top down knitting

thegirlwhoseesparallel  asked:

Hello, I'm a beginner knitter and was wondering if you could suggest any projects?

Hi there!  Welcome to knitting. :)

So, you didn’t say exactly how new to knitting you are.  If you’re just learning how to knit and purl you may want to leave following a written pattern for later (when you’ve got those two stitches down).  For now, you might want to just cast on 30 stitches and practice knitting and purling, back and forth, until you’ve got it down.  (The plus side is you’ll end up with a lovely washcloth or scarf when you’ve finished this practice!)

If you’ve got knitting and purling down already and you’d like to try your hand at a written pattern, here are a few easy-ish (and free!) patterns I’ve done in the past year that I really like:

Blue Bell Hill Scarf — a very pretty scarf, and a good way to build on the basics by tossing in a few basic increases and decreases.

Owls Two Ways — just some knitting and purling with a few increases and decreases thrown in (and then some finishing at the end) and voila! a cute little stuffed owl! :)

Flax — a basic, but very pretty, top-down pullover that’s knit all in one piece.  I think I’ll be recommending this one to people who are looking to knit their first sweater for the rest of eternity.

I hope this is helpful.  Does anyone else have recs for beginner knitting projects?  Feel free to chime in.

Didn’t trust myself to accurately estimate the yoke and arm length(i usually knit top down instead of bottom up) so i decided to provisionally cast on the arm sections and do those last.

Will also be duplicate stitching the star on the chest for the same reasons of not being 100% confident in my math for placement. Same will go for the designs on the hood when i get that far.

Amusingly his shoulders are so huge they have basically the same number of stitches as the front and back of the hoodie.

Notes: US000/1.5mm needles and knit picks shadow lace yarn.