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Sometimes I think some people forget that Tony Stark is a comic book character?? On top of being an MCU character?? Like he exists on both platforms??? And they’re not exactly the same?? Like when I say something about Tony Stark and I’m hit with “umm that’s not supported by anything in the MCU uwu” I’m just like… it’s because… of a thing called… comic book canon??? Where do you think the MCU character came from my dude.

DCEU: Wonder Woman

Honestly, I have never been this excited for a film to come out since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 2011. Wonder Woman has been one of my top 3 favorite comic book characters besides Black Canary and The Flash in DC Universe. I believe that Patty Jenkins will do justice for this film. I also believe Snyder has the ability to make JL great due to experience hopefully (yes I am very optimistic).

Now, lets not compare this film to MCU because apparently Marvel fans believe that Marvel created humor. You guys need to do your research before comparing it, Steve Trevor has always been a comical yet awesome dude in the comics. Wonder Woman has this unique tone that I can’t describe but it will be portrayed in the films. Besides the point, can Marvel and DC fans just settle our differences? DCEU had a rocky start, but I strongly believe it will be developed and get better. They can expand the universe just like Marvel has.

As for box offices ratings, its projected that Wonder Woman will gross up to $83m for box office weekend, but then again, Man of Steel was projected for $90m and grossed $116.6m instead, SO PLEASE GO AND WATCH IT WHENEVER YOU CAN DURING THE WEEKEND. Wonder Woman hasn’t been getting the promotion that it should deserve.

By the way John Campea can go into the trash where he belongs. Comparing a child actor to Gal Gadot and claiming that she is better? That’s fucking low. God, just because you couldn’t bribe your way to get your friend the part, you don’t bash the actress. Gal Gadot is an amazing actress and fuck the haters that consider her too skinny and not thicc enough for the role. She is legit wonder woman, she is wonder woman. She’s one of the most beautiful people on earth.

My Top 5 hispanic characters

I’m a Hispanic person, Latinx if you will and this month is totally my month. Between HIspanic Heritage Month, halloween, and my birthday is a pretty fun time for me. So to celebrate I wanted to make a nice good old fashioned top 5 list of hispanic comic book characters. These characters are characters that share a culture with me in some way or I just feel like they are really good. Hispanic characters sadly are vastly under represented and many of them are legacy or spin off characters of white men. That said it didn’t stop their writers from making them shine and the best news is almost everyone in this list is going to be in an ANAD book.

Anya Corazon: Spider-Girl  seems sadly cursed to be put in mediocre stuff. She is a pretty cool character with a pretty cool personality. She was actually the first hero to go the whole Twitter route with an official twitter and everything for her book. Sadly they started her latest run by fridging her dad so that was sad stuff. In Spider-verse she got to do an important thing and then they acted like she was going to be super important but sadly thanks to the Spider-gwen craze she got pushed back in favor of making Gwen the lead. Anyway she is a spunky determined hero who keeps on fighting regardless of her situation. I hope she finally gets a spot light in Web Warriors.

Robbie Reyes: Robbie would be a cinnamon roll but it’s one that’s on fire in a halloween theme that also does a bit of murder. He takes care of his brother who can’t walk, he tries to balance school, works a job, and does so much for to keep the one person left in his life happy. Then everything went to hell when the spirit of a serial killer begins allowing him to become the newest Ghost Rider. His book felt like it skipped a beat due to be canned but honest I doubt it doesn’t get announced to get another go given that Axel Alanso and Fellipe Smith both really like the character.  

Victor Mancha: Sadly our chances of seeing poor Victor in a post Secret War world is slim to none since Marvel apparently hates the runaways even though they know they are popular enough to sell issues (See Darken and Avengers Academy). Like almost every runaway Marvel Now attempted to kinda ruin his character in Avengers AI but I still love you Victor. He is the son of Ultron but also a person raised in a Hispanic household who is Hispanic. he has super cool robo powers to go along with you know being Ultrons kid.

White Tiger: Ava is so amazing not only is she one of the stronger heroes around but she is also a badass. I felt a sense of straight up Puerto Rican Pride while reading her in Young Avengers and I just picked up her solo mini series so here’s to hoping that is good. Seriously though Ava is just like a cooler Batman in terms of personality but you know not. I really really like everything I’ve read in in so far and she will be in New Avengers. 

America Chavez: If you follow me on any social media, on Comics Amino, on Tumblr, whatever you know this was going to be at the very top. America Chavez is from another dimension but much like Superman being an alien doesn’t stop him from being a poster boy for white people America Chavez is Latinx through and through with random Spanish and all (not to say that’s required I don’t do any random Spanish). She is a lesbian, a princess, an ass kicker, a real hero. She gave up everything to protect us and as far as I’m concerned she deserves to be the next superman (although that will never happen with the name Miss America or at least is much more unlikely).

