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Playing Hearts

Playing Hearts- Harry Hook x Reader

Written by: mouseymagines

Request: Hey! could you write a Harry Hook x reader imagine where the reader is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts and she and Harry are in rival gangs but they’re in love and he decides that he cares more about her than he does about the rivalry?

Requested by: jordsie

Warnings: none

The room was suddenly filled with the noises of your angry friend. Saf, the daughter of Scar. You could tell she was probably out done by none other than Uma. Again. The very frustrated girl turned in your direction and began her tirade.

“Who does that little…that little shrimp think she is!?” she yelled out

“I mean she’s captain of the top crew on the isle, Saf” you mention, a little reluctantly but what else would you were gonna say?

“Well that should be me! Aren’t I more evil than her, Y/N?” she questioned.

“Don’t make me answer this” you pleaded, your eyes going to the door and catching sight of a certain pirate. A small smirk playing at his lips as he listened to you and Saf’s conversation. You put your gaze back on Saf and you hadn’t realize she continued the rant. You laid back in your chair, crossing your arms over your chest, occasionally looking back to the door at Harry, seeming like he was asking you to go with him. You wanted to but it was always hard to get away from your fuming captain. “Saf, um…I mean it isn’t that I don’t particularly care at the moment, it’s just that i have some errands to run for my mom?”

“Of course” she replied in annoyance.

You got to your feet, grabbing your bag and headed out. You looked around you but Harry was gone. A sigh left your lips as you walked down the street. You started heading toward the docks and that’s when you felt hands pull you into a small alleyway. Your back rested against the bricks as you looked up into your secret lovers eyes.

“See as much as I hated taking you from what looked like a fun time-” he began but was silenced by your lips pressing to his gently.

“Shut up” you mumbled against his lips causing his smile to grow. Your lips reconnected with his and you felt him slip his hook into one of your belt loops helping him pull you closer to him. You hated lying to Saf about your little affair with Uma’s right hand man, just as much as he hated lying to Uma about you. However, you both were aware of what would happen if they found out. Ever since you got on Saf’s good side and joined her in her adventures on ‘taking over’ the isle and met Harry you were always captivated by him and he felt the same for you. It was about a year later you two decided to be together but make sure it would happen out of your leader’s sights.

His hand came up and gently caressed your cheek. To him you were the queen of his world and yet he knew you deserved more than what he can offer. He didn’t want you to have to hide your happiness. Once the kiss broke you can tell he was thinking on something.

“What is it?” you asked quietly. Your voice gentle, fingers running through his hair.

“…You don’t deserve this” he spoke in a similar hushed tone, his hand leaving your cheeks and playing with the ends of your H/C locks. “It keeps coming to my mind that we have to hide what we have when we are out in the open…I almost don’t care about them anymore” he confessed. “I wish we could just run off somewhere, love” he pressed his forehead to yours. A small smile forming on your face, you couldn’t help but feel your love for the pirate grow even more at his words.

“Harry, I love you, and I know it doesn’t matter what they think but…Saf is my friend, not just my captain…”

“I know…” he replies. With both your hands you take a hand and his hook which you take from him and keep it hooked onto your belt loop.

“We are in this together, we can work through this” you reassure him.

“If you got hurt, Y/N-”

“So we’re at that now, are we?” you question, a small giggle leaving your throat. He shook his head and gave a slight chuckle. You felt both his hands on the back of your thighs, lifting you and pushing you gently against the wall. His blue eyes looking into your E/C ones. “You know I can fight for myself, if they even tried to nick me, you know how fast their heads will be rolling” you joke saying the last part in a tone much like your mothers.

“A bit dark, that one was, my queen” he chuckles, kissing your cheek. He looks back up to you and smiles. “One day I’ll give you the world and one day we won’t worry about our friends clashing”

“You’re quite the dreamer, captain” you joke, your fingers playing with his dark locks. You knew if he was dreaming for this he was going to try it. To give you everything.To make you both happy and free.


Halloween weekend gaming means doing a closet cosplay of your character. v:tm (and clan malkavian specifically) has never looked so shiny.