top dye

We want to help you pay for your surgery (:

Hello folks! My name is Kendall and my girlfriend and I run a small business where we sell our handmade art such as hand sewn tie dye clothing, tapestries, jewelry, as well as herbal medicines. 

We have been selling very small scale while travelling for the last 4 months of 2016, but have been working fiercely the last month to release our new travel website as well as online shop. This is honestly a dream come true and something we have been working at for about 2 years. 


On the 15th of this month, we are releasing our new website and products, and want to include featured fundraisers; among which is a Trans* Surgery Fund.

What does that mean?

We will have a section of clothing & jewelry where 100% of proceeds will go towards a random winners surgery fund. This goes for both online and in our physical booth. Online, the winners picture & story will be featured on our shop’s webpage, and in our booth, the same thing will be nicely displayed at our front table. Our customers, as well as the traffic that comes across our travel website will see your feature and have the option to buy for your fundraiser and/or donate $$$.

Who is eligible? 

Anyone who falls in the trans* spectrum and is trying to gather money for surgery. Any surgery, it does not matter. (If you are picked and don’t feel comfortable disclosing your surgery in your feature, that is okay.)

How do I enter?

You can enter by either messaging me @keen-keem, or emailing me at In your message please include your name, age, why you should be featured, and how to get back in contact with you the easiest. 

Submissions will be narrowed down to about 50%, and then chosen at random. I am narrowing down submissions because, although everyone deserves to have their dream surgery, let’s face it, it is a lot easier for some people than others. I am still saving for my top surgery after almost 3 years and I know how valuable something like this is. My girlfriend and I are going to take the time to fully read every single submission. 

A winner will be chosen on Feb 15 when we release our new shop and website. This doesn’t leave much time!  If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.

Please signal boost! 


so bright the sun is ashamed to rise & be in love with all of these vampires - a moodboard

gotta love some love mcr tbh, w o w so emo; also I am the vampire, love me

I realize

that if the worst problem you have is that you have to get up from your tumbling to go get ready for a school fundraising party wherein a whole bunch of suburban moms start out talking about their kids’ extracurricular activities but then get turnt af on $11-a-bottle chardonnay and end up dancing like a pack of assholes to the kind of music I only hear at the gym, that you’re doing all right, but – godDAMN do I not want to go to there. I have to 1) put on makeup, 2) pretend I give an airborne fuck about soccer vs. gymnastics vs. hockey or whatever else these fuckin people do with their time, and 3) not spiral about XF s11, my Special Feelings about GA, and/or the amount of space Gillovny takes up in my brain. Send me good vibes, y’all … I need your strength to tuck into my party clutch alongside my lip-plumping gloss.


TREE OF LIFE - ooak handpainted vintage dip-dye strap top with embroidery:

Moon in Taurus - handpainted fashion inspired by nature and mystic tales -



Hi, I’m Cassy, I never actually introduced myself to all you lovely shippers and I’m the face behind adiocked and redwulfgirl. Adlock was my first OTP and I will never stop shipping them.

(Also forgive my changing eye color in the photos, my eyes are stupid and change from green/blue/grey a lot)

Headcanon that when Ryan joined the FAHC crew he had black hair

He consistently dyed it black, all through his career as the Vagabond because Ryan is Edgy and it was part of his dark and mysterious persona

He was always very careful to keep it dyed, keep his image, since he wasn’t comfortable or trusting with the crew

Once he got to know them, finally opened up, he was more relaxed. Being intimidating wasn’t his top priority and dyeing his hair slipped his mind

When the guys first saw his nearly blond roots coming in they lost their shit. They teased him for weeks about how far he went to be Edgy and Dark.

At that point Ryan didn’t care too much about it. He let the blond grow out and just left the black tips. Eventually it was all blond and he didn’t bother dyeing it.

Ray liked it blond. It made him look softer. He was a Blond Ryan enthusiast and part of the reason Ryan didn’t dye it back