Favorite Comic Book Characters

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1. Ninjak

Best ongoing comic out right now. It’s a freakin’ Ninja who works for the MI-6 and kills people.

2. Superior

Mark Millar’s best book. Read it.

3. Bullseye

Marvel’s best villain. Deserves an ongoing where he kills some major marvelguys. Would read.

4. Bloodshot

Current “Bloodshot Reborn” is fucking epic.

5. Moon Knight

Can’t wiat to read the new ongoing by Jeff Lemire, where he is in an asylum for mentally ill. That’s gonna be great.

6. Red Sonja

The Gail Simone run was brilliant. must read. Best female hero.

7. Nemesis

Sickest Motherfucker ever. Needs own movie.

8. Midnighter

Do yourself a favor and read the current ongoing. to much epicness.

9. Deadpool

Can’t wait to see the movie 2016!

10. Eternal Warrior

New ongoing in November going to be sick. Most metal charakter ever.

Honorable Mention:
Hellboy. Hopefully I find the time to fully read into the Hellverse!

Wolverine. Hope the Old Man Logan stuff is good, but hey it’s written by JEFF LEMIRE!

Cyclops: Everything after that Avengers vs. X-Men stuff by Bendis was weak as fuck. Realy hope Cycs gets back to his old strength and get’s some spotlight in the x-titles…

Others: Daredevil, Winter Soldier, Peter Stanchek, Kris Hathaway, Faith Herbert, Charlene Dupre, John Torkelson, Livewire.

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Favorite Comic Book Characters

I was tagged by @misterjjjcomics for my Top 10 comic book characters.

  • #1 - Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
  • #2 - Jenny Sparks
  • #3 - Jonah Hex
  • #4 - Impulse ( Bart Allen)
  • #5 - Lady Sif
  • #6 - Nightwing
  • #7 - Layla Miller
  • #8 - Booster Gold
  • #9 - John Constantine
  • #10 - Midnighter

Honorable Mention: Anya Corazon, The Question,Black Panther, Rachel Grey, Oracle, Elijah Snow, Jack Hawksmoor, Judge Dredd, Madrox, Cable, Black Bolt, Wolverine, Kyle Rayner and so many more…….

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Top 10 Comic Book Ladys

I was tagged by my mate @misterjjjcomics in THIS POST to do my Top 10 female comic book characters.

1. Red Sonja

2. Magik

3. Livewire

4. Valkyrie

5. Domino

6. Roku

7. Lady Bullseye

8. Psylocke

9. Harley Quinn

10. Eimin

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Why Do You Ship Richonne?

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1. I actually first began shipping Rick and Michonne in the comics because I saw something more in their dynamic than just friendship, but when the television series finally brought Michonne and Rick together it became almost impossible to deny that there was a mutual attraction and a very real potential for something more between them. Season three may have initially seen a rocky start for Rick and Michonne, but during that season Michonne would begin to form her bond with Carl and she also established a tentative connection with Rick through their shared understanding of the impact that grief and tragic loss can have on the psyche. By season four, however, it was clear to me that Michonne had become an important person (if not “the person”) in both of the Grimes’ boys lives. So, while the relationship between Rick and Michonne in the comics certainly had potential, the television series has taken their relationship to the next level, and I really cannot imagine not shipping them at this point.

2. They are both iconic to The Walking Dead franchise. Their comic book counterparts are both ranked in the IGN Top 100 Comic Book Heroes, where none of the other comic characters have yet to make that list. When you see Rick and Michonne together on the show, you immediately know that you are watching The Walking Dead. In essence, they are already the dynamic duo in name and image, and giving them an official couples status just makes sense because there are few other characters on the show that have been shown to share the same close bond with either of them that they share with each other. 

3. In many ways, Michonne’s relationship with Rick has mirrored that of comic!Andrea’s. Since season three, Michonne has proven to be a confidante and maternal figure in Carl’s life. Without attempting to replace or replicate the role that Lori had in Carl’s life as his mother, Michonne’s bond with Carl is uniquely their own and I love that. She has also provided Rick with support and understanding, and her loyalty to him and what they share is clearly placed above even the security that the walls of Alexandria could offer her. Likewise, Rick has been shown to value Michonne’s judgment to the extent that her opinion seems to hold more sway over him than any other. He respects her as a capable survivor and warrior, but he also appears to value her and feel drawn/attracted to her as a woman. 

