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[Date: 24.03.17
Occasion: @sander-sonia​‘s birthday_

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Introducing THE CHAOTIC TRIO! From top to bottom -
> Hacker God Seven
> Crack Ace Amy
> Pun Master Sander
Here to spread the chaos via memes, pranks and all things punny like hardened butter that nobody wants but got no choice to consume mwahahaha


Pure CAMSTEN FLUFF to make up for my last sad fic!

It was the team’s first day back at work following Kirsten’s incident. Weeks ago, during a mental standoff with a top notch hacker, Kirsten fell victim to the implantation of nanobots, unknowingly becoming a ticking time bomb. A few days prior, she had been activated and in a desperate attempt to prove just how controllable she was, she was instructed to kill Cameron, an invaluable member to the stitchers team and as the final straw to break whatever mental state Kirsten Clark had left. But Cameron had pulled her back, delicately breaking through her crumbling mind. The team took a few days off from work and only came in when Kirsten felt she was ready, which she insisted was today.


Kirsten sat in the briefing room, reading Fisher’s original case file on Ed, mindlessly running her finger around the rim of her coffee cup. “How we feeling today, Princess?” Cameron asked walking in. “I still can’t get over that I can ask you how you’re feeling.” He teased with a grin, sitting down across from her. She looked at him and rolled her eyes, but failed to hide a growing smile.

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How you can use Facebook to track your friends' sleeping habits
By Søren Louv-Jansen

Article by Soren Louv-Jansen.

From the article:

“Like most of my friends, I use Facebook on a daily level. I use the website, the Facebook app, and the Messenger app. It should come as no surprise, that Facebook keeps track of every time you visit them through any of those means. The creepy thing is, that your friends can keep track of this too. You might have heard about this recently. I was recently surprised to find a post similar to this, at the top of Hacker News. I’ve been toying with this idea for a while, and open-sourced the entire codebase last year.”

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As the great political economist Karl Polanyi famously argued in the 1940s, even the ostensibly freest markets require the extensive exercise of the coercive power of the state— to enforce contracts, to govern the formation of unions, to spell out the rights and obligations of corporations, to shape who has standing to bring legal actions, to define what constitutes an unacceptable conflict of interest, and on and on. The libertarian vision of a night-watchman state gently policing an unfettered free market is a philosophical conceit, not a description of reality…

Even the word ‘redistribution’ is symptomatic of the pervasive distortions in contemporary discussion. It suggests the refashioning of a natural order by meddling politicians, a departure from market rewards. But the treatment of the market as some pre-political state of nature is a fiction. Politicians are there at the creation, shaping the 'natural’ order and what the markets rewards. Beginning in the late 1970s they helped shape it so more and more of the rewards would go to the top.
—  Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson, “Winner-Take-All Politics,” 2010, pgs. 55-56