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Reminder Taylor has won:
  • 8 ACM Awards // New Female Vocalist, Crystal Milestone Award, Video of the Year x2, Jim Reeves International Award, Entertainer of the Year, 50th Milestone Award.
  • 4 ACA Awards // Worldwide Artist, Collaborative Single of the Year, Collaborative Video of the Year, Song of the Year.
  • 19 AMA Awards // Artist of the Year x3, Favourite Country Female Artist x5, Dick Clark Award for Excellence, Favourite Country Album x3, Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist x2, Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist x2, Favourite Pop/Rock Album, Song of the Year
  • 1 BBC Award // International Artist of the Year
  • 23 BBMA Awards // Top Touring Artist, Top Streaming Song (Video), Top Billboard 200 Album x2, Woman of the Year x2, Top Country Artist x2, Top Country Album x2, Top Female Artist x2, Artist of the Year, Top Digital Songs Artist x2, Top Billboard 200 Artist x3, Top Billboard 100 Artist x2, Billboard Chart Achievement Award, Top Country Song
  • 3 Billboard Touring Awards // Top Package x2, Concert and Marketing Promotion Award
  • 66 BMI Awards (Overall) // Award Winning Songs x11,  Publisher of the Year x12, Song of the Year x3, Country Awards Top 50 songs x4, Top 50 Songs x2. BMI London Awards: Award Winning Song. BMI Pop Awards: President’s Award, Award Winning Songs x15, Publisher of the Year x10, Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year.
  • Bravo Otto
  • Brit Awards // International Female Solo Artist
  • 5 CCMAs // Top Selling Album x4, Generation Award
  • Channel V Thailand Music Video Awards // Popular New Artist
  • 2 Clio Awards // Bronze Award for Best Commercials, Silver for Best Commercials (between 30 seconds to a minute) 
  • 11 CMAAs // Horizon Award, Entertainer of the Year x2, Female Vocalist of the Year, International Artist Achievement Award x2, Album of the Year, Music Video of the Year x2, Pinnacle Award, Musical Event of the Year.
  • 1 CMA (Australia) Awards // Top Selling International Album of the Year
  • 6 CMT Awards // Breakthrough Video of the Year, Female Video of the Year x2, Video of the Year x3
  • Elle Style Awards // Woman of the Year
  • Emmy Awards // Original Interactive Program
  • 2 FiFi Awards // Fragrance Celebrity of the Year, Fragrance of the Year: Woman’s Popular
  • Glamour Awards // International Solo Artist
  • 10 GRAMMYS // Album of the Year x2, Best Country Song x2, Best Song Written for Visual Media, Best Country Album, Best Country Solo Performance, Best Music Video, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Female Country Vocal Performance
  • 5 Guinness World Records // Fastest Selling Digital Album by a Female Artist, Most Simultaneous U.S Hot 100 Hits by a Female Artist, First Solo Female with Two Million Selling Weeks on the U.S Albums Chart, Fastest Selling Single in Digital History, Most Million-Selling Weeks on the U.S Albums Chart with Three Consecutive Albums.
  •  IFPI Global Recording Artist Award // Global Recording Artist of 2014
  • 7 iHeart Radio Music Awards // Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, Most Meme-able Moment, Best Tour, Best Lyrics, Female Artist of the Year, Song of the Year.
  • 2 Japan Gold Disc Awards // Album of the Year, Best 3 Albums
  • 5 EMAs // Best Song, Best Female, Best Live Act, Best Look, Best US Act
  • 6 VMAs // Best Female Video x3, Best Pop Video, Video of the Year, Best Collaboration
  • MTV Millennial Awards // Hit Chicle del Año
  • mtvU Woodie Awards // Best Cover Woodie
  • MMVAs // Your Fave International Artist/Group
  • Music Business Association // Artist of the Year
  •  3 Myx Music Awards // Favourite International Video x3
  • 8 Nashville Songwriters Association International Award // Songwriter/Artist of the Year x7, Ten Songs I Wish I’d Written.
  • Nashville Symphony Ball // Harmony Award
  • 3 KCAs // The Big Help Award, Favourite Song, Favourite Female Singer
  • NME Awards // Best International Solo Artist
  • 2 NRJ Music Awards // International Female Artist of the Year, Video of the Year
  • 10 PCAs // Favourite Female Artist x3, Favourite Country Artist x4, Best Pop Artist x2, Favourite Song
  • Los Premios 40 Principales // Best International Artist
  • 8 Radio Disney Music Awards // Song of the Year x2, Best Break-Up Song x2, Fiercest Fans, Best Musical Collaboration, Best Song to Dance To, Most Talked About Artist
  •  Ripple of Hope Gala // Ripple of Hope Award
  •  4 SESAC Nashville Music Awards // Country Performance Activity Awards x3, Recurrent Country Performance Activity Awards 
  • Shorty Awards // Best Singer
  • SirusXM Indies Awards // International Artist of the Year
  • Songwriters Hall Of Fame // Hal David Starlight Award
  • 25 TCAs // Choice Music Collaboration, Choice Break-up Song x2, Choice Breakout Artist, Choice Twit, Choice Summer Music Star: Female, Choice Breakout Female, Choice Female Country Artist x5, Red Carpet Hot Icon - Female, Choice Female Artist x3, Choice Country Song x4, Choice Female Album x2, Ultimate Choice, Choice Single by a Female Artist
  • 3 Telehit Awards // Álbum Pop Femenino, Best Female Artist, Video of the Year.
  • Young Hollywood Awards // Superstar of Tomorrow
  • 2 YouTube Music Awards // 50 Artists to Watch, YouTube phenomenon     

