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Ohno Satoshi topped Oricon Yearly TV Drama Category

The DVD and BD of NTV “Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi” (世界一難しい恋, released on 16 November 2016) broadcast in April 2016, in which ARASHI’s Ohno Satoshi (36) was the lead actor, topped the Oricon Yearly TV Drama Category with totally 33,000pc sales.

Ohno[-san] was as well the lead actor of “24HOUR TELEVISION TV Drama Special 2013 - Kyo no Hi wa Sayonara (今日の日はさようなら) (DVD+BD released in January 2014) which topped the Yearly Japanese TV Drama Category that year, achieving a record that the same lead actor topping this DVD+BD sales category the second time in general.