4. The 

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5. Their relationship allows for conflict and disagreement because they understand that they always have each others’ best interests at heart. That is a healthy dynamic for two people to share; the ability to disagree or even be at odds with one another without doubting the security of the relationship or your partners’ intentions is what most couples aim for. They share a very special intimacy in their knowledge, faith, and trust in one another. 

6. So many of us who love and adore Michonne have complained and ranted about the fact that -four seasons into the series- the writers’ have yet to give her a last name. At this point, I am beginning to think that they may be holding out to make “Grimes” official. They’re already a family, and most Richonne shippers have joked that they are already “so married.” 

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7. In contrast to Rick’s relationship with Lori (or Rick and Shane), Rick and Michonne are partners in every sense of the word. Michonne and Rick protect each other; they are always in each other’s corner; they have each other’s back; they are able to communicate their intentions and understand one another without a single spoken word being necessary; and, most importantly, they are equals in the world they live in. Where Lori did strive to support Rick as her husband, she still struggled with accepting the brutality of the world they existed in and what that sometimes required of Rick for them to survive. Michonne, on the other hand, is both aware and familiar with the toil that the world can take, and she and Rick are able to provide each other with mutual support at their lowest and darkest points. A good example is their exchange in the aftermath of the Claimers, where Michonne provided Rick with reassurance after what he had to do to keep them safe (ripping out the throat of a Claimer with his teeth) and Rick proceeded to return her reassurance –she’s okay when he’s okay and vice versa. 

8. So many people can see the potential of Richonne and have begun to vocally support it.

9. Andrew Lincoln’s mother even ships Richonne.

10. So does Andrew Lincoln, for that matter. 

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Meet the newest member of The Flash’s Rogues gallery: The Top, played by Awkward star Ashley Rickards.

E! News has exclusively learned that Rickards will play Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, a.k.a. The Top, in the fourth episode of The Flash’s third season. The Top, which was a male character in the comic books, has the power to make people’s heads spin. She’s the Bonnie to Mirror Master’s Clyde and one of the most dangerous members of the gallery of Rogues.

Executive producers Aaron and Todd Helbing told E! News that episode 304 is an origin story of sorts for Mirror Master, played by Aquarius’ Grey Damon—and it’ll also mark the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.

“It’s kind of the origin of Mirror Master…We’re really excited,” said Aaron. Added Todd, “It’s the origin story of him, but it’s this struggle between Mirror Master and Captain Cold and you get to see who comes out on top.”


Top 13 Favorite Characters in a Comic Book Movie (Hero & Villain)

1) The Joker (Heath Ledger)
2) Batman (Christian Bale)
3) Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) 
4) Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley)
5) Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)
6) Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer)
7) Bane (Tom Hardy)
8) Magneto (Michael Fassbender)
9) Superman (Christopher Reeve)

The Flash’s Newest Villain, The Top, Will Make Your Head Spin

Meet the newest member of The Flash’s Rogues gallery: The Top, played by Awkward star Ashley Rickards.

E! News has exclusively learned that Rickards will play Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, a.k.a. The Top, in the fourth episode of The Flash’s third season. The Top, which was a male character in the comic books, has the power to make people’s heads spin. She’s the Bonnie to Mirror Master’s Clyde and one of the most dangerous members of the gallery of Rogues.

Executive producers Aaron and Todd Helbing told E! News that episode 304 is an origin story of sorts for Mirror Master, played by Aquarius’ Grey Damon—and it’ll also mark the return of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. 

“It’s kind of the origin of Mirror Master…We’re really excited,” said Aaron. Added Todd, “It’s the origin story of him, but it’s this struggle between Mirror Master and Captain Cold and you get to see who comes out on top.”

COMIC BOOK MEME - Top 5 Female Characters

Why America Chavez? My feelings on this are kind of “If you have to ask this question then you’re never going to know”, but I’ll try. America Chavez is perfect. She has shady origins, a foul mouth and a great sense of style. She breaks the mold of female characters by taking on a role in the group that’s typically male - the bruiser, the “punch everything” kind of guy. She’s fun and she’s colorful and she’s serious and she’s easy to relate to despite the fact she’s an inter-dimensional traveler. There is nothing that is not great about Miss America. 

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So with the all the talk about Richonne, I just have a question from one Richonner to another. Because we saw what we saw between Rick and Michonne from the beginning for some of us and later for others, what does that say about us? Are we just walking around with rose tinted glasses on because we saw something special between those two or does it go a little deeper than that and we are able to see past the color of their skin and into their hearts/minds?

Hi there. Thank you for trusting my opinion enough to answer this.