At the age of 27. This generation should be blessed by the impact of @taylorswift and how she is shaping up the future for music.  💖 💖 💖

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BTS Breaks Own Record On Billboard’s World Albums Chart Ahead Of Comeback

As BTS gears up for their comeback in less than two weeks, their album “WINGS” from last October is still holding a top position on Billboard’s World Albums chart!

BTS’s “WINGS” was released on October 10 of 2016, and first made an appearance on Billboard’s weekly World Albums chart at No. 1 for the week of October 29 (as well as came in at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 chart). It held the top spot on the World Albums chart the next week as well, and has remained in the top ten for the past sixteen weeks.

This breaks BTS’s previous record for the longest time a K-Pop album has remained on the top ten of the World Albums chart, which was previously fifteen weeks for their 2015 album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2.”

Remarkably, “WINGS” sat at fifth on the chart for the week of February 4, but it has risen back up to fourth on the newly released chart for the week of February 11.

BTS is also currently No. 1 on Billboard’s Social 50 chart and No. 44 on their Artist 100 chart.

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Throwback to 1992 when En Vogue released their album “Funky Divas.” The albums’ first two tracks “My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It) and "Giving Him Something He Can Feel” both made top ten pop and peaked at No. 1 on the R&B charts.
Taylor Swift Is The Highest Paid Woman In Music
Taylor Swift, Adele and Madonna take the top spots on the famed Forbes list.

It comes as no surprise that Taylor Swift is the highest-paid female artist in music today and sits at the top spot on Forbes’ World’s Hight-Paid Women in Music list, as the youngest female of the wealthy bunch.

Taylor Swift celebrated her debut self-titled album’s 10th anniversary on Oct. 24, and in her decade since crashing onto the music scene, the singer has ferociously built her empire, with Billboard 200 top-charting albums, a plethora of endorsements and business partnerships, and top-grossing tours, like her most recent 1989 tour, which drew in over $200 million. Swift flies to the top spot of Forbes’ list with $170 million made in the past year, replacing Katy Perry in pole position on the ranking.

Check out the top ten highest paid females in music below.

