top five parks and rec ships


top 5 Parks and Rec ships: #4, Ron/Tammy

I like these two because they are disgusting and hilarious, and because it’s not a type of relationship I’ve ever seen on TV before, so it’s always a surprise. The fact that they’re the cutest real-life married couple in the universe is just icing. (I also have a lot of feelings about Ron’s thick and impenetrable torso in that last gif, as well as his tattoo and the size of his arms. But maybe we can leave it at that. In fact, I think it would be for the best.)

top 5 Parks and Rec ships:#2, Leslie/Ron

To quote lookupatthesky, “If Leslie and Ron don’t end up married it will be a waste.” Remember that time she wanted the two of them to hide out at his cabin for 2-3 years? Remember that time they took a roadtrip to Indianapolis and she kept bringing up tourist attractions and when he didn’t want to go, she was like, “What’s wrong with you?” as though normally Ron Swanson would totally go see the World’s Largest Rocking Chair with her? Remember that time she threw him the world’s best birthday party, and that time he knew why she should dump her awful boyfriend Justin, and that time for Christmas he gave her a political campaign, even though he believes the government should be one man alone in a room who is in charge of the nukes? Um, remember that time I wanted them to bang?


top 5 Parks and Rec ships: #5, Leslie/Ben

Ben Wyatt is basically a male, slightly-less-competent Leslie Knope, so their dynamic doesn’t have a lot of intrinsic tension to it once they’re together. But it’s impossible not to find them adorable, or to be unpsyched at Leslie getting to be happy with someone who thinks she’s so amazing he has to resort to sports references I don’t understand to fully describe how great she is. Personally, I find the two of them most interesting when they’re yelling at each other, or when they’re playing weird sex games.

Which. Can we talk about that for a second, because seriously, the sequence up above aired two episodes after the one in which they first kissed. The timeline of season 3 is fucked beyond repair, but they do tend to try to say the episodes happened around their intended airdates, so it seems reasonable to assume that this happens two weeks after they first got together.

So if you’re Leslie Knope, when do you first introduce WEIRD RONALD REAGAN SEX GAMES into your relationship? The third date?


top 5 Parks and Rec ships: #3, April/Andy/Ben

I have a serious, serious thing for forced domestic intimacy, whether it’s a good pretend-to-be-married contrivance scenario or a good forced-to-be-roommates one. All that toothbrushing and accidentally seeing each other in their underpants!

And these three are such great forced-to-be-roommates because of the whole “two kids with a spineless babysitter” dynamic that somehow Ben seems to have accepted. He knows he’s going to be the one taking care of that three-legged dog, the same way he knows if they get pregnant he’s raising that baby, because he’s not going to send a three-legged dog OR a baby to its death. In the meantime you have Andy wrestling him by holding him down and doing weird things to him, and April being really aware of what kind of baths he takes. A++++, every episode should have a B plot of this household and there should be at least 3 times as much fic.