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Ah! I used to work at Cedar Point! Did you like Top Thrill Dragster? What were your favorite rides?? Have fun at colossalcon!

Anon: You went to Cedar Point?! I live not too far from there and I always go there!! I’m to scared to go on the dragster tho. Which ride is your favorite? Mine’s the Rapter!

yess I think the scariest part of the Dragster was when it was going up, the descent was so fast it was over p soon, and I went on the Blue Streak, the Millenium Force, the Maverick, the Magnum, the Rugaru and some more I don’t remember the names! they were really cool, very intense haha I had fun uvu

Anon: hello, i saw you were going to ohio for colossalcon, what part of ohio are you going to? i used to live there so im just curious if you’re anywhere around my hometown. i love your art, by the way!

just Sendusky for the con 8′) I’m in the Kalahari hotel (thank youu <3 )

Gangs of the Zones

Heres the list so far (as requested by @mcrdeviantclub):

The Fabulous Four: Basically just Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid and Jet Star.

The Killjoys: Basically what you see in the comic book so Val Velocity and all that lot.  The image of rebellion. Will fight all your bullshit.  Bright hair, fucking walking targets, provocative as fuck.  They’re the fighters, the rebels, the ones facing off against the scarecrows. Dye stains on their skin. 

Crash Queens: In my head these are kind of like flashy, drag-esque, shiny, hyper colour kids.  Metallic and acidic.  Melting red lips and blue eyelids.  On speed or some strong zone weed. Always on. Awake only on the highest frequency, fucking sky-high. Shiny. 

Motorbabies: Zonerats with a need for speed and motorbikes. Travel in packs like wolves.  Short tempered and sharp teeth, but are more flight than fight. Only ever seen on the horizon in a cloud of dust or downing paint stripper. (Kobra is kind of a motor baby) Need petrol like Ritalin Kids need drugs. Theres shit between the Motorbabies and the Top Fuel Dragsters as to who can scoop out wheres the petrols at. Bandanas and gang logos are big.

Ritalin Kids: Poor buggers hyped up and addicted to BL/ind drugs. They’re eyes are all pupil, manic, only focused on the next hit.  Aggressive but fragile, desperate flirts if you’ve got the stuff. Frightened sluts. 

Top Fuel Dragsters: Fast cars and burning rubber, driving into the sunset. Kids who want to drive away and leave tire tracks. Dirty, grease everywhere. Think gas masks and helmets. Trucker bodies, but strong as hell. Will win every fight, no question. ( Jet kind of has that Dragster feel) More lone rangers than Motor babies but have a long distant comradery.  

Maggot Babies: Punk rock kids hyped up on guitar static, the shiniest drugs and each others saliva. Sleep on the floor, packed like sardines.  Hug each other to death. Bruised and battered from the pits but so fucking worth it, there wasn’t music like this in Bat City. Cut their hair themselves. The musicians.  Devote followers of Mad Gear and the Missile kid, will do anything to get to a show. Sweat. Soft kisses. 

Skeleton Souls: Runaway kids, dirt is their skin, only bone. The ones who won’t make it, they’ll fade away into the sand and starve under the sun. Sad lost dreams. Phoenix Witch’s dream angels. 

The Drooges: Gun junkies.  Baseball bats and facepaint. Only want to fight don’t want to talk. After gore.  Think the zones are about anarchy, when the zones are about freedom. Deadly snippers. Weasels. Don’t cross. Trigger happy. 

Drifters: Nomads who travel the zones. Think tents and traps and war paint. Straight talkers.  Find at the black markets.  They have all the goods. You want to trade, go to them.  Rituals. Fire. Looking at the stars.  The whispers of the desert. 

Thats all I’ve got so far.  Hope you get the feel I’m visualising for each one. Feel free to message me with ideas, head canons, bits to add :) 

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Drabble request: Tyler and you go to an amusement park

I can dig that.  I added Josh too, not in a sexual way lol but like, those two noobs are attached at the hip yaknow.

Amusement Park (Tyler Drabble 001)

Originally posted by skeletonclique-top

You glare at Tyler,
“No.  I’m not getting on that ride.  It’s too fucking fast.”

