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TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Amelia Shepherd, Private Practice

What’s not to love about Amelia Shepherd? Her happy-go-lucky, no-filters demeanor was always just a way to mask all the pain she was feeling. Her descent back into drugs and alcohol was both horrifying and fascinating to watch. For me, it felt inevitable, that she was always going to lapse, that ever since she joined Oceanside Wellness she was only a few bad cases away from losing herself again. And man, did Caterina sell it.

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if i had to give my own take on gay idol anime tiers it would be

not very: Wake Up, Girls!, Perfect Blue

Gay: The iDOLM@STER (2011), The iDOLM@STER Million Live, Tokyo 7th Sisters, AKB0048

Rampant Lesbian Activity: The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, Love Live!, Show By Rock!!

Unstoppable Keter Class Gay Action: Aikatsu, Locodol,

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Regina Mills, Once Upon a Time

I honestly cannot remember a time a character jumped so quickly jumped into my heart. We’re only seven episodes into Once Upon a Time and Regina is already sitting second behind Toby Ziegler as my favourite character ever. 

That I would love Regina was a forgone conclusion as I have always loved a villainous female. Lana Parrilla imbues Regina with so much emotion and has made her so different from the Evil Queen that I genuinely believe that her 28 years in Storybrooke have changed her. Her loss of love and the betrayal that came with it convinced her that love and compassion are weaknesses and she’s willing to sacrifice everything in order to punish those she deems responsible. Or guilty by association. Then it’s like she felt safe in Storybrooke, willing to open herself up to a different sort of love, that of a mother for a child. And it breaks her heart that he doesn’t love her back. Basically, Regina gives me a lot of feelings. She’s by far the most intriguing character on the show (even though two more characters also make this list) and I can’t wait to see what makes her tick and how they move her forward.

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Gannicus, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

I didn’t expect to love Gannicus so much. I wasn’t sure what to expect about Gods of the Arena at all, actually. It seemed so hastily put together to give Andy time to recover (may he rest in peace) yet it ended up being wonderful. Giving tremendous insight into the characters we already knew and giving us new characters to fall in love with. Gannicus was always going to be introduced in Season 2 according to Steven deKnight and I am SO glad we got to meet him before that. 

In only six episodes I fell head over heels in love with him. His cockiness and carefree attitude gave way to such solemn loneliness in so short a time it was hard not to. Gannicus’ relationships with Oenomaus and Oenomaus’ wife Melitta were beautiful and complicated and tragic and his antagonistic relationship with Crixus gives me a lot to look forward to when he finally returns.

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones

My beautiful, perfect queen. Basically, if you hate on Sansa using a specific set of gendered terms, we’re probably never going to be friends. I loved how so many times throughout the first season you see these perfect glimpses of how very childlike and naive she is, so beautifully played by Sophie Turner. As the show progresses and the courtly world of kings and queens and knights turns out to not be the fairytale she thought you can see her harden, crack a bit around the edges. 

She is so often reviled and put down in fandom for wanting to be girlish, not actively seeking to be a warrior like Arya. Sansa is called spoiled and selfish and hated throughout the whole series, and you know what? At the beginning she is. All the Stark children are. They want for nothing, they talk back and they behave as children do; they’ve always had the freedom. Her and her siblings grew up with a huge amount of love in their lives and parents who wanted them to be good and honourable. I think of everyone, Sansa had the farthest to fall. After watching her father die so brutally, then being forced by the prince she had once adored to look at his head on a spike and hear how her brothers will meet the same fate just killed me. The wild, broken look in Sophie Turner’s eyes just. I have so many feelings I can’t accurately express them.

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

I love difficult characters, this is not a secret. Cersei Lannister is everything I love about these kinds of characters. She’s complex, angry at the world for her gender. She knows so very well that she has the heart of a lion, that if she had been born a man the whole world would have been hers. Instead her worth is based solely on how well she married and how many male heirs she could produce. So she grasps for power with both hands, attempting to have it at any cost. She’s cunning and manipulative and, I believe, masterfully played by Lena Headey.

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Oenomaus, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

I gave very little thought to Oenomaus during Blood and Sand. His character was bound by a rigid code of duty and honour, yet there was a stoicism to him that didn’t really appeal to me, not when there were so many other vibrant characters.

