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Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Jack Huston, Ben Foster and Michael C. Hall on the set of Kill Your Darlings

“Everyone had to do improvs and it was a lot of fun actually. And then we also spent as much time as we could just being together and getting to know each other and building a level of trust. And we might have had a slightly debaucherous kick-off party in the spirit of the beats. And I think that really cemented everyone’s friendship.” - Director John Krokidas


Did too much work on the tanks tonight, which means my back is killing me and I am behind on Inktober! (Will be catching up if I work on nothing else for the next 6 hours, ha!) Progress on the 40 gallon, top three photos: 8 (mostly invisible) harlequin rasboras added! They are settling in nicely. 

 Specs for 40 gallon:

 Substrate: Eco complete, ST international aqua soil (hairgrass loved this stuff), floramax, and flourite black sand (soon!) plus bits of stupid plain gravel.

 Lighting: 1 Finnex Ray 2, 30" LED fixture, additional 36" model pending. 

 CO2: pressurized, 10 lb canister, using Green Leaf Aquariums v3 regulator with solenoid, atomizing diffuser. Dispersed via Koralia nano circulation pump. 

Filters: two aquaclear filters, sized 50 and 30. 

 Heater: Eheim jäger, 150 watt because cold climate. 

 Ferts: currently using seachem’s liquid ferts (NPK + iron and flourish). Will be switching to dry ferts and estimative index soon. 

 Plants!! Ozelot sword, java fern, dwarf sagittaria, marsilea quadrifolia, dwarf hairgrass, rotala rotundifolia, ludwigia glandulosa, anubias nana, and micro sword (I think, it’s tiny and…. Awkward). 

 Bottom tank image is McKoi’s 10 gallon overhaul. Installed floramax with caribsea sand on top. Back to Inktober!


@bisexualwookie tagged me to post my top 8 selfies/photos of myself from 2016 so here they are!!!!

2016 was (is) brutal, but i did some things that gave me golden memories for the rest of my life, and i think i changed and grew in many ways so 🍻… it is what it is

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