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anonymous asked:

Sorry, pardon me if this sounds aggressive, but I've been sending in a lot of upbeat, happy asks giving encouragement to the characters that haven't been getting answered. I understand that it's your prerogative which questions you answer, but I'm just wondering why? My guess is that they don't fit with the general theme of this blog and the AU, which makes sense.

Azul–Well, to be honest, I have jury duty—on top of moving to another state the first week of July. So I’m busy packing. Banana has a ton of other projects going on, on top of getting herself a managerial promotion at work (I’m so proud!)

And you’re not the only one whose messages we haven’t got to yet, don’t worry. We’ve got 75 asks as of right now, and if we get 5 done 12 more take their place xD Not to mention most of them are asking the characters the questions, it takes a lot longer to write a response “in character” than it is answering a question as ourselves.

But it’s a lot of fun <3 and we’re thankful for everyone for showing such an interest, we just ask for a bit of patience and we’ll get to you :3