And then Gods of the Arena happened. I saw a completely different Oenomaus; still one bound by duty and honour, but one that smiled and laughed easily and loved many people very deeply. His friendship with Gannicus was heartfelt and his marriage to Melitta tragic and beautiful in so many ways. He was forced to kill a man he loved and respected and called friend, lost his wife to the afterlife and lost his closest friend to freedom. I loved how we saw the such heartbreaking developments that shaped him into the man we saw in Blood and Sandi.

Plus now we know the reason why he never drinks wine. 

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Kalinda Sharma, The Good Wife

As much as I loved Kalinda’s season 2 storyline for how deeply it showcased Kalinda’s emotions, the surprising depth of her feelings for Alicia, it broke my heart. However, what breaks my heart more is the horrible way the writers have treated her character in the last part of Season 3. She’s been all but erased from many episodes or utterly wasted on the abomination of a storyline with Cary. The storyline with Cary and Dana has reduced my poor Kalinda to someone she would have had no respect for in previous seasons and it’s utterly heartbreaking. I’ve found the show itself in decline by the writers’ complete inability to manage to write either Kalinda or Alicia without the other; they both act yet the viewer is given no reason or emotional explanation of why they acted so without the bond between the two women. I suppose that’s what happens when you have two women so used to keeping their true emotions inside while displaying a different face to the public.

I want Kalinda to be the old Kalinda again in 2012 but I don’t hold out much hope from the teaser trailer that was released. I’ll always love Kalinda, I just wish she’d get her self respect back. 

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Tess Mercer, Smallville

Another beautiful, slightly villainous character. I loved her evil and I loved her even more when she sought to redeem her past misdeeds. Her unflagging devotion to Clark just gets to me every time. Even with her dying breath she maintained that Clark saved her and she sought to give Lex a chance to start fresh without evil, something Clark taught her. 

I will never get over her death on the show. My beautiful, beautiful Tess. Badass extraordinaire.

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Rory Williams, Doctor Who

There’s a lot about Rory that can be reduced to just ‘the love interest’ yet Arthur Darvill’s portrayal really raised the character above that. Loving Amy is just so ingrained in who he is. Because of that there were certain moments that just stood out to me. In particular when the Doctor tells Rory to step away from Amy because he’s about to un-Flesh her. Rory says no and steps closer but when he sees the Doctor is serious he does as he’s told. I found that quite a profound moment because as much as he likes the Doctor Rory’s always been rather hesitant to embrace him like the other companions do, yet right there he trusts the Doctor implicitly, enough to step away from Amy even though it’s against his nature to do so. He waited 2000 years just to protect Amy so to back away from her in that moment said so much to me.

I just love that there is so much kindness in Rory and it’s easy to mistake that kindness for weakness, but when pushed you find that his softness just masks steel. He’s a soldier that demands to know where his wife is while an armada blows up behind him then cries when he meets his baby for the first time. Basically Rory is a beautiful BAMF.

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: David Nolan, Once Upon a Time

I admit my love of David Nolan is based a lot more on what I want him to be than anything. We’ve been shown very little of him. But what we have seen is that he is incredibly kind and incredibly honourable. When he regained his memories in Gold’s shop he felt the right thing to do was to at least attempt to reconcile with his wife, likely because of his own sense of duty and her sad desperation that he love her again, as her memories dictate he once did.

In a town populated by a lot of rather selfish and unkind heroes I found that David stood out. In future episodes I want to see him interact more with the rest of the town. I want him to be Clark Kent, the one capable of seeing good in everyone (even the bad ones) and believing in redemption. I’d love to see him interact more with Regina, maybe bring out another side of her beyond camp evil. I just think David has so much potential in the way he sees the town slightly differently. And I do hope he gets developed beyond ‘the love interest’.

TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Charlie Zailer, Case Sensitive

Oh man, I love everything about Charlie Zailer. She’s tough but insecure, beautiful but damaged and everything in between. She’s everything I want my police detectives to be. I loved the crackling sexual tension between Charlie and Simon, that they had already drunkenly acted on it just before the show started, leaving them both a little ashamed and Charlie to defend herself against other people she worked with. I just really want a lot more movies starring Olivia Williams as Charlie Zailer. I know the original author has several novels based around Charlie and Simon and I want ITV to produce them all. Give me more damaged lady cops, television!