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(Not dating.) R is a mechanic and often gets dirty on the job. One day, Kara visits R at work and is all flustered, because R is really hot in only a tank top and jeans, covered in the grime and metal shavings that come from working in a garage. "Oh! You brought me lunch!" *floundering for response* "Let me get cleaned up, then I'll eat."

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“Kara?” You slide out from underneath the Jeep you were working on upon hearing the familiar voice and sit up.  “Hey!  What’re you doing here?”

The undercover superhero falters for a second, overwhelmed by the sight of you in the grease-covered tank top and jeans you’re wearing.  She searches for her voice as you wipe your hands on an old rag from your back pocket.

“I, uh, picked this up,” she holds the brown paper bag in her hand up and stammers a bit.  “Is your break soon?”

“Oh, you brought me lunch!  I can clock out right now.”

Kara watches, mouth hanging open a little, as you get to your feet and toss the wrench in your hand into a nearby toolbox.

“Let me get cleaned up so we can eat.”

But imagine your otp, at 6 am, almost sunrise, A can’t sleep but B is drooling on the pillow

So A gets up quietly and sits on an armchair a meter away from the end of the bed, facing B, and tries to quietly play a soft song on his guitar, because B is hard to wake up so no problem

But B wakes up and doesn’t say a word, just grabs the pillow and inverts his position in the bed, sleeping on top of the covers, the head closest to A and falls asleep again with the sound of the guitar

And A plays until the end, and watches the sunrise, then goes snuggle with B

other trauma survivors: trauma doesn’t define you!

me, a borderline personality, sinking my nails deeper into my poor mental health, desperately trying to cling to anything and everything that can provide me with a label that offers a sense of identity and allows me to feel like a real person: . mmm,. mm? interesting concept but. i have One question. what the whole fuck


I drew this based upon this post that @rex101111 made! 

Twenty One Pilots (Orig. by My Chemical Romance)

Twenty One Pilots | Cancer

The hardest part of this is leaving you.

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Did you see your cover of 'Waving Through a Window' is the top fan-cover on the Dear Evan Hansen youtube page?? Congrats man!!

What??? Seriously??