top ghost show


My top 10 Regular Show Episodes:

10. The Eileen Plan (Season 7, Episode 16)
9. T.G.I. Tuesday (Season 4, Episode 13)
8. Fuzzy Dice (Season 3, Episode 38)
7. Brillaint Century Duck Crisis Special (Season 6, Episodes 26-27)
6. Brain Eraser (Season 2, Episode 10)
5. Grave Sights (Season 2, Episode 19)
4. Eggscellent (Season 3, Episode 18)
3. Exit 9B (Season 4, Episodes 1-2)
2. The Last LaserDisc Player (Season 4, Episode 33)
1. The Power (Season 1, Episode 1)


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RELATIONSHIP  STATUS  : single and not ready to mingle
FAVORITE  COLOR  : purple, I love purple so much ??
LIPSTICK  OR  CHAPSTICK  : chapstick !
LAST  SONG  I  LISTENED  TO  : cold by maroon 5
LAST  MOVIE  I  WATCHED  : deadpool
TOP  THREE  TV  SHOWS  : ghost hunters, the flash, star vs. the forces of evil
TOP  THREE CHARACTERS  : felicia from FE14, link from LOZ: TP, and barry Allen from The Flash like pls fuck me up ??
TOP  THREE SHIPS  : felihina from FE14, almica from FE2, and leoypso from HOO
BOOKS  I’M  CURRENTLY  READING  : rereading the Heroes of Olympus series, The Fundamentals of Caring, The Trials of Apollo, and The Catcher in the Rye !!

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Relationship Status: Single (and scared to mingle)

Lipstick or Chapstick: I prefer lip gloss (love the shiny), but I’ll go with chapstick if I must.

Last Movie I Watched: The Shining.

Last Song I Listened To: Loca by Shakira

Top 3 TV Shows: Ghost Adventures, Supernatural, and The Flash are the only recent non-animated shows that come to mind. Aside from GA, I haven’t watched any shows regularly or kept up-to-date on them.

Top 3 Characters: I’m going to assume of all time. I can’t decide between them! :< I guess I’ll go with Scooby-Doo (from the older shows), Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. Otherwise I adore a bunch of other characters and hate choosing.

Top 3 Ships: It’s been a while since I actively shipped anything haha! Of the most recent stuff I’ve seen: Marinette x Adrien (and their alter egos in any combination) from Miraculous Ladybug; the MM characters x love and psychological stability/health (and/or me >.>); AAAAA- my sister x dragon form.

There’s no way I could think of 9 people, so @citrinafyre, @solifeaul, and anyone else who wants to because I’d like to read yours after going through my mess.