Firstly, as a Richonner, I can only speak for myself and refer to conversations I’ve had with others. As many of you are aware of, I am a ‘when they locked eyes at the fence’ Richonne shipper, meaning I shipped them (though reservedly) from the moment they first met. This was not because I knew something other viewers did not, or that I have rose tinted glasses or shipper goggles on; it’s mainly to do with my readership of the comic books and my understanding of what makes a great story.

Everyone who has taken time to read one of my Richonne metas knows I think that fence scene was iconic, which it is. Let’s look at it:

It’s great, isn’t it? :)

This was the last scene we saw in this episode, Rick and Michonne locking eyes at the fence. No other meeting in the show was like this; Rick looking at her as if she’s a figment of his fractured imagination and Michonne wounded and in need of help. A lot of what I love about his scene was AL and DG; they acted it so well even though there was no dialogue. There was definitely something there between these characters that I just could not explain. Their vulnerability is so evident and they are so alike in many ways, they just didn’t realise it yet.

I mean no shade to Lori who had just died (or to Andrea who was still alive), but Rick and Michonne meeting like this was important for me as it indicated that Richonne was a real possibility. I saw it as this woman coming into Rick’s life when he had just lost his wife who would go on to help him heal; at this point I knew somehow that the show was not going to pair Rick and Andrea together like in the books, but would want him to have a long term romantic relationship. Even though Rick and Andrea had some moments in S1, it was nothing compared to these few seconds between Richonne at the fence! Everything that followed cemented this idea for me.

From a good storytelling POV, if I were planning to pair two characters together later, their first meeting would be memorable; this fence scene is memorable. It’s at the end of the episode and it’s what the writers wanted us to go away thinking about. 

I have said it before how huge these two characters are on their own; how they are the only two from TWD rated on IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Characters list; and how Michonne’s introduction onto the show at the end of S2 was iconic in itself:

I just knew they’d be together on the show because of who they are; they are NOT mediocre characters, so their love interests would not be mediocre as well. For me, they are The Walking Dead so pairing them together made the most sense to me. Let’s look at this variant cover again:

ICONIC! How does the show bring another level of iconic to fans that is different from the books? They pair these two warriors and best friends together. 

So that was how I started shipping them, by having knowledge of the books and basically judging by their first meeting. I trusted that the storytelling was going to give us Richonne because the show is striving to be bigger and in ways better than the books.

As we got to ‘Clear’, which is a Richonne heavy episode, I admitted to shipping them because of a few things:

1. Michonne saying, “No Rick, I don’t have a problem” and effectively giving him the trust and reassurance that he was not getting from TF.

2. Rick saying ‘thank you’ to Michonne a few times in earnest.

3. Michonne helping Carl get the photograph of Lori.

4. Rick looking at Michonne’s butt.

5. Michonne realising that Rick was suffering hallucinations, opening up to him about talking to her dead boyfriend, and letting him know it’s okay and that it happens.

6. Rick flirting with Michonne. 

We got to see them work well together and to see that they were alike; we saw Michonne give Rick what he needed as a leader and a man: trust. We saw Michonne being accepted by Carl and Rick. I knew then that the story was going to head in the direction I imagined it would and I’ve openly shipped them ever since.

I like to analyse things and I am very invested in great narratives; for me, the story would fall down if they gave us this amazingly iconic meeting of two characters and then made them just friends (because Rick has a number of amazing friendships with other women on the show already). They had so much to offer each other, and as time progressed and their friendship grew, I always saw the connection and believed it would happen.

That doesn’t mean I am any better than someone who just recently started shipping them or that I saw the story in another way (because we’re all watching the same show); it just means the narrative spoke to me in a different way. I picked up on the hints where someone else didn’t and that’s not because I’m able to look beyond skin colour, but because I pay attention to details and clues and I KNOW these characters inside out. I know their motivations and I know what and who is good for them. Remember when Rick said it must’ve been something else? That’s what I was able to envision for their stories; the something else. I looked for that. I imagined what could be for them, not just the story that was on my screen every week.

However, I have to say there are people out there who would have missed the details and possibilities because they could not get past the colour of their skin. They could not fathom Rick being with a Black Woman therefore could not see where TPTB were going with the narrative and that is just shitty. These people ARE NOT the viewers who have recently started shipping Richonne; these are the ones who give me a headache!

I cannot speak for the people who have just recently started shipping Richonne because I don’t know their motivations or how the story spoke to them. It would actually be great to hear from some fans who have just got on board!

I hope this answered your question; I make no judgements about my fellow shipmates and only speak for myself. What about you, Anon? What did you see between Richonne to make you ship them? I’d love to hear :)


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How do you feel about Peter Porker/Spiderham?

He is one of the top five comic book characters I would like to eat.

 there will be no follow-up questions :-)