“That’s what she said” he muttered, and he and Josh burst into laughter.

Your expression softens, “You two are worse than middle school boys!”

Tyler simply smiles at you, grabs your hand and pulls you into line for the coaster you just adamantly declined to ride.

“Top Thrill Dragster? Seriously?  This ride looks like a death trap,” you huff.

“Aw c’mon baby,” he pleads, squeezing your hand in his.

Each time the ride shoots off from the station, you get more nervous, digging your fingernails into the flesh of your palms.  When you and Tyler get into one of the cars, your fingers are shaking too much to fasten the buckle.  Tyler leans over and plants a kiss on your lips, buckling your restraints and pushing the heavy bar down over your thighs with a loud click, securing you in place.

“I kind of like you when you’re tied down” He murmured into your ear, pressing a kiss to your jawline.

You smile, but jump in your seat when you see Josh’s smug face two inches from yours.  He’d leaned up from his seat and heard everything Tyler had said to you.  

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?” He asked innocently, smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“Josh you-oH JESUS FUCK” your hands fly to the bar over your legs as the ride jets off, knocking your head to the back of the seat.  

The ride lasts all of eight seconds, screaming up and down the metal tracks at top speed.  When the shocks finally slow the damn thing, your eyes are streaming tears from the wind.  You look over at Tyler, and laugh breathlessly.  He smiles at you widely, giddy, like a little kid.  

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” he laughs, prying your hand off the metal bar and lacing his fingers into yours.

“No, baby,” you reply, smiling sweetly at him.

You walk down the exit ramp, hand in hand with Tyler.  Josh muttered something about cotton candy and rushed off towards the booth selling it, leaving you alone with Tyler.  You walk towards the edge of the path, a plan forming in your mind.  When you reach the grove of trees and picnic tables, you drag Tyler over to one of the more secluded tables, and push him down on the bench, straddling his lap and pulling him towards you, hungry for his kiss.  He returns your kiss smiling, but pulls back, sliding you off of his lap and onto the bench next to him, resting his elbow on the table and looking over at you.  

“We’re in public, baby,” he starts, but inhales sharply when you put your hand on his thigh inching up slowly.  

You can feel him harden under your touch.

“Does this make you nervous? When I touch your dick in public like this?” you breathe, rubbing him through his jeans.

“Stop…” he said lowly, biting down hard on his lip to keep his composure.

You lean in, mouth inches from his ear. “Aw c’mon baby” you whisper, echoing his words from before.

He half smiles and grabs your wrist, pulling your hand off of his now tight pants.  You look up and smile as Josh plunks down at the table with a bag of cotton candy as big as his head.  He smiles, completely oblivious to the situation, stuffing the sugary snack into his mouth as quickly as he could.

“Thought I lost you guys for a second there,” he mumbled, his mouth full.

“Nah, we were just resting over here, that ride  got me a little bit dizzy.”  you smile over at Josh when you see Tyler adjust his pants from the corner of your eye.

voltron amusement park headcanons

i was inspired so here:

