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Victor Noir is more famous for his death and his grave than for his life. He was a journalist who was shot dead. To mark his grave, a bronze statue of the man lying down as if just shot was erected. This statue has since become something of a fertility symbol.

Due to the naturalistic style of the sculpture there is a fold in Noir’s trousers which make him appear to be aroused. Myth says that placing a flower in the top hat after kissing the statue on the lips and rubbing its genital area will enhance fertility, bring a blissful sex life, or, in some versions, a husband within the year. This is located at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris

A group posing in front of the Abraham Lincoln monument in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c. 1800′s. Published by J. W. and J. S. Moulton.

A dashing (and slightly intimidating) statue - Lucerna. Her name means “candle” in Latin, but her visage is so much more than that. A dandy top hat and dramatic cravat, accompanied by a silver walking stick, suited to the finest of gentlemen. And yet her jacket is tailored to her decidedly feminine curves, her eyes are ringed in smokey shadows, and all about her person, she is bedecked with tapers and tealights that flicker and gutter in the wind, dripping pearl-like droplets of wax onto the silk and velvet of her ensemble.

Her gaze is extremely intense. And yet, like the flame of a candle, you can stare at it for hours at a time, hypnotized, mesmerized, enthralled by the dancing glow. Until, all at once, it fizzles and disappears into a puff of smoke, leaving nothing but tendrils of smoke snaking through the air.