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For those of you who don’t know who he is…

Zackery is the Antagonist (Villain) of my upcoming comic series Philalethia, and he runs a gameshow dedicated to him to make himself feel more important than the rest. He forces his contestants to perform an act to publicly humiliate themselves, so he can feel more powerful. Zackery Samuels is narcissistic, out of control and very easy to anger. But besides his persona, he is full of self-hatred and believes that people “hate” him even when not everybody is out to get him.

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Basic Tips for Surviving Band Camp

Enjoy these little tips that might just help you through the wonderful hell we all know and love, band camp. :)

  1. Wear sunscreen.
  2. Stay hydrated. Gatorade, Powerade, water, other sports drinks.
  3. If you plan on drinking Gatorade or Powerade, you might want to add some salt.
  4. Start conditioning a couple weeks before band camp by not drinking sodas or other sugary drinks.
  5. Eat a good, filling breakfast. And get a good night’s sleep.
  6. Do not eat sugary cereals or pancakes and waffles. No syrup or butter!
  7. Try to not consume too much dairy. It’ll give you a tummy ache out in the sun and exercising.
  8. Eat toast, especially with peanut butter for protein to help you through the day.
  9. Drink juice or drinks with electrolytes for breakfast.
  10. You might want to stay away from eggs, they can make you sick.
  11. Eat fruit and healthy cereals.
  12. Wear sunglasses, but make sure they don’t keep sliding down your nose. That can get really annoying when marching.
  13. Accept constructive criticism. Especially from those who are older than you, they have more experience.
  14. If you think someone is just picking on you instead, you might want to tell your section leader or an adult.
  15. Listen to your section leader. Build a relationship with them. They are the person taking care of you and your section after all.
  16. Know your left from your right. Always.
  17. Again, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!
  18. Pack good foods in your cooler for snacks during breaks. Fruits, peanut butter crackers, and even salty foods are great.
  19. Bring hand sanitizer.
  20. Dress for warm weather. Shorts, t-shirt, tank tops, etc.
  21. Light colors!
  22. Hats are also great to keep the sun off your face (but can make your head sweaty).
  23. SHOWER.
  24. Bring a portable fan for breaks. It’s good to cool off for a second.
  25. Chilly pads are gifts from God. USE THEM.
  26. Try sitting under bleachers or tents for shade during breaks.
  27. Don’t wear too many bracelets, it can get sweaty on your wrists, though a watch is good for keeping time.
  28. If you have a question or need help, ask your section leader or an adult! It’s better to ask than to not.
  29. Make friends with upperclassmen and underclassmen, as well as people your age. No matter how scary the seniors seem or how annoying the freshman are, your band is a family. Age shouldn’t be a barrier.
  30. Friends can help you through the season, whether it’s with marching and practicing or just being there for you.
  31. Keep your instrument clean and safe. You may even want to use a different one for just practices and another for performances if you feel like it.
  32. Plastic trombones are great.
  33. No matter how stupid you look, sombreros and straw hats can provide a lot of shade.
  34. Leave your phone at wherever you have your stuff set up. There’s no reason to have a phone on the field/lot. Besides, everyone you’re going to text is on the field/lot with you! :)
  35. Keep a parent or guardian on speed dial for emergency reasons.
  36. Remember those health forms you had to turn in? Yeah, it’s a good idea to fill those out as much as possible in case there is an emergency.
  37. If you feel sick or feel like you’re going to pass out, TELL SOMEONE. Friend, section leader, adult, band mom, or even just the person next to you. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  38. If you plan on staying on campus for lunch, pack a good one. Sandwiches, peanut butter crackers, grapes, fruits, even a salty snack. Good choices. No sodas!
  39. If you plan on going off campus for lunch, don’t pig out and hopefully you’ll eat healthy.
  40. Wear good shoes. No flip-flops! Chacos might not be the best choice either.
  41. Don’t worry about make-up, ladies!
  42. Always bring extra reeds.
  43. And Ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol, etc.
  44. If you’re getting fitted for uniforms, don’t be too timid to tell them if something doesn’t feel right. Just because it might look good doesn’t mean it feels good. You don’t want to be marking time on your pants all season, and you surely want to be able to move your arms. Usually the uniform people will check that, but if it doesn’t feel right, TELL THEM.
  45. Make sure you have a ride home. If your parents are at work or can’t pick you up, make arrangements with a friend, but ask for your parent’s permission and your friend’s parent’s permission first.
  46. If you are driving to and fro band camp, stay safe! They don’t want to lose a valuable marcher (or marchers) mid-season.
  47. Breaks and lunch is a good time to cram in any summer reading assignments you didn’t do! Just don’t let it distract you too much.
  48. If you have to miss a day, tell your director ahead of time.
  49. If you get sick and have to miss, tell your director before the day is over.
  50. If you do get sick and don’t feel like making up those hours, come to band camp anyway and ask to sit in the air conditioning all day (concession stand, band room, wherever all the volunteers are set up). You’ll technically be counted there and not have to make up. ;)
  51. Plan vacations and other trips accordingly. Missing band camp is a big deal and causes problems for the entire band. It’s hard to learn a show when there’s someone missing.
