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(Everyone is talking about extending a night in New York because GDYB have “something else to do”. Seungri and Top was convinced and Daesung was the only one who was hesitant.)

GD: Hyung, will you stay?

Top: I’ll follow my dongsaengs. *looks at Daesung*

I really need to rewatch all of G1 cos there’s so much stuff I don’t remember about the plot and characters yet it’s one of my faves. Maybe that’ll be my goal for summer/spring, all of G1  


Sharing my skirt progress for Art Nouveau Sheik! Both fabrics are silk chiffon from Dharma Trading Co. The top layer was gradient dyed with three shades of acid dye (also from Dharma), a process that took three hours in total! I was so happy with the dye job that I ended up modifying @driftingbystars’ original design for the top skirt because I couldn’t bear the thought of slicing into it. xD

I’m so excited to see this full costume come together for Katsu next weekend! All that’s left are the shoes, which I’ll be tackling today. Seven days to go; we got this, fam~! *O*

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I love your sims and I was wondering if they're available for download and if you have a list of the mods you used (or at least that gorgeous keith hair 😍😍)

i don’t have them up for DL cos i been burned one too many times by ea and so i’m now a dirty pirate but i can list a few of the cc’s? [the ones i can remember anyway lol]

Alurra: – elf ears [this person also has 2 other elf ear styles if you look thru their DLs] – default hair [u need the mesh they link] – sleepy hair – denim jacket [above outfit] – shorts [above outfit] – sleep hoodie
[i wish i could remember where i got her top and shoes cos i love these damn things xD]

Keith: – for the main hair – for the cowlick [included in the top hair, listed as ’ahoge’ and it’s in the hat section]

[hair is the same as keith’s, just without the cowlick lol] – glasses

Shiro: – hair – scar – prosthetic [base version, not the one i use…i started to recolour it (seen on my shiro) but i will prolly find a longer glove and do it from scratch…]

Lance: - jeans

Hunk: – sweatband [also used for lance’s excercise outfit]

p sure almost everything else is ea stuff [cept maybe hunk’s hair but i don’t remember where i got that]… i have a lot of custom eyes, skintones, makeup etc but i couldn’t tell you where i got any of those lol…sorryfjdghdfjk.