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Ever After High 30 Day Challenge

Day 6: Funniest Moment
Chosen With Care

So, A&E, if you’re still looking for ideas for episodes later in the season, I’d gladly watch 42 minutes straight of Emma and Killian cuddling, nuzzling each other’s necks, kissing, teasing each other, watching Netflix, making having dinner and sleeping together (and yes, I just mean sleeping; I know this is a family show, lol). That is indeed something I would watch—multiple times—on a repeating loop.

Just saying…

ughalexvause-deactivated2014050  asked:

top six alex vause moments?6

hey :)
1. “Come be my little spoon” omg it was so fuckin cute
2. The bed scene with Piper was the cutest “I heart you” moment was bvfhvjn.
3. “I’ll fuck you, literally” that moment was so badass
4.  When Piper was leaving it was a heartbreaking moment but you could see a different side of Alex.
5. The talk between her and pipes at the bathroom “I may have done some fucked up things in my life but i never lied to you, ever.” 
6. The library scene with Nicky, you can see alex getting deep and it breaks my heart seeing her like that

Basically any moment on the show that she’s in is my favourite so :p  

agentdana  asked:

Top six Spuffy moments? :)

1. Buffy going to check on Spike before Xander and Wood in ‘First Date’ (yup! that’s my favorite!)
2. Buffy coming for Spike in ‘Showtime’
3. All of ‘Touched’! I cannot pick just a single scene!
4. ‘I’d do it. Right person. Person I loved. I’d do it.’
5. ‘Because I’m not ready for you to not be here.’
6. The whole scene in the basement after Angel gives her the amulet.
+ In Something Blue when she is tying him up and he calls her ‘woman’ and she touches his shoulder when she is going. + ‘I’m in a band. A rock band. With Spike here.’

And omg! like a hundred more but yeah. :D

My top five favourite DHMIS 6 moments:

5) “Why not try -” “Fish on my tray! What? Where am I!?”

4) “Don’t stop, friend! Your voice is like music to my face!”

3) “RED CARD!” *throws red card at yellow guy’s face*

2) “You could have a dream about losing your friends!” “WAAAAH”

1) “That’s rude! …no clothes…”

So now that Melissa Week has sadly wrapped up (and by the way, we need to have another one again ASAP because it was so beautiful, and you guys made the whole week so awesome!!) I was thinking we should have a Carol Appreciation Week. I guess a good way to deal with the disgusting people that spread hate about her, is to spread as much love and positivity about her as we can!

Day 1: Moment you fell in love with her

Day 2: Four Favorite Personality Traits

Day 3: Favorite Quotation 

Day 4: Favorite Episode

Day 5: Favorite Outfit(s)

Day 6: Top Five Favorite Moments 

Day 7: Moment she made you cry

Bonus Day 8: Anything goes as long as it’s full of Carol love


Our Queen deserves some love!