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Here’s the link for Alex and Dana’s livestream! The stream won’t begin for another three hours, so I’ll reblog this again closer to 6pm PST. Here are the rules, copied from the stream page:

Welcome to Alex & Dana’s Charity Draw-A-Thon! We’re drawing YOUR dumb requests tonight LIVE at 6PM-9PM, and it’s all for a good cause! And if we EXCEED OUR GOAL, Alex will personally sing “California Girls” by Katy Perry in Soos’s voice. Trust me, you want this.


1) From 6-7-ish we’ll be free drawing & chatting. While we do that, its up to YOU to DONATE!
2) After that, the top 5 HIGHEST donors get whatever they want drawn LIVE by Alex & Dana!
3) Anyone who donates 30 bucks will get their name added to our WALL OF CHAMPIONS!
4) Anyone who donates 80 bucks will be on the WALL OF CHAMPIONS AND get a mini-doodle!

*Donations continue while we draw. If a higher donor comes along after we finish a drawing, we will take a request of the latest donor at that time.

*Highest donors will get a quality print of the requested drawing, signed by us, mailed to you! You sweetheart!

All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization which does enormous good for women all over the country. For more info visit,

You’ll need a Picarto account in order to participate in the chat (they’re easy and quick to make), so be sure to make one before the stream starts if you want to participate.

Please reblog and share to spread the word! I hope to see y’all there!
Trump World — Including Steve Bannon — Is Already Looking At The 2018 Midterms
Before the inauguration, Bannon, the president's chief strategist, met with donors in loose terms about the 2018 midterms. Meanwhile, the outside groups filled with Trump operatives and associates ...
By Tarini Parti, Alexis Levinson

Well before President Trump’s inauguration, his top adviser Steve Bannon met with a few top-tier donors — the kind of donors capable of writing million-dollar checks.

The message, according to two sources with knowledge of the conversations, was that Bannon wants to use the 2018 midterm elections as the arena to test the political clout of Trump’s populist message.

“The days of [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell picking Republican nominees in Senate races are over,” sources familiar with the meetings said Bannon told donors. He also mentioned the US Chamber of Commerce as declining in influence, according to one of those sources.

The former chairman of far-right news website Breitbart was light on specifics and didn’t say which 2018 Senate races he had in mind, according to the sources familiar with the conversations. But he encouraged donors to starting giving to the outside entity created by Trump allies that was still taking shape at the time.

The group, a nonprofit called America First, officially launched this week.

America First will focus on issue advocacy, but could eventually direct fire on congressional Republicans who defy Trump’s agenda.

Aaron Manaigo, an adviser to Great America Alliance, said efforts were already underway to put resources into ensuring the confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, and issue advocacy. A high-level official who has worked with the group said that effort would primarily focus on the 10 Democratic senators facing re-election in states where Trump won. The group will “absolutely” target Republicans if any prove unsupportive of the president’s agenda, the official said, but also acknowledged Republicans will “get a lot more leeway.”

I brought these sections over in particular as these are worth paying attention to.

They’re looking at the midterms already and going to be pushing to knock out anyone who doesn’t follow exactly what Trump wants. And as we’ve seen, he won’t hesitate to remove anyone who doesn’t blindly agree with him.

Keep up the pressure, stay informed, and if you dislike Trump I strongly urge you to get out and vote in the midterms and vote blue. Even if you disagree with some of the democratic party’s methods, they can be reasoned with.

As we can already tell this far into his presidency, Trump can not.

Apparently, Mother Teresa wasn’t too concerned about the poor conditions in her hospital because, according to her, suffering brought people closer to Jesus, and she refrained from using anesthesia because relieving people’s pain was less important than converting them to Christianity. Apparently that didn’t apply to Teresa, because when she fell ill herself, she sought treatment in a modern American hospital. But, hell, she already knew about Jesus.

But critics also point out that Teresa wasn’t too concerned about who she took donations from, and so she became a lightning rod for criminals and tyrants who wanted to make themselves look better by being able to say that they donated to Mother Teresa. Among her top donors were Jean-Claude Duvalier, brutal dictator of Haiti, and banker Charles Keating, who was convicted in the 1990s for fraud and racketeering. On top of everything else, in 1991 it was revealed that only a small amount of the money donated to Mother Teresa’s organization could be accounted for. The rest probably went directly into the Vatican’s bank vaults, because if there’s anyone who needs money more than the poor people of India, it’s the pope.

8 Famous People That History Got Almost Exactly Wrong

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I've been approved for my kidney transplant classes. I'm at the top of the donor list so I'll be getting a kidney and off dialysis in a year or so. I can't stop crying I'm so happy. A failing kidney has stolen my life and I'm finally gonna get it back!

Yaaassss!!! That’s soooooooo incredible!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Another criticism of Cruz is that his antics are disruptive and damaging to the Republican Party. The shutdown nearly led to a national default, terrifying the business community. It led to the lowest approval ratings for the GOP in decades. Even the Kochs came out against such tactics. Groups like the Chamber of Commerce generally support a conservative platform, but not at the price of government ceasing to function. “It’s not what he’s trying to accomplish or what he says he’s trying to accomplish that bothers people,” former McConnell chief of staff Josh Holmes told The Washington Post. “It’s that he’s consistently sacrificed the mutual goals of many for his personal enhancement.”

But a Republican policy expert close to a number of top GOP operatives and donors insisted it’s not about Cruz’s style or his positions. It’s his disingenuousness—and inability to produce results. “He knows his tactics are bound to fail, but pursues them to debase his Republican colleagues under false pretenses and endear himself to the base as the only authentic conservative,” said the expert, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he runs an organization that does not endorse candidates. But the effort doesn’t result in smaller government or the end of Obamacare—all it achieves is drawing attention to Cruz. “He is incapable of delivering anything but theater,” the expert added.
—  The Atlantic: Why D.C. Hates Ted Cruz