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Gom s/o playing with their hair and putting cute bows,hairpins and such Thank you

Kuroko: The little pink frilly bows you’re placing all around his hair have Kuroko thinking of cotton candy. He’s not exactly complaining about what you’re doing, but every time you try to take a picture he manages to magically disappear from your view. No way would he be caught like that.

Kise: Having a few older sisters at home on top of having makeup and hair artists at the studio, Kise is very used to having his hair played with. He’s not sure the plethora of tiny bows you’re placing in his hair match well with his outfit, but it’s very cute nonetheless.

Aomine: There’s not much you can do with his short hair, but you find a way to make it special. Aomine isn’t exactly thrilled when you put large globs of glittery gel in his hair, but the feeling of you running your fingers along his scalp as you shape his hair in weird ways has him keeping his mouth shut.

Midorima: A little annoyed at the cutesy headband you placed in his hair, Midorima is glaring at his reflection in the mirror. He’s unwilling to take it off though, not wanting to upset you in any way. Couldn’t you have found a headband that was a little less… frilly?

Murasakibara: When you had started, Murasakibara wasn’t so thrilled to have you braiding his hair. As you worked through the long strands though, tying together the braids you finished, he found himself enjoying it more and more. Having his hair this way was rather liberating.

Akashi: It started with a cute cat shaped hairpin placed ever so carefully to keep his bangs out of his eyes. After that, you couldn’t help but buy more animal shaped pins to place in Akashi’s hair, finding it cute how contrasting they could be to his serious exterior.