  • hunk fuckin destroys at the arcade
  • he also destroys at those boardwalk games
  • wins everyone stuffed animals
  • lance naively challenges him to a virtual racecar match
  • lance ends up crying
  • like i said before, keith is a roller coaster/thrill ride nut. the second they get to the park he makes a bee line for the coasters
  • he’s been on kingda ka, he’s been on el toro, he’s been on top thrill dragster. he’s been on them all. he’s seen some things.
  • pidge isn’t really into roller coasters but she goes apeshit over bumper cars
  • “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY SHITLORD” - pidge as she smashes her car into a five year old’s
  • shiro films her from the sidelines with his giant 90s camcorder
  • “pidge! pidge look this way sweetie!”
  • pidge roars at the camera
  • shiro: *tearfully* they grow up so fast
  • allura splurges on all the sweets, comes back to shiro’s bench with her arms full of every flavor of cotton candy and ice cream imagineable
  • shiro takes one look at her load
  • allura squints because fuck u she wants her sweets
  • but shiro only says “you didn’t get popcorn. we have to go back and get popcorn.”
  • coran is the designated holder of bags/purses/toys, but he does join in at one point to challenge hunk to a match
  • everyone is concerned for coran’s health
  • hunk is hesitant but agrees
  • they get set up
  • everyone starts screaming
  • coran is crowned god
  • hunk resigns himself to hanging out with pidge, who insists they go on the tilt-a-whirl
  • hunk has never been on the tilt-a-whirl
  • it does not end well
  • hunk: crying
  • pidge: maniacal Chaotic Neutral laughter
  • keith gets bored going on coasters by himself so he finds lance flirting with an employee and drags him on with him
  • lance refuses
  • keith: what are you, scared?
  • lance: WHAT NO i just don’t wanna be stuck sitting next to YOU
  • keith doesn’t believe him so lance is forced to prove his honor
  • about five seconds into the car going up the hill he starts screaming and clutches onto keith’s hand for dear life
  • he screams throughout the whole thing
  • not even separate screams just one long continuous scream
  • keith feels bad so he doesn’t say anything when they get off the ride and lance has to lie down on a bench for 10 minutes
  • lance gets his revenge by dragging keith to the haunted house
  • the reason lance thought the castle was haunted was because he’s a huge horror fan
  • loves movies, video games, comics, novels, rides, anything to do with monsters, and loves being scared
  • keith likes them too, but he just can’t do haunted houses
  • keith doesn’t scream per se, but he’s tight lipped and stiff throughout the whole thing and never lets go of lance’s sleeve
  • elsewhere shiro and allura decide to ride the love boat/tunnel of love together Just As Friends (hhahahhahaha)
  • it’s dark and romantic and there are candles and stuff
  • they kinda look at each other then look away
  • shalalalalala my oh my looks like the boy’s too shy
  • they finally work up the nerve to lean in, lean in, lean in-
  • out of nowhere pidge pops up behind them “hey you guys got anymore fig newtons?”
  • allura shrieks and shiro nearly tips over the boat
  • hunk appears too (they were both hiding in the backseat) “im so sorry it was all pidge’s idea oh gosh please don’t be mad”
  • shiro and allura just stare
  • finally allura rubs her temples and decides to take a nap on shiro cause he’s comfy
  • shiro hands over the fig newtons
  • at the end of the day hunk challenges coran to a rematch
  • they tie, and both regard the other as an equal
  • the end
Michtape headcanons

Michtape(Rich Goranski/Michael Mell)

Rich is constantly flirting with michael all the time. Usually in subtle ways but there comes a time where he might just up and say “Hey are those space pants, because that ass is out of this world.”

The first time michael met rich’s parents, rich was fighting with him throughout the day constantly just “Michael you have to brush your hair” “Michael you have to wear a tie” “No, Michael, pants are not optional” and michael, being the rebellious loser he is, showed up to a classy dinner with Mister and Misses Goranski in a suit jacket, bow tie, button up shirt, styled hair, and to piss of Rich, bright red cargo shorts.

The first time Rich met Michael’s parents he worked for about a week practicing talking without a lisp without his squip because he was worried michael family would make fun of it, as michael had. Immediately Michael’s mother found it charming yet couldn’t resist turning to michael and asking him, “Does he speak like that because you kissed him too hard?” Immediately mortifying rich.

It was rich’s idea to call themselves Michtape, a sharp and more pleasant contrast to what michael called his last relationship (Meremy Hell). Rich decided on this name because while it was also a mixture of their names, it played towards michael’s love for older forms of entertainment and rich’s odd love of rap music.

If Rich can’t sleep, he calls michael in the middle of the night to let him know. And michael, being the decent person he is, will stay up listening to his problems ranging from his dad’s drinking habit to old feelings he’s having about Jake while still in this new relationship. Michael has fallen asleep several times during these calls.

Michael is the one who organizes dates and get together a for him and Rich. And rich is one hundred percent okay with this. Rich was so used to planning everything in his previous relationships and being on charge, that he finds this help on planning kind of nice.

Though if michael goes overboard rich will go off the handle and get immediately upset and fuming because the lack of control just brings him back to the SQUIP days, and he can’t handle any of that.

