top gun high five

Consent Spin-the-Bottle

I did this at a party recently and I thought it was genius, so I want to share it around. It’s like regular spin-the-bottle, where you go around the circle and spin a bottle in the center, except:

  • When the bottle points to you, you have to offer three options of things you are willing to do with/for the spinner, for them to choose one
  • At least one has to be nonsexual and vanilla (e.g. sing a Disney song, make up a secret handshake together)

A nice touch was letting people know they can definitely reuse options other people proposed, so there’s not too much pressure to be creative.

I bet there’s still things that can go wrong with this consent-wise, but it is SO much better thought out than regular spin the bottle, or truth or dare or whatever. What’s particularly smart is that if you don’t want to do anything sexy or flirtatious with the person the bottle points to, the other option is usually fun and funny, so it’s a good cover. You can be like, “I so would like to take you up on your offer of a makeout sesh, but I’m simply too attracted by the possibility of a Top Gun-style high five!”

The other important part is that it starts sexy things happening at the party, and breaks the ice between people, as well as letting people communicate their interests. It worked great at this party - the options got a lot racier than kissing pretty quick!

Derek Zoolander is officially my work husband

We competitively scream “LOVE YOU” “LOVE YOU MORE” in the workroom and yes it’s highly disruptive and it grosses everyone out. And shove each other when we race to sign out. And Top Gun high five. Multiple times a day.

He also bought me a salad and a cookie when I told him I couldn’t get lunch during a tough admission. And then bought me another cookie when I told him I was worried about my cousin, who’s not doing well in the ICU again.

What the fuck is happening. I don’t even know but it’s nice.