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How AO!! Characters walk on runways

With high heels, btw


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All the things that we have seen…

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But in the end…

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Who’s the real strut queen?

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You guessed it, son.

supercoolbutawakardperson  asked:

Can i request (as friends) shimada bros, mccree , soldier 76 and reaper their reactions when the s/o who they thought were dead came back but with something different like they have no arm or their personality is much colder?


  • The ordeal changed you and when you return from the dead you’re no longer the person he once knew. You left something behind and now when he looks you in the eye he’s not sure who looks back

  • You speak like a stranger and when he prepares for the old routine he stumbles because it’s no longer what he remembers.

  • Neither of you knows if this can work again, if you can still be the friends you were but you have both missed this too much

  • Hanzo isn’t easy company, he knows that. After you went missing he’s become isolated without anyone to really talk to.

  • It’s hard, getting to know each other all over again and he hates it some days, remembering how long it took the first time

  • He doesn’t want to spend months breaking through your shell like you’ve once done with him, he wants the safety and comfort back and trembles at the thought that this time around he might make the same effort but the outcome still won’t be the same.

  • But day after day he keeps at it, talks to you, listens, drags you out of your room to socialise. You might be different, scarred by what happened, but you still understand each other and eventually you fall into the same easy back-and-forth that worked so well the first time.

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Dat Ass (Owen Grady x Reader)

Written for owen-alpha-grady because he tolerates me and my nonsense.

You always saw Owen Grady as invincible. How could you not? You knew about his past in the Navy, and you certainly knew about his present; training bloodthirsty velociraptors. He held a sort of…electricity to him. It was pronounced and strong. The type that demanded attention, and those demands never failed to be met. The second he’d arrive at the paddock every day—always right on time or early—the entire atmosphere changed. People went out of their way to make sure they said hello to him. They had more purpose in their actions. But most noticeably, everyone relaxed as if a simultaneous thought of oh, Owen’s here now, we’re safe had swept over the paddock.  

Except that wasn’t what happened.

From day one, Owen had held a sort of power over you. One that tinted your eyes with rose colored glasses, and melted your world away when he was around. In truth, everything stayed the same when he arrived, for the most part. People went about their business; the lazy ones stayed lazy, and busy ones still had that frantic fuck-i-have-so-much-to-do look on their faces. You were the only one who relaxed and worked with more purpose. But you didn’t say hi. You could never say hi.

The crush you had on him was embarrassing. It reduced you to this puppy dog state that you thought only high schoolers could experience. You were convinced that he was a product of photo shop, what with the way you could see the outlines of his body underneath those fitted clothes he wore daily. But it was his personality that really got to you. He was casual and laid back, yet, often times his military background would show through. He was confident. He took no shit. But he was also kind, and loving; and all of those traits would show through at once when he interacted with the velociraptors. But perhaps the only thing more pathetic than your constant staring, was the way you seemed to lose control of yourself every time he spoke.

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