  52. Try to attend every sectional if possible. You don’t want to miss any important information.
  53. If you do miss a sectional, ask your section leader what they went over, whether it be announcements or a part in the music that you need to practice.
  54. When the director is making announcements, be quiet and listen! (If someone gives you laps, just run them and get it over with.)
  55. Be prepared for anything. If you feel the need to pack an extra shirt or pair of socks, go ahead. If you have contacts, you might want to bring some solution or a case. If you have glasses, bring an extra pair. Et cetera, et cetera.
  56. Make sure your phone is charged in case there is a conflict with something or an emergency.
  57. Don’t bring anything that is too valuable. You never know what might happen. It could get stolen or you could lose it.
  58. If you do lose something, ask around to see if anyone’s seen it. Check in the band lost-and-found if your band has one.
  59. Bring a reasonable amount of money in case you need to buy something from a snack machine, turn in fees, etc. But not too much!
  60. Know the show like the back of your hand. Not just your dots, but everything else that’s going on too. Ask your section leader if you can look through the drill charts and get a feel for the entire band and field.
  61. Practice, practice, practice! Know the music from memory so you can play it loud and proud! (Or soft, just depends on the dynamic marking.)
  62. If you see someone off step, don’t be afraid to call left and right. It’s better to correct them than have them keep screwing up.
  63. Adding to the above, if one person messes up, everyone around them does. So do your best! Do you know how hard it is to make a good looking curve when one person isn’t right?
  64. Accept nothing but the best.
  65. When spraying sunscreen, make sure your instrument is not within your spraying radius. Trust me, sunscreen-flavored reeds aren’t fun to play on.
  66. Camelbak bladder backpacks are great for being out on the field/lot.
  67. Always put on deodorant. Please.
  68. Beach towels are nice to have if you’re practicing on the blacktop/lot. The pavement can absorb heat, and it burns your booty buns when sitting down.
  69. If you are practicing on the blacktop/lot, your shoes might melt…
  70. Always have house keys or have some hidden around the outside of your house in case no one’s home. You don’t want to be locked out after a long, tiring day of band camp.
  71. Reuse old bottles by filling them up with water or Gatorade (from the big Gatorade bottles). This’ll help save the environment. ;)
  72. Upperclassmen are really good people to get acquainted with. They can give you pointers and tips about your own band and the way of doing things or getting you familiar with everything/one.
  73. Chin up, kid. Persevere.
  74. Be nice to everyone. (I know it’s hard sometimes, but at least try.)
  75. Build a good relationship with your band director(s). They’ll always be there for you.
  76. Don’t chew gum while playing! My director doesn’t even allow it, instruments or not!
  77. No matter how much you want to curl back up and go to sleep, you have to push through the day whether you like it or not. Again, persevere.
  78. Watch the drum major.
  79. If you can’t find the beat or keep getting off step, listen to the drumline. You can usually detect the basic pulse.
  80. Watch out for guard flags. They hurt when they hit you, but just accept it as an awesome, legendary battle wound.
  81. Don’t fall for the “Your plume’s on backwards” trick. Though it is fun to pull on people! Unless your plume can actually be backwards…
  82. Ask your director if you can listen to a recording of the show music.
  83. If you can get a download of a recording, put it on your iPod or phone so you can listen to it wherever. Know the show like the back of your hand.
  84. Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid.
  85. Never take anything for granted. From a gush-n-go/splash-n-dash, to a cloud offering some shade, to your last home game, to Senior Night, to the entire experience when you look back while walking across that graduation stage. The band is your family and you should always cherish them.
  86. Have good posture. It looks sloppy if you don’t.
  87. If your band has a Rookie Veteran program, be a part of it. Usually, rookies are forced to be in it, but if you’re eligible to be a veteran, definitely do it! These rookies are the future of your band program; the legacy you leave behind is what these guys are building from. It’s also great to get to know everyone, younger or older.
  88. Never miss deadlines. If you have to turn in fees or forms by a certain date, turn it in on time.
  89. Speaking of being on time, in the band world, early is on time, on time is late, and late is death. Always show up 10-15 minutes prior to call time, so make time for getting uniforms, instruments, etc.
  90. Get involved. If your band is having a party or event, ask your friends to go to it with you.
  91. That’s another part of never taking anything for granted. It’s going to be gone before you know it.
  92. Keep your grades up.
  93. You’re representing the band program in everything you do.
  94. Set a good example for the underclassmen.
  95. Don’t start drama during band camp (or at all really). It just carries on annoyingly through the beginning of the school year and the rest of the season.
  96. When signing up for band buses, sign up with your friends. I know I’ve been stressing that you should make new friends, but if you try and don’t succeed, you’re left in this awkward situation for the entire season. But you should at least attempt!
  97. Do stand dances and cheers. No matter how stupid you think you look, everyone else is looking stupid too. It’s FUN.
  98. Make every note count.
  99. Always step off on your left foot. This isn’t The Cadets. (And if it is, good luck!)
  100. Eyes with pride.

