top and bott

Coming Out

Shepard: Come on Kaidan, just do it.

Kaidan: Shut up John. *sighs* okay. here goes.

*calls mom*

Kaidan: Uhm mom?

Mommy Alenko: Kaidan! oh son I’m so glad you called. how are you? did you-

Kaidan: Hold on mom….there’s something I want to tell you. remember what you said about…me…finding….someone.

MA: Oh my. oH MY! kaidan. im so proud of- who’s the lucky lady?

Shepard: *nearly bisexual laughter*

Kaidan: Uhm yeah..about that mom. it’s…uhm. it’s Shepard.


Kaidan: Uhm mom? still there? are you mad or-

MA: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? TIME TO CRACK OPEN A COLD ONE MY BABY KAIDAN IS A QUEER. wait till your aunt hears about this. wait wait, so are you on top or are you the bott-

Kaidan: Uhm mom…

MA: Just kidding! now go on baby, you and John are probably busy doing stuff. i love you! go easy on the commander.

Kaidan: *clears throat* Well. That went horrible.

Shepard: Now that everything’s out in the open, wanna go and eat what my mom made?

Kaidan: What did she make?

Shepard: Me.

Kaidan: Hehe. I’d be happy to.

Shepard: And please, don’t go easy on the commander.

Poly Relationship | for tops/bott

The relationship was a good few months old now. It was going well the lot of them sharing Jake’s penthouse bang in the middle of the city. They had a huge bed in which they all shared and things, in both Jake and Gale’s opinions, things had never been this good.

The pair of them were on the couch in front of the TV making out. Jake pulled Gale close, hand running up Gale’s crotch just as the door to their penthouse opened and the other part of their relationship walked inside. Gale pulled away with a smile, ‘Oh hey … you alright?’ He leaned over again and kissed Jake on the cheek.