10. Celine Dion, $27 million
9. Shania Twain, $27.5 million
8. Britney Spears, $30.5 million
7. Jennifer Lopez, $39.5 million
6. Katy Perry, $41 million
5. Beyonce, $54 million
4. Rihanna, $75 million
3. Madonna, $76.5 million
2. Adele, $80 million
1. Taylor Swift, $170 million

NOTE: Taylor made more than the musicians ranked 6 - 10 combined.

Billboard Charts - Year End 2016

Top Artists: #73 Panic! At the Disco 

Top Billboard 200 Albums: #23 Death of a Bachelor

Top Billboard 200 Albums: #171 Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

Top Billboard 200 Artists: #23 Panic! At the Disco

Digital Albums: #13 Death of a Bachelor 

Top Rock Artists: #4 Panic! At the Disco

Hot Rock Songs: #23 Victorious, #25 Emperor’s New Clothes, #29 Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time, #31 Death of a Bachelor, #45 Bohemian Rhapsody, #57 LA Devotee

Hot Rock Songs Artists: #6 Panic! At the Disco

Rock Digital Songs: #23 Victorious, #49 I Write Sins Not Tragedies (!!!)

Rock Digital Songs Artists: #9 Panic! At the Disco

Rock Streaming Songs: #24 Emperor’s New Clothes

Rock Streaming Songs Artists: #9 Panic! At the Disco

Top Rock Albums: #3 Death of a Bachelor 

Top Rock Albums Artists:  #3 Panic! At the Disco

Alternative Songs: #46 Victorious

Lady Gaga Hits No. 1 on Artist 100 Chart for First Time

As “Joanne” bows atop the Billboard 200, Gaga is the top artist in the U.S.

Lady Gaga is the top musical act in the U.S., vaulting from No. 51 to No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 chart (dated Nov. 12), as she leads the list for the first time.

The Artist 100 measures artist activity across Billboard’s most influential charts, including the Billboard Hot 100, Top Album Sales and the Social 50. The Artist 100 (which launched in July 2014) blends data measuring album and track sales, radio airplay, streaming and social media fan interaction to provide a weekly multi-dimensional ranking of artist popularity.

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Janet Jackson is the ONLY ARTIST to have THREE albums with five or more Billboard Top 10 hits:

  • Control: 5
  • Rhythm Nation 1814: 7*
  • janet.: 6

* Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 surpassed the record set by brother Michael & Bruce Springsteen, by having 7 singles reach the Billboard TOP 5! This record has yet to be broken. According to Billboard, she may have extended her record to eight, as “State of the World” was a Top 5 airplay hit but never commercially released. 

In addition, with the exception of “The Pleasure Principle”, EVERY single commercially released in the US from 1986′s “What Have You Done For Me Lately” till 2001′s “Someone To Call My Lover” reached the Billboard Top 10, giving Janet 24 solo Top 10 hits. 22 of these reached the Top 5, while 10 went to #1 

Ed Sheeran Reveals the Ingenious Way His Girlfriend Rescued Their Cat After It Jumped Out the Window



When one of Ed Sheeran‘s cats escaped his home, his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn implemented the purr-fect rescuers plan!

A proud owner of two female felines with snack-inspired names (Dorito and Calippo), Sheeran told PEOPLE last week, “Dorito jumped out of a three-story window yesterday!”

“Cherry opened the window to let some air in, and she just jumped out,” the singer — whose new album ÷ currently tops the Billboard 200 chart — explained.
“Cherry obviously freaked out; she’s in this closed-off garden that we can’t get into because it’s not our garden. So Cherry tied all of her scarves together onto a laundry basket and put food in it and lowered it down and picked her back up. What an idiot, though!”

Sheeran, 26, and Seaborn — a 24-year-old risk advisory consultant he’s knows since he was 11 — began dating in 2015 and have had their cat companions for one year.

“Me and Cherry literally had them from birth, and they think that we’re their mother, from our warmth and our smells,” Sheeran said of the sisters, who make frequent cameos on his Instagram since he’s returned from his year-long social media break.