Michael has a stockade of mountain dew red in his basement in case Rich does feel paranoid that the squip is coming back. He tends to try to cater to Rich’s needs, unlike his relationship with Jeremy where michael was the one who tended to be fawned over.

“Listen I know it’s late but you looked hella sad today, my man, and I know you might not want to talk about it but like you’re never sad, Mike, so if you got a problem and you need to talk, I’m here so uh, yeah, call me back, babe. Unless you don’t want to talk I know you might not because usually if I see you and you’re remotely sad you bounce back within twenty four hours so, yeah, you’re probably good but I’m still checking in ‘cause you take care of me so I gotta take care of you too. So yeah. This is rich. Call me back soon and gimme an update.”

Rich’s worry making michael feel better about himself on a daily basis though him still letting rich know that “Babe, dude, bro, don’t worry I’m fine just some anxiety I’m not sad my brain’s just fucked, aight? I’m cool, you’re cool, I love me and I love you.”

/Michael carrying rich on his back when he’s too tired to walk/

The first time michael and rich say I love you is kind of michael’s fault because, while michael is a fan of horror and scares, he’s absolutely terrified of heights and amusement park rides. So when Rich decided to strap into the Top Thrill Dragster, Michael grabbed his hand as tight as he could, going immediately pale while Rich was next to him having a fuckin’ ball. He closes his eyes as the ride starts to go up, slowly, slowly, until he squeezes his hand tighter and says “Dude I’m sorry if I was kinda put off by you at first you were kind of an ass before but now I love you I love you so much before I die on here I want to tell you I love you” and Rich just stares and fucking /laughs/ and as he’s begins to say “I love you too” the ride throws the car forward and they spend the next minute screaming and Michael most likely crying until the ride is done.

Michael playing connect the dots with rich’s freckles when he falls asleep in class until he wakes up. Once he woke up and found a picture of Christine on his left leg. Another time, part of the preamble to the constitution. Michael gets more and more creative each time, once even making one unbreaking line up rich’s left arm, down his right, and back again until he had a full maze drawn on rich’s arms and shoulders.

Message me more headcanons or questions you have about these two

Bucket List


(completed entries will have strikethrough)


  1. Find an amazing girl who loves me as much as i love her and live happily ever after :)
  2. Join the Mile High Club
  3. Have a threesome (with two girls)
  4. Kiss under a mistletoe
  5. Kiss on new year’s day at 12:00am
  6. Kiss in the pouring rain
  7. Kiss underwater
  8. Kiss in snow fall
  9. Kiss a stranger
  10. Shower sex
  11. Table sex
  12. Kitchen counter sex
  13. Couch sex
  14. Morning sex
  15. Afternoon sex
  16. Night sex
  17. Sex on the floor
  18. Store room sex
  19. Library sex
  20. Beach sex
  21. Hotel room sex
  22. Under the covers sex
  23. Drunk sex
  24. Get a complete blow job
  25. Friends with benefits
  26. One night stand


  1. Raise a family
  2. Be the best dad in the world
  3. Become a grandparent
  4. Teach my child to ride a bike
  5. Walk my daughter down the aisle (if i have a daughter)
  6. Take my child to Disneyland


  1. See Taylor Swift in person
  2. See Selena Gomez in person
  3. See Tom Brady in person
  4. See Victoria Justice in person
  5. See Nina Dobrev in person
  6. See Natasha Negovanlis in person
  7. See Elise Bauman in person
  8. Get a best-seller autographed by the author
  9. Get an autograph from a famous actor/actress/singer/model (preferably Taylor Swift)
  10. Have a friend for at least 20 years
  11. Get a favorite, comment, retweet, like, or reblog from Natasha Negovanlis
  12. Get a favorite, comment, or retweet from Elise Bauman
  13. Get a favorite, comment, retweet, like, or reblog from Taylor Swift


  1. Go to Italy
  2. Go to DisneyWorld
  3. Go to Hollywood
  4. Go to Las Vegas
  5. Go to Paris
  6. Go to Greece
  7. Go to Tokyo
  8. Go to the Caribbean
  9. Go to New York City
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Visit every continent (except Antarctica)
  12. Visit Egypt
  13. Visit the Great Wall of China