Do you have any suggestions? Think of anything I may have missed? Feel free to send them to me! :)

Thanks for reading! <3


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I had some time, so I finally found a notepad for my kindle where I could use the good old fashioned, copy-and-paste method! But everything is definitely gonna be inconsistent because that’s just how I am! Sorry! But please enjoy!

For: @piku-chan ’s Cinderella!AU
Name: A Festival Worth Remembering


“Nino, who was that girl? Why was she so beautiful?” Adrien swooned, barely putting up a fight in his daily sword practice with the Court Lyre.

Cling! Clank! Clung!

“I knew you’d love her! So did Alya!” Nino cackled jokingly.

Clink! Clunk! Clang!

“I don’t care who knew what! I just–I wanna see her again!”

Adrien dropped his sword.


“I called it!” Nino tossed her sword to the side and dropped onto the ground below, crossing his legs Indian-style. “Y'know, Marinette’s gonna be at the upcoming festival. It’d be a perfect time to see her, man.”

Adrien’s eyes lit up. “Really!?”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

“I have to go! I just gotta see her!” Adrien’s current excitement fell when a certain thought came to mind. “But…Will Father let me go? To a “Commoner’s Festival”?“

Adrien tried to make eye contact, but Nino evaded. He didn’t want to lie. Everyone knew how controlling the King was.



"I heard you like pretty girls? More specifically, peasants?”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Adrien’s heart beat heavily as he began looking for the source of the voice, fearful that someone learned of his trip into town with Nino.

“Beside you, your majesty.”

He turned his head to the right. There sat a dirty, old man with a childish grin plastered across his wrinkled cheeks. He leaned up and opened his mouth.

“Alright! Let’s get you to that festival!” he coughed out.


Adrien’s previously quickened heartbeat almost stopped completely. “Um…excuse me?”


“You deserve to have some fun! It’s the least I could do as your…Fairy Godfather.”

The blond’s heartbeat quickened once again. This old man was simply crazy….right? “Uh….Sir…Are you…ill?”


The elder man swung his cane with the wind and chuckled. “Haha! What? Didn’t your Mother tell you?” He
looked to his side and winked with a smile. But…who was he winking at?

Ha! Ha!

Adrien followed the man’s gaze, which happened to be the source of the laugh. It was faint, but he definitely heard it.

“Fairies aren’t r–Wait…how did y–,” The Prince was cut off.

“Well, how ‘bout I show you!” The man looked back over and set his hand on Adrien’s shoulder. “Seeing is believing as they say!”

He lifted his cane again, standing up in the process.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The winds blew quickly, leaves flying their way around the old man and covering him entirely. The soon dispersed, as well as the winds, and fell to the ground. There stood a whole new man.

The new guy looked devilish, but handsome. His pitch black hair fell around his pointed ears, a hat on top. Fluttering, light green wings stuck out of the back of his black overcoat and a nametag was pinned in the front. It read: PLAGG.

Flap. Flap. Flap.

“Good Lord! I need a minute!” Adrien screamed, causing a few guards to run to the courtyard, but all they found was a frustrated Prince Adrien standing alone. They were blind to Plagg.

Plagg cackled, clearly enjoying Adrien’s confusion. “Sadly, we don’t. I’ll explain as I give you a make-over.”

Flap. Flap. Flap.

“A make-over!? Wh-Why!?”

“Well, a disguise really. You want to go to the festival or not?”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

“Yes! I’d do! B-”

Plagg smiled cockily. “Good! Now let’s get started! CLAWS OUT!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The winds blew quickly again and surrounded Arien this time. When the winds died down, there stood a leather-clad boy, mask, hood, and all.

“Now go have fun, Kitty Cat!”


It’s a little short, but I promise the other chapters will be longer! I hope you enjoyed for now!