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2013 was definitely a year to remember. At the worlds in Boston I danced solos for the second time and was 10 off from the recall. It was my first time competing since my foot had fully healed from surgery so I was pretty happy! I also competed in teams and we came in 19th after a super obvious mistake in the recall round so we were over the moon! At nationals I jumped 19 places from last year and got 9th. Hearing my number called for the top 10 was the best feeling in the world. At oireachtas I was 4th and got on the podium which was always a dream of mine. My best friend 60 places and qualified for worlds for the first time! Our ceili team had a bad day but it was still a great experience. I’m so pumped for London and I hope 2014 is even better!


Top Five of 2013

What makes your Top Five? I found this a difficult decision, and I do not have that many photographs to chose from since I haven’t been on Tumblr long. I thought about this for awhile and while my Top Five aren’t necessarily what I consider my best photographs, they are my Top Five for various reasons–mostly personal. 

1. The photograph of my son after he recovered from a melt down and told me he wanted an injection to make it (death) quick and painless. This was during his second time battling a malignant brain tumor. 

2. The photograph of ivy in the snow with a personal insight. 

3. The photograph of the rail-road tracks which was taken while contemplating a variety of things in my life.

4. The photograph that received the most likes and for the life of me I’m not sure why. 

5. My first photograph posted. 

folkbloodbaths  asked:

Top 5 Songs! Also Top 5 Songs other than Beyoncé songs.

lol <3

  1. ***FLAWLESS
  2. BLOW
  4. BLUE

uh non-Beyoncé … it was a really barren year for me musically, basically i only listened to Elvis for 8 of 12 months (like, for real. and i literally only heard Royals for the first time last week lolol all this time i thought everybody was referencing some non-album Kanye track or something (also i went totally off new music after Jay Z’s new album came out and i was so excited and then really disappointed in it after about a week))

  1. Neko Case - Man
  2. Neko Case - Nearly Midnight, Honolulu
  3. Boy & Bear - Southern Sun
  4. Kanye - Blood on the Leaves
  5. Diamond Doves - Royal Flush

It is that time of year, i.e. the end of it, and time for something of a retrospective, loosely entitled my ‘Top Five of 2013’.

I’ve learnt a lot over the past twelve months and, though still a horrible amateur, enjoyed myself tremendously every time I’ve had a camera in hand (if only I didn’t need to hold down a job or pay rent…woes for another post).

The above are five photographs that stand out for me, not necessarily in terms of popularity or responses, but in the memories they conjure and paths they track.  

Thanks for all the support received during 2013 - you’re all just wonderful.

(As ever, more of my photography can be found here, I appreciate any and all feedback, and, though I love you all fiercely, please do try and refrain from removing the text if you reblog/share this post. Cheers! Jim).