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I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed about someone getting the boot on Top Chef. Letting Kristen go was a crime. No one stood up for Kristen when they all heard her multiple times ask Josie if she’d started the broth. Josie did not take responsibility because she never does. She’s been in the bottom numerous times and never thinks she’s done anything wrong.
Kristen is one of the best chefs this season. I thought she was going to win bc she’s done so well so far.
This is really bullshit. Josie should have gone home for every dish she’s messed up so far and that’s been almost every episode.


Congratulations to the stunning 28 year old Kristen Kish for winning the title of Top Chef Seattle in the show’s 10th season! She is the second woman contestant to win the title of Top Chef and this is the first time two women, Kristen and Brooke Williamson, were in the finale competing for the title of Top Chef!

34 year old Brooke co-executive chef & owner of Los Angeles restaurants Hudson House and The Tripel had the most challenge wins in Season 10 of Top Chef, was favored to win and was a fierce competitor to beat. Kristen’s determination, hard work and no quitting attitude got her through being eliminated on the 11th episode, which was very controversial and many think was undeserving and beating five previously eliminated contestants in the web spin-off series “Last Chance Kitchen” for her spot in the finale. She is such an inspiration especially to girls around the world! She never gave up and just persevered to the end! The surprise to the contestants this year was this was the first time the contestants had to cook in front of a live auidence during the finale!!! The audience included family members and friends of both contestants, the first nine winners of Top Chef and the judges, Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Emeril Lagasse, Hugh Acheson and Gail Simmons.

Kristen is also a successful model and after high school, she studied International Business but later went back to culinary school to chase after her true passion. Once she attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, IL Kristen knew being a chef was her dream.

Kristen plans to go back to her job in Boston as the chef de cuisine at Stir, the Barbara Lynch venture that hosts daily demonstration dinners & enjoy her new title of Top Chef Seattle. Kristen was born in Korea and adopted at four months by parents who raised her in Kentwood, Michigan. She plans on visiting her birth country and we hope Kristen has a fantastic trip to Korea! Congratulations Kristen! Who runs the world? Girls!!!!!!

Hi everyone! We’re in Aspen this weekend for the 32nd Annual Food & Wine Classic. To start things off: Top Chef Season 10 winner Kristen Kish at the welcome reception, which was held in the beautiful St. Regis hotel’s courtyard. She served a phenomenal dish of crispy crêpes with mortadella, comté cheese and kimchi.



My Performance of Oliver! with Adam Levine in 1989 at Riverway Ranch Camp 

Here’s a video of the song “Consider Yourself” from the musical Oliver! being performed at Riverway Ranch camp in 1989. A fun fact - in this video, the Artful Dodger is played by a very young Adam Levine, and “Top Chef” Season 10 winner Brooke Williamson is in this musical number as well, playing Bess. That’s me playing Oliver!