top five parks and rec ships

holy shit i got tagged i havent done one of these in YEARS 

Goal: Tag 9 people and get to know them (tagged by @schniggles  )

  • Relationship Status: taken by @unhappy-walrus 💙💙💙
  • Favorite Color: blue
  • Lipstick or Chapstick: neither they’re both extremely sensory bad
  • Last Song: Mother Mother - Cesspool of Love
  • Last Movie: Good Burger shbjnymergdf
  • Top 3 Shows: god i barely watch shows uhhh Bojack Horseman, Stranger Things, and Parks and Rec
  • 3 ships: Finn/Poe (Star Wars), M!Courier/Benny (New Vegas), Five/Sam (Zombies, Run!)

boy i dont fuckin kno 9 people @yamagotchi @unhappy-walrus @missakinz @grimmhub @canisfamiliariz @madaras-guitar thats it im done

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Goal: tag 9 people to get to know them

Relationship status: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha

Favorite color: um, the colors of the sky

Lipstick or chapstick: both

Last song: Born to Die by Lana Del Rey

Last movie: GIRLS TRIP

Top 3 shows: I’M SORRY

Cancelled - Almost Human, Still Star Crossed, Hawaii Five-0, Galavant

Completed - Leverage, Parks & Rec, Bones

Currently Airing (1hr) - The Flash, Scorpion, The Voice

Currently Airing (30min) - Blackish, Fresh off the Boat, Brooklyn 99

Netflix - Master of None, Sense8, comedy specials

Top 3 ships

Poly - anything involving Steve, Tony and Bucky (Marvel), Hardison, Eliot and Parker (Leverage), literally every ship from the Beyond series by Kit Rocha, Neal, Peter and El (White Collar)

Couple - Len and Barry (Flash) (but also with Iris??? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE ONLY THREE DAMMIT), Tony and Pepper (Marvel), Wade Wilson and Peter Parker (Marvel/Sony/FOX)

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