top gear ground force

[Image: There are six panels, each one from an episode of Top Gear that had some controversy surrounding it. Top left: The boys doing their “Butch Cassidy” bit at the end of the Patagonia special; top right: The boys leaning on their shovels in a still from the Top Ground Gear Force special, middle left: Clarkson and May drunk “sailing” in the Arctic special; middle right: the boys driving their cars over the salt pans in the Botswana special, bottom left: two of them (Clarkson and Hammond, I think) staring at the “beef” on Jeremy’s car during one of the American specials and finally bottom right: the boys riding their Hovervan on the water. The caption reads: “(716): its gotten to the point where there are no existing good choices. even our good choices are bad choices by anyone’s standard but ours.” Which pretty much sums up Top Gear.]