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Reasons to LOVE Felicity Smoak

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Today we celebrate Felicity Smoak’s 100th episode of Arrow. She is a precious badass cupcake and is definitely my favourite television character of all time. Here are the top 5 reasons she deserves that title.

1. She loves with all her heart - And as we know her heart belongs to Oliver

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2. She is fearless

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yourlittlettoy  asked:

What's your top 10 favourite characters? Can be from tv or books or movies or games- anything !

I take in alot of media so this is gonna be hard😂

Because I can’t choose like that😂

1. Donkey from Shrek

2. Elfie from The Hunger Games
(I can’t spell her name right)

3. Dory from Finding Nemo

4. JJ from Speechless

5. Lex Luther from Batman vs. Superman
I didn’t like the movie but I love how that character was handled and I love that actor

6. Maleficient (shut up I can’t spell)

7. Rumplestilkin (again, I can’t spell)

8. Yoshi

9. Zazzili
(from the YouTube/Starkid musical Firebringer)

And finally…….
The one you’ll all hate me for……..

10. Jar Jar Binks


–List Your Top 10 Favourite TV Shows and Your Favourite Character from Each–

1. Pretty Little Liars - Jason
2. Finding Carter - Max
3. Teen Wolf - Scott
4. Sense8 - Riley
5. Skins - Naomi
6. Orange is the New Black - Red
7. American Horror Story - Tate
8. 90210 - Liam
9. Faking It - Liam
10. Awkward - Matty

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