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Top 10 TMNT 2012 Characters - #4: Leonardo

This version of LEO, OMG. I‘m gonna be honest, although I always liked Leo in past versions I found him boring. I think because while we had Donnie the Genius Raph, the Brawler, and Mikey the Party Guy, Leo the Leader felt too much like a killjoy. But I LOVE how 2k12 Leo was done. He didn’t start as leader and we had to watch him grow into the role and struggle with wanting to be responsible and want to goof off. He’s faced many challenges, but he always came out on top and has gone from a hero fanboy with no true concept of the real world to a great leader who will do everything in his power to fulfill his mission and protect his family. It’s been a great thing t watch and Leo’s dorky personality and his growth have been one of my favorite things about the show. Not even all the voice changes with him could ruin it for me, XD.

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Top 10 TMNT 2012 Characters - #7: Karai/Hamato Miwa

Ah, Karai, our resident anti-hero. I’m gonna be honest, as a person she is mixed for me because her current quest of vengeance is not something I approve. As a character however, she is great. I love how they made her Splinter’s daughter, it gives more emotion tot he story for Splinter, Shredder, and Karai herself and gave her a much more complex relationship with Shredder. It’s a good story of a girl who discovers who she truly is and breaks away form the toxic environment she was thrust into, finding her own path. Yes her current quest of vengeance may be destructive, but she’s making her own choices and taking matters into her own hands instead of letting Shredder control her. Plus I love her snarky personality XD


Top 10 TMNT 2012 Characters - #9:Tang-Shen

I was honestly nervous about how Tang-Shen would be done. We knew she existed to die and give Splinter his reason to leave Japan, but that’s it. We didn’t know about her as a character and she could have just been the typical ‘pure girl’ with no real personality. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. First, Tan-Shen is by far the most beautiful character int he show. Second, she only gets one episode since… you know, she’s dead. But it was done perfectly. She’s a calm, caring woman but also strong-willed and independent. As understanding as she is about Yoshi’s devotion to this family, she’s not going to out up with his flip flopping. Her priority is her child and she’s not going to put up with anyone’s crap. She’s strong and incredibly brave, giving her life to protect the man she loved in the end. It’s a shame she died, but you can see why Splinter loved this woman and for her one episode, Shen made her mark on the series. Best mother and wife by far.