class one day, I’m sure the kids would love you,” 

   “Or they’d run away in fear, I haven’t exactly set up the best image around here,” You smile at him softly, placing your hand over his as you smooth your thumb over his knuckles. 

   “It’s never too late to fix that ya know?” Jefferson merely hums, nodding tiredly. “C’mon you big baby,” You chuckle, attempting to pull your hand from his grasp once again. “Let’s go make some breakfast and if you’re feeling up to it you can come into town with me,” Jefferson smiles despite the fake groan that spills from his lips. 

   “Fine, but only because I love you,” You smile victoriously, leaning down to press a quick kiss to his lips before pulling back once again. 

   “Great, I’ll be in the kitchen making you breakfast, you better be down there in 5, okay?” Jefferson nods, yawning a bit as he finally lets go of your wrist. With one last lingering smile you get up and exit your room, leaving Jefferson all alone. 

   It was rather absurd to think that only half a year prior you didn’t even know Jefferson existed, hell, you didn’t even know Storybrooke existed. You could barely even remember what your life was like before you met your soulmate, probably lonely and bland and most definitely not something you ever wanted to experience ever again. It was even more absurd to think that your soulmate was the mad hatter, the infamous fairy tale character. 

    It had been a bit…hard to accept Jefferson’s story, after all who was going to believe that a group of story book characters had somehow been transported into the regular world and forced to go about their daily lives, knowing nothing of their past lives? You had truly thought that Jefferson was crazy when he told you his story, thank god Emma and the gang had been there to back his story up otherwise you may have never believed his story. But the proof was right before you, Henry had the book, Regina had her spells, Emma was the walking definition of all this crazy, and to top it all off Jefferson recounted his story of Wonderland, the tale of his scar and Regina was there once again to back his case up. Even to this day you struggled with the fact that your soulmate just so happened to be one of your favorite book characters, it was just so unfathomable and-

   “Whatca thinkin’ about?” Jefferson’s soft voice scares you out of your trance, his warm arms wrapping around your waist. You smile as you lean back against him, tilting your head up to get a glance at him. 

   “Just everything,” You shrug, staring up at his face with the utmost love and fondness. “How we met, how lucky I am to have you…” You trail off as you reach up to run your finger along his scar. 

   Apparently you were the only person Jefferson ever let his guard down around, that even meant him being able to be comfortable in his own skin, despite the scars that covered it. He often told you how much he hated his scar and that’s why he hid it so you always felt so blessed when he’d let you touch it or even see it for that matter. 

   He tenses up under your touches but quickly relaxes when he realizes you mean no harm. 

    “I never thought my soulmate would be…”

    “Human?” Jefferson chuckles to this, nodding his head. 

    “Sure, let’s go with human. I had always thought that I simply didn’t have a soulmate, no one in any of the lands back home had the same mark as me so I simply assumed. Imagine my shock when one rainy night I get a phone call saying that my soulmates been found,” 

    “Imagine my shock when I was told my soulmate was the mad hatter,” To this he chuckles, his eyes crinkling and his nose scrunching in the best possible way. 

    “Sorry your soulmate isn’t some boring normal man,” Jefferson reaches down to your wrist, his fingers lightly tracing over your soulmate mark, a fond smile on his lips as he does so. 

   “I’m glad my soulmate isn’t some boring normal guy,” You reply, “I love my book character too much to think like that,” Jefferson’s smile grows a bit, a shy albeit bright smile overtaking his features. 

   “I love you too my human,”