Sheeran said his girlfriend and his longtime pal Taylor Swift have bonded over their shared affinity for cats.
“Her and Taylor have hung out without me quite a few times; I think they have gal chats,” he said. “I don’t know what they get up to, talking about cats or whatever.” 



On this day in music history: March 23, 1985 - “Centerfield”, the third solo album by John Fogerty hits #1 on the Billboard Top 200 for 1 week. Produced by John Fogerty, it is recorded The Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA from July - September 1984. Following acrimonious break up of Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1972, bandleader John Fogerty begins a solo career in earnest in 1973, recording under the name The Blue Ridge Rangers. Hindered by the stress of legal problems with his former label Fantasy Records, Fogerty’s musical output grinds to a halt by the mid 70’s. Eventually he cuts ties with Fantasy, and his contract with Asylum Records is transferred to Warner Bros Records in 1984. Finally over his writer’s block, legal problems, and able to create freely once again, Fogerty goes right back to work. Block booking himself into The Plant Recording Studios in Sausalito, Fogerty plays all of the instruments himself on the project. The album is praised as an artistic triumph among long time fans and critics, also winning the rock legend a new generation of fans. It spins off three singles including “The Old Man Down The Road” (#10 Pop) and “Rock & Roll Girls (#20 Pop). Original pressings of the album feature the track "Zanz Kant Danz”, a a swipe at his former label boss, Fantasy Records founder Saul Zaentz. When he threatens to sue over the song, Warner Bros affixes a sticker to the back cover of existing copies with the title being amended to “Vanz Kant Danz”. Subsequent repressings of the album carry the title change. However, Fogerty still finds himself in a protracted legal battle with his former label boss over “The Old Man Down The Road”. Zaentz claims the chorus of “The Old Man” has the same chord changes as the CCR hit “Run Through The Jungle” which Zaentz controls the song publishing to. Fogerty is fully exonerated in court when it is decided that the two compositions are different from each other. “Centerfield” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Today in Black Music History for January 15th

1954 - Ray Simpson, the brother of Singer/Songwriter Valarie Simpson of the duo Ashford and Simpson and the replacement for Victor Willis as the cop in the group The Village People, is born in the Bronx, New York

1967 - Lisa Lisa, Lead Singer of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, who often performed with Full Force is born Lisa Velez in New York City, New York

1992 - Sam Moore and Dave Prater, who performed as Sam and Dave, are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame along with The Isley Brothers, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Booker T & the M.G.’s and The Jimi Hendrix Experience

1992 - Elmore James and Henry “Professor Longhair” Byrd are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the Early Influences to Rock and Roll

1994 - After flip-flopping with Mariah Carey’s “Music Box”, Snoop Doggy Dogg’s debut album “Doggystyle” returns to the top of Billboard’s Hot 200 Album chart

2007 - Jennifer Hudson wins the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for her portrayal of Effie White in the film “Dreamgirls”

2007 - Prince wins the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song - Motion Picture for “The Song of the Heart” from the film “Happy Feet”

the signs as iconic moments in monkees history
  • aries: mike nesmith punching a hole in a wall and yelling "that could've been your face motherfucker"
  • taurus: more of the monkees topping the billboard album chart for #18 weeks in 1967
  • gemini: mike nesmith and frank zappa dressing up as each other
  • cancer: micky making a tourniquet for one of the plaster casters who sliced open her hand on a can of dental alginates and was then unable to make a cast of peter's penis:(((((
  • leo: peter tork wearing an orgy organizer pin on national tv
  • virgo: peter recording over 100 takes of lady's baby and it doesn't even end up on a studio album
  • libra: inviting the jimi hendrix experience to open their 1967 tour
  • scorpio: mike nesmith calling more of the monkees the worst album in the history of the world
  • sagittarius: making the headquarters album as a real band:)))))
  • capricorn: having 4 #1 albums in a single year
  • aquarius: getting stoned and riding around on golf carts while making head
  • pisces: micky naming a monkees episode after his code word for weed