  1. Graduate from college with at least a 3.0 GPA
  2. Pay back student loans
  3. Work for Google
  4. Earn a six figure salary
  5. Become a millionaire
  6. Pay off loans my parents made to pay for my college


  1. Shoot a gun
  2. Go skydiving or bungee jumping
  3. Go wingsuit flying
  4. Eat the $1000 sundae from Serendipity
  5. Go on a cruise
  6. Ride the 5 fastest roller coasters:  Formula Rossa, Kingdra Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, Dodonpa, Superman: Escape from Krypton, Tower of Terror II
  7. See snow
  8. Go snowboarding
  9. Learn how to surf
  10. Host a party at my house
  11. Go to a movie premier
  12. Build a snowman
  13. Make a snow angel
  14. See a Victoria’s Secret fashion show live
  15. Drift a car
  16. Win a car race
  17. Drive faster than 120 mph
  18. Try caviar
  19. Try escargot
  20. Play paintball
  21. Take a road trip
  22. Jump in the Benson fountain on my birthday
  23. Learn to speak italian, spanish, french, or japanese fluently
  24. Ride in a hot air balloon
  25. Fly a plane
  26. Ride in a helicopter
  27. Watch a meteor shower
  28. Wish upon a shooting star
  29. See an eclipse
  30. Fly first class
  31. Swim with sharks
  32. Ice skate on a frozen pond/lake
  33. Swim with a dolphin
  34. Wish on 11/11/11 11:11 (both times)
  35. See fireflies
  36. Do a flip off a diving board
  37. Go scuba diving
  38. Ride a motorcycle
  39. Throw a penny off the top of the tallest building in the world
  40. Go to a concert (preferably Taylor Swift)
  41. Go skinny dipping
  42. Get wasted
  43. Pull a complete all-nighter (no sleep until the second day’s night)
  44. Ride in a cab/taxi
  45. While in a cab/taxi, yell “Follow that car!”
  46. Have a food fight
  47. Party literally all night
  48. Ride a jet-ski
  49. Crowd surf
  50. Get my black belt in karate
  51. Go go-karting
  52. Do a standing backflip
  53. Drive a Lamborghini
  54. Win a poker tournament
  55. Ride on a motorcycle
  56. Contribute code to an open source project


  1. Go to a New England Patriots home game
  2. Go to a Super Bowl
  3. Go to an NBA Finals game
  4. Go to a World Series game
  5. Go to a Los Angeles Lakers home game
  6. Go to an Olympics
  7. Run 1.5 miles in under 11 minutes
  8. Run 2 miles in under 15 minutes


  1. Own a sports car
  2. Give someone my autograph
  3. Save someone’s life
  4. Help an old lady cross the street
  5. Have something named after me or dedicated to me
  6. Own an 80” tv
  7. Own all seasons of: Suits, Castle, Burn Notice, White Collar, The Office, and Parks and Recreation
  8. Own a New England Patriots jersey autographed by Tom Brady
  9. Own something autographed by Taylor Swift
  10. Be interviewed for something and have it published
  11. Have my elsanna blog appear on the first page of “elsanna” google search
  12. have 1,000 followers on a blog
  13. have 5,000 followers on a blog
  14. have 10,000 followers on one blog
  15. get 100,000 views on a blog
  16. get 250,000 views on a blog
  17. have a blog visited from 50 different countries
  18. have a blog visited from 100 different countries
  19. have a blog visited from 150 countries

(updated 10/4/15)


JEGS Top Dragster Fans! Top Dragster Pro Mike Coughlin says it’s ‘all systems go’ heading into Norwalk. Read More Here:

@MacTools38 @ProCharger @SparcoOfficial @NHRA#NHRA #norwalk

24-year-old-nerd  asked:

Wait, you've been to Cedar Point?! Isn't it like the best park ever?! Did you ride the fastest rollar coaster?

Somehow my life has been sparked with such luck as to allow me to visit multiple times, indeed 😭

Top thrill dragster is hands down, without a doubt, the best ride I’ve ever been on. Throw that bad boy on your bucket list, because it’s one for the books 🤤 the view from the top is absolutely insane