top 9 favorite moments

try guys ask meme

1. Who’s your favorite Try Guy (and why)?
2. What are some of your favorite Keith moments?
3. What are some of your favorite Eugene moments?
4. What are some of your favorite Zach moments?
5. What are some of your favorite Ned moments?
6. Which Try Guys duo do you like the most (and why)?
7. Fuck, Marry, Kiss, and Kill (FMK²): the Try Guys, go!
8. What are your top 3 favorite Try Guys episodes?
9. What are your top 3 favorite Try Guys friendship moments?
10. What are your top 3 emotional Try Guys moments?
11. What are your top 3 outfits worn in any Try Guys video?
12. When did you first start watching the Try Guys videos?
13. What are some of your favorite Iconic™ Try Guys moments?
14. What are some of your favorite running gags throughout the Try Guys videos?
15. Which Try Guys moments really made you laugh out loud?
16. Which video series (Motherhood, Cosplay, K-Pop, Christmas Spectacular, Fatherhood) has been your favorite so far (and why)?
17. What video/video series do you really want the guys to do next?
18. What are some of your favorite videos that Keith, Eugene, Zach, and/or Ned have done outside the of Try Guys?
19. What do you think makes the Try Guys series so compelling? Why do you keep watching it?
20. Have any of the Try Guys videos encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone/try something new? What happened?
21. Like Keith and blue squares, what memorable personality trait(s)/quirk(s) do you possess?
22. Do you have a skill that you do as well as Eugene does… almost everything?
23. What gets you as excited as Zach gets about kittens? 
24. Like Ned and his butt, what’s a physical trait that you like about yourself?
25. What’s your own squad/group of friends like?


The final scene in The Woman Who Lived is one of my top favorite Whouffaldi moments of Series 9. The Doctor is first shown strumming a melancholy tune on his guitar, or what sounded like the first few notes to Blue Hotel by Chris Isaak. The silence is broken as Clara enters with good news about one of her students scoring an ‘A’ on a history test thanks to him helping her.

Minutes later she asks where are they off to, to which he says, “Wherever you want.” She decides some place magical or new as the Doctor starts entering coordinates, explaining there’s nowhere new that’s under the sun. Above it, however, is another story. As he finishes his tapping, Clara moves in for a hug from behind. He taps her arm, but then keeps a grip while muttering, “I’ve missed you, Clara Oswald.” She smiles a little and says, “Well, don’t worry, daft old man. I’m not going anywhere.” She finally pulls away and they set off on another adventure.

I strongly noted the Doctor gripping her arm and then never letting go until she pulled away from him. I’m like that when taking hands with someone or hugging them. They usually pull away first because I don’t want to stop. For the record, that endearing attachment comes from both worlds. The Doctor doesn’t want Clara to ever leave him, and Peter didn’t want Jenna to leave the show. ♥



Sooo I was tagged by the ever wonderful @dawnofthedusk​ to make of list of 9 movies I watched for the first time in 2016. And they also just happen to be my favorite 9 movies of the year cause if I didn’t see them in the theater, then I don’t remember. 

This year was interesting because while it may not have been the best for blockbusters, there were a lot of good movies that came out. I spent a lot of time at the movies (and also netflix, 13th is a fantastic documentary that you can watch right now!) Also this year, I tried to make my taste of movies a little more diverse and I feel like with this list you can see that?? Maybe?? There are movies not on here that I haven’t had the chance to see (Moonlight, Silence, and A Monster Calls, I’m looking at you!) but as of this moment these are my top 9 favorites. 

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You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! Just a little something at the end